Lukashenko: I, you know, condemned the loft, but I do not like blue

Aleksanra Lukashenko.  Photo: © RIA Novosti.  Ilya PitalevMOSCOW, Feb. 19 — RIA Novosti.Lukashenko said that is indifferent to the EU response to the court decision against the Belarusian opposition.

Frunze district court of Minsk sentenced Feb. 17 27-year Parfyankova, a member of the electoral team of former Belarusian presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyayev, to four years imprisonment in a penal colony for participating in opposition protests December 19, 2010. Chief diplomat Catherine Ashton called the verdict politicized and urged the Belarusian authorities to ensure a fair and public trial of all persons facing charges.

"I do not care for all their comments. This is evil and dishonorable people … Therefore, we should take it easy and watch less on who what and where vyaknet. Let them say anything, "- said Lukashenko journalists on Saturday.

With representatives of the West, Lukashenko said, "can neither speak nor to build relationships."

"Moreover, I absolutely know and believe what they wanted in Belarus … They all failed here and try to justify himself. Here they spent hundreds of millions of dollars, and, failing, they are now beginning to make excuses and cry out to the world that there are political prisoners "- said Lukashenko.

However, according to him, no prisoners in Belarus no. "Conventional bandits, ex-prisoners" — Lukashenko described the opposition.

He was confident that the West is afraid to tell the truth today about the presidential elections in Belarus.

"After all, as long as they do not show the truth, and they have not told her. They are afraid of the truth, "- said Lukashenko.

He stressed that he would "break the situation" and to make Belarus a poor country.

After the elections, the opposition organized a December 19 in Minsk unauthorized protest. Attempted to storm the Government House. More than 600 people were arrested, including six presidential candidates, prompting protests from the EU.

According to Lukashenko, some EU officials have criticized it because of personal animosity. "We came here and the great figures began to reproach me that I was, you know, condemned the" pigeon ", but I do not like blue," — said the President of Belarus.

Until the election of Lukashenko met with German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, who is known for his homosexuality, which he had in recent years does not hide.

"You know, some foreign ministers took offense at me. What offended me. We live in a democratic society. Especially since I'm the president and has the right to express their point of view. I told him honestly and said that in his eyes, "- said Lukashenko.

According to the Belarusian leader against gay people in a meeting with Westerwelle later stated Foreign Minister Sikorski.

"The normal way of life must be conducted. We do not accept non-traditional relationships, and do not impose them, "- said Lukashenko.

According to him, "in Germany, Poland, this is possible. Let it out there and doing. " "And we do not need it here," — said the President of Belarus.

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