Lithuanian Prime Minister: the EU should agree on a common position on Belarus

After the presidential elections in Belarus, which ended detentions of opposition to choose different behaviors with respect to the Belarusian authorities and ordinary citizens, said Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius.

The head of the Lithuanian government has not elaborated on what action should be taken against the authoritarian regime in Belarus. He zasnachyv, what about the general behavior in the near future the European Union has to agree.

"I would not say now and wonder what you need take, but, apparently, should be treated differently. One thing — the leaders of the regime, and the second — the people, "- said Kubilius on Tuesday morning in an interview with the Lithuanian Radio.

"Today, the most important thing and claim that we in no way forget — it neadkladnaea release of opposition leaders from prison," — said the prime minister.

On He said, Belarusian authorities had good reason to pakazatsh that she wants to use and takes the opportunity of rapprochement with the West, but that did not happen.

"It should be stated very clearly and this is regrettable. (…) We have seen during this election — people want closer ties with the West, meanwhile power through some of his inner barriers and can not suffer because of this perastupits.I innocent people, the leaders of the opposition to put up with this is simply impossible, "- said Kubilius.

He reiterated the position expressed by the Seimas of Lithuania, that the presidential elections held in Belarus on December 19, can not be considered legitimate.

"I think it would be very important that in the near future the entire European Union agreed on the position, tactics, behavior, which should hold after the election and subsequent events," — said the Lithuanian prime minister.


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