Little Chinese girl shits … nails


18-month-old girl living in the city of Yulin County Michzhi Chinese prov. Shaanxi's been over a month selects the stool … iron nails. Discouraged parents have collected over this time 21 nail, UKRINFORM.

Even more surprising is that in the body of baby nails continue to emerge, though, as can be seen on x-ray, in the stomach girls were still two nails and a steel needle. This is of great concern to physicians and parents who swear that the child had not eaten Materials by mistake.

The girl's mother told Liu Xiaoyang told Xinhua that the first two nails in her mouth, she found daughter on May 5, and then the girl was immediately taken to hospital, where she underwent an X-ray, which were clearly visible a few nails in the stomach, including one curved.

According to the director of Children's Hospital of Yulin, He Bo, in which the child's parents appealed for help on the first X-ray failed to discover that the girl in the stomach are three nails. "At first we thought that the girl may have inadvertently swallowed the iron nails," — he explained. However, Bo He did not expect that, during the hospital stay, the girl stand out from the faeces of a few nails, which then continued to appear again in her body.

The longest nail that came out of the girl's body in a natural way, as much as 4 inches in length.

Parents and doctors are scratching their heads and trying to figure out the cause of the unusual anomaly. And while the little girl was prescribed bed rest is hard to avoid even the slightest possibility that she will have time to put something in your mouth, other than prescribed to her food.

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