Lukashenko: Want free apartment — deliver three, four, five

News in Belarus, Minsk. President Alexander Lukashenko has delivered his annual address to the nation and the National Assembly.
Lodging: now it is raised more than the average for the past five years in the Soviet years. And direct support for the ruble will only specific categories of citizens. The others do not need to give the fish and bait, said in the news program "24 Hours" on CTV.
Alexander Lukashenko:

The principle is simple: everyone should have the opportunity to improve their living conditions. But soft, in many cases, you know, free.
Accommodation will be the only ones who need special attention: large families. Want free apartment — three, four, five. Give birth and come. Objectively limited income people — those will help. And those who bear the greater responsibility to society. Let's just say, soldier men. Here we are derelict and derelict seriously. The government is gradually, but in my behalf, taking certain measures. Until the end of the year we should make every effort to honor a little bit of a military man and a man in uniform to raise.

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