Lukashenko urged not to raise the cost of housing services by more than $ 5 per year

Alexander Lukashenko demanded that the government does not increase the cost of housing and communal services in Belarus for more than $ 5 a year. This was the official leader said at a meeting on the development of the Belarusian economy.
Addressing the audience at the meeting of members of the government, Lukashenko said: "If you see that somewhere we should move up to the unpopular public services, the solutions can be taken, but you have five dollars," BelTA.

Lukashenka also said that our people pay for utility services is much lower than in the EU. "So it is good for us. If there was a loss-making enterprise work, please consider, but be careful, do not hurt people, "- said Lukashenko.

However, he demanded: "Do not come to me with any price quote, until I see how much it costs per cubic meter of water per cubic meter of gas, one kWh of electricity, the cost of 1 ton of trash removal and so on." "When I see a real price, where fat is removed from kommunhozov with elektroobespechivayuschih organizations gazoobespechivayuschih organizations, then I say the decision", — added the official leader.

According to him, the power and gas companies — not the poorest people, and their luxurious life — one of the sections of the cost, which is proposed to pay people and businesses.

"So let's see, maybe somewhere must pursing" — invited Lukashenko and added that he is a proponent of a tough economy, because the economy operates according to objective laws.

"We have for some time can pinch nut, but then it will have to go, not going anywhere. The economy should be based on the normal honest objective information. And from this we must proceed. And you can not put pressure on people, "- said Lukashenko, and noted that the people in this situation need to lean on.

Lukashenko expects newly appointed to the post of Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich successfully address these problems. "The current Prime Minister was once a young man engaged in these issues, and he knows the structure of the cost of water, gas. And the Deputy Prime Minister (Anatoly Kalinin, head of Baranovichi Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Water") is well aware of the origin of the water and how much it costs, "- said the head of state.

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