Lukashenko once again teasing the Kremlin

Official Moscow reacted sharply to the unwillingness of the Belarusian authorities paroled Russian citizens detained during an opposition rally on December 19 in Minsk.

At the end of last week, Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov had no doubt that his countrymen back home before the Catholic Christmas. However, the day before the court of Minsk refused to review of cases over 11 Russians, whose name petitioned the embassy. Representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed concern that such a position closest ally could lead to negative consequences in bilateral relations.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Grigory Krasin during a telephone conversation with the ambassador of Belarus in Moscow Basil Dolgolev said the delay in the case with the release of Russians have a negative impact on the overall atmosphere of bilateral relations. Representatives of the Russian diplomatic mission in Minsk going to challenge the actual refusal of the Belarusian side to reconsider the case of convicted Russians through the Supreme Court of Belarus. Although it is known that for 29 December of the first citizens of Russia, condemned to 10 days in jail, which is already going to be released.

But the Russian publicist Dmitry Bykov not surprised by the Belarusian government's intransigence and say that this position is further evidence: to deal with the Lukashenko regime can only be the same "political werewolves", as he is:

Dmitry Bykov

"Of course, the situation with the Russians is absolutely terrible. Though Dmitry Anatolyevich congratulated Lukashenko's, but so far it is not clear with what. Perhaps the fact that we finally saw his face, so to speak, in full view. Generally in this situation is in different ways to evaluate the actions of the Belarusian opposition. But let's at least ensure that people released from prison. According to Belarusian law, they can get from 5 to 15 years. Actually nothing, more precisely, for any uniform for a very long time trying to express their relation to what is happening. And if in fact the regime responds to the maximum, it will be the beginning of his political suicide. While many people in Belarus still hoping for a good "father", but when the "father" will appear in its original guise, I think, that support it be moved very seriously. Anyway promptly be solved exactly this problem. necessary to ensure that our eyes just do not try civilians. especially women and children. "

Minsk City Court considered the appeal on the eve of 9 out of 11 Russians, sentenced to administrative arrest for a period of 10 to 15 days for participating in unsanctioned. Two more cases will be considered on December 30 — these Russians were detained for 15 days.

Deputy of the State Duma of Russia Alexei Ostrovsky said that the leadership of Russia came in a rather difficult situation. On the one hand, there are some unofficial agreement that Belarus re-enters the sphere of influence of Russia. But it is clear that it pushes back to Moscow in bondage to the need to subsidize loss-making Belarusian economy. MP asks worthiness alliances such expenses?

we are very long as the state remains hostage situation involving Alexander Lukashenko …

"Poor thing: we are very long as the state remains a hostage situation involving Alexander Lukashenko. On the one hand, there are Belarus, there is a brotherly nation, the Slavs. On the other hand, there Lukashenko. And so it turns out that by not supporting the brotherly people, We do not personally Lukashenko bad — we do harm to ordinary people. Lukashenko is very good and defraud uses in recent years. Meanwhile, I am convinced that all the time has come to reconsider the complex of the Russian-Belarusian relations in all areas. should finally call it intelligible words what is happening now. "

Columnist for the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" Alexander Minkin believes that the Kremlin "swallow" the story of arrested Russians and the rage violation of human rights in Belarus. He says that a blind eye make commercial interests, which for many is more important than the fate of people:

Alexander Minkin

"It plays a major role commerce, everything is decided by personal interests of leaders. And if someone had called someone once insulting words — so this is all just the same. Recently on NTV some scary movies about Lukashenko has shown. Well what? And after these movies, and after the terrible words of Medvedev, who said that this this man a-rastakoy, quite lost conscience, they meet again, hug, "Good morning" to you, it's okay. Nothing worthwhile will not be here. They, I mean our leaders threatened not to recognize the election. So what, finally succeeded? "

Meanwhile, Russian print and online media, as well as TV channels continue to the information war against the Belarusian regime. Every day in the Russian mass media publish materials about the implications of the opposition rally on December 19 in Minsk and criticized the Kremlin for trying to forgive Lukashenko his remarks on the brink of a foul.

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