Marieluise Beck: The West must find a powerful response to the events in Belarus

In Minsk, with a brief visit deputy visited the German Bundestag Marieluise Beck. She said that the more important to her that prisoners in Belarus have felt that the West does not turn away from them and cares about their fate.

Marieluise Beck arrived in Minsk, in spite of the Christmas holidays, which, according to her, coincided "with cool events in Belarus." It noted Now that the most important thing — the fate of those who are in prison, as "illegal torture in jail or in the KGB in the country which is a member of the OSCE." According to Beck, the inclusion of Belarus in the "Eastern Partnership" European Union did not occur without controversy. German Bundestag decided that a correct path of dialogue, but now it should be checked.

"We have today 28 December, and Germany is in a Christmas dream. Yet been harmonization of policy positions, debate what to do next, and we are also in shock. Nobody counted on such political developments. Course, there were disagreements as to how robust is a cautious policy of liberalization. But no one expected that the event will develop even more dramatic than in 2006. problem is the policy of sanctions on the part of Western Europe has always been open to question: how much will go to benefit the population, as the country as a result of These sanctions will be tied to the East? therefore giving Belarus access to the program "Eastern Partnership" was connected with the hope that civil initiatives would open the path and prospects for the people. now we will probably have to admit that it was the wrong assessment. "

According to Beck, if the West takes himself seriously, he must find a "powerful response to what is happening in Belarus over the past ten days, and the fact that a member of the OSCE did not pay attention to the fundamental principles of this organization." Ms. Beck said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, which was agreed by the meeting, did not find, however, for her time.

"For me the most important thing that the prisoners felt that the West does not turn away from them and cares about them. I hope that there are some channels through which leaked the news of my arrival here, especially the people, at risk of long-term imprisonment and received injuries. "

According to Beck, despite the fact that the parliamentary group for cooperation with Belarus are small and in the European Parliament, and in the Bundestag, but they are "express patience and endurance." She believes that, in this context, the deputies should attract the Eastern Committee of German Economy. She noted that when the gates open all the jails and will be released all the demonstrators, as well as those who have been arrested by the KGB, it would be a sign that Alexander Lukashenko realized their bad behavior, and that he wants to leave the door open to dialogue with the West.

To the question of "freedom", recognizes the legitimacy of Germany after the election of President Alexander Lukashenko and support in Europe, the opposition's demand for a new election, Ms. Beck said:

"These issues are still too early to put, as long as these issues are not discussed together. We only January restore their discussion. Before the election was a joint initiative of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Germany and Poland, and the position these countries should play an important role. From Poland can expect a greater ability to correctly assess the development of affairs in the East, if only because of its historical experience. I believe that Germany and Poland can be an important tandem for fruitful discussions these issues. But in the end we have to come to a common position of all European Union. "

Ms. Beck said that the Belarusian issue will be raised at the January meeting of the Council of Ministers of the European Union. She also said it will soon re-visit Minsk together with their colleagues who represent the ruling coalition in Germany.

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