Lukashenko — West: No ultimatums, we will no longer accept

"I want our people, and you realize that no ultimatums, we do not assume any. If we will put some conditions that are unacceptable, and, moreover, on the basis of double standards, we do not accept these conditions, "- said Alexander Lukashenko during a visit Dec. 30 boarding home for war veterans in the village Treskovschina Minsk region.

Fragments of the interview were broadcast on Belarusian TV channels. The issue touched on the possible extension of the West, as a condition of continuing the dialogue with Belarus the release of detainees in connection with a street action in Minsk on December 19.

"As for the detainees. You know, we're not one hundred released — said Lukashenko. — But a criminal case. If a criminal case under investigation can be released these people — us they're not needed. They need to have something, drink, feed, etc. They are not needed. They paid for material and moral damages appropriate money to including yesterday and the Russians, as far as I know, they get paid. "

"If you are an active participant in the riots, there is a consequence, there is a court with you will understand. But in general, and the fate of the ex-candidates and detainees, and those militants who raided the Government House — by the way, all that's about twenty people have already set, all in two, had already served one term, that is, people who have had problems with the law — and therefore their former candidates destiny in their hands. And ask me to do not "- said Lukashenko.

"We we do, as in France, as in Germany, — he said. — There's also the president can not go and release from human consequences. Yes, I can on the stage of the investigation, it is permitted by law to me, but if it is reasonable. If they are not related to these massacres, well, there were ideological reasons, well, we have something we will consider. If you're guilty, I'm not going to interfere with it. In the end, everyone has to answer for his. But I emphasize once again, their fate is in their hands, and they know it. And if someone will put pressure on us and demand, you know, it will only get worse. "



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