Mayan Crystal Skulls

This legend has long passed from mouth to mouth in Central America. Mayans and Aztecs believed that the world was destroyed four times, and we live under the fifth sun.

Under the first sun giants lived, their world destroyed water. Second sun — witness the destruction of the world and the destruction of people kite, which also turned people into monkeys, rescued one man and one woman. Third world burned heavenly fire (meteorite), the people of this world eat a fruit.

In the fourth sun people died from starvation caused by the flow of fire and blood. End of the fifth world will come from the ground vibrations and shocks (possible shift of the magnetic poles of the Earth) and all life will cease. Probably you have heard of the Mayan calendar? He counts on August 13, 3114 BC and ends December 21, 2012 It is associated with Venus. In the hand-written works, called codes, scribes left numerous predictions, in particular — about solar eclipses. Maya were famous astronomers.

Since then, when people were still living in the 12 planets, there are 13 crystal skulls. Those people gave their earthlings. Atlanteans left their Maya. Taken together, these skulls might tell us about our past and help to avoid disaster. Their ancestors were able to get to speak, because they have moving jaw, one can assume that it is — super powerful computers.

Surprising results of numerous studies of these skulls. Based on the study of the famous skull of Anna Mitchell-Hedges in the laboratory Hevlett Packard was a report, which can be summarized as follows: "Our scientists do not understand how they were made in ancient times without modern appliances and tools." According to researchers from Hevlett Packard, it would take at least a year to create the skull and would require accurate modern tools. Also, it is not clear how such a fragile subject remained under constant shaking and heat.

It is worth noting that since the late XIX century, spread trading crystal skulls, and that most of them — a copy of crystal.

Crystal Skulls, Ancient Mysteries

According to the most commonly occurring stories, "Skull of Destiny" was found in 1927 by English explorer Frederick A. Mitchell-Hedges among Mayan ruins in Lubaantun (now Belize).

Others argue that the scientist had bought this item at auction "Sotheby's" in London in 1943 Whatever actually happened, the skull of rock crystal vygranen so advanced that it is an invaluable piece of art. So, if the first hypothesis is considered true (in which the skull is a creation of the Maya), it falls on us a rain of questions.

Scientists believe that the skull of destiny in a sense, it is technically impossible. Weighing about 5 pounds, and as a perfect copy of a female skull, it has a finality, which would have been impossible to achieve without the use of more or less modern methods, techniques, which owned the Mayan culture and which we do not know. Skull perfectly polished. His jaw is separate from the rest of the hinge portion of the skull. He has long been attracted to (and probably will continue to do so to a lesser extent) of experts from various disciplines. Also worth mentioning is the sustained ascribing to him a group of esoteric supernatural abilities, such as telekinesis, emitting an unusual odor, color change. The existence of all these properties hard to prove.

The skull is subjected to various analyzes. One of the inexplicable things is that made of quartz glass, and, therefore, has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale (a scale of hardness minerals from 0 to 10), were able to cut the skull without hard cutting materials such as ruby and diamond. Study the skull, which in 1970 spent U.S. company Hewlett-Packard, have determined that in order to achieve such perfection, it would have to grind the sand for 300 years. Could the Mayans intentionally design work of this type, due date which would have been planned in the 3rd century? We can say only that the skull of destiny is not the only one of its kind. Several of these items were found in various places on the planet, and they are created from other, similar to quartz materials. These concerns found in China / Mongolia whole skeleton of jade, made on a smaller scale than the human, it is estimated that approx. in 3500-2200 gg. BC

There are doubts about the authenticity of many of these artifacts, but there is something that is certain: crystal skulls still fun brave scientists.

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