Lukashenko changed the fake banker to the honored artist

Alexander Lukashenko in a number of today's appointments made one important change in the ideological field of its vertical: it replaced the head of the Belarusian State Television and Radio Company of Alexander Zimouski the actor Gennady Davydko.

Interestingly, the long horn of the current regime Alexander Zimouski held senior positions in the vertical Lukashenko without higher education. He graduated from the Faculty of only three courses of military journalism Lviv Military Political School. It was only in 2007, he received a diploma from the Faculty of Banking provincial Polesski State University. Although he is a banker and he did not.

Chairman of the National State TV and Radio Company of Belarus Zimouski was appointed in 2005, before that, he was vice president in 2004 he was appointed by the quota A. Lukashenko member of the Council of the Republic — participated in the commission for economy, budget and finance, but as members of parliament it was not taken.

Zimouski always hot and categorically supported the policies of Lukashenko, that he has become famous since the days of his program "Resonance". In 2006 Zimouski was denied entry into the United States and the European Union.

Culturologist Oleg Antipenko the resignation Zimouski noted that, in principle, replacement of top officials dealing positive:

"Zimouski represented the hard-line propaganda, he called himself a theorist and founder of the" ahranitselnay "journalism. This is a journalist who reported only one truth — truth to power or truth force. Therefore resignation Zimouski — is a definite symptom. I would not say that now BT will begin on liberalization and we will see some movement toward a more objective information. On the other hand pryzachenne Davydko — a small step on the way of appointments, the first of which was the Minister of Culture Paul Latushko. It is expected that in this case there will be more of Belarusian WT programs. Third, we znaznachyts that once served Zimouski bastion that can not be destroyed. And so his resignation is a positive reaction. "

According Antipenko, Davydko Zimouski inferior in tenacity, looks Bolyshev liberal, and what did Zimouski of official propaganda — for Davydko simply not available.

An expert in the field of television Leonid Mindlin mentioned that Lukashenko called Zimouski among those who have never cheated on him and was faithful to him to the last. Yet resignation Zimouski waited. Mr. Mindlin draws attention to the fact that Zimouski not come to the press conference Lukashenko on December 20, and later took part in the program NTV on elections in Belarus.

"But I think that he does not have to run from Belarus, as he asked to transfer to the NTV Pavel Selin, maybe it will be an ambassador, maybe someone else, but will remain in the cage. Regarding Davydko, then as an actor and theater director, he was good, but as an ideological worker he is no. "

Leonid Mindlin drew attention to the fact that the said Davydko after the 19th of December, ONT on the air:

"Usually people sympathize with those who are beaten and put. Davydko In this was not."

Gennady Davydko graduated from Far Eastern Pedagogical Institute of the Arts, the Belarusian Academy of Arts.

He worked at the National Academic Theatre of Yanka Kupala was the CEO of the State Institution "The National Academic Theatre of Yanka Kupala." Honoured Artist of the Republic of Belarus.

Elected a member of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the third convocation. Is the chairman of the association of public association "Belarusian Confederation of creative unions.

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