Live theme. Soul watch online

Live theme.  Soul watch online
How many people, as he torments himself the question: there is whether life after destruction? A unless there is, then what is the soul? At various times in this question responses were also different. For example, the Greek philosopher Democritus believed that the soul — it is such a lump of hot to the touch and Myagenko substance that can even touch. Plato was of the opinion that the soul is incorporeal and live wherever she pleases. In the XX century, the complete domination of science in the existence of the soul and absolutely refused. It was believed that the soul was invented ass. to lure people to church, and life after death is not. So it was decided count until such time as at one point recognized Dr. Raymond Moody resuscitator not substantiated. that life after death does not end. Specifically, after his sensational report of the scientific world has attended to the problem of the human soul, and started to look for her.

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