Medieval prosthetics

Interesting to see what was the prosthetic limb disabilities in the Middle Ages.

Metal hand 1560-1600 year


Prosthetic leg in 1918


Metal hand 1500


Leg 1928


Leg 1891


Victorian prosthetic hand with interchangeable tips


Prosthetic leg made of aluminum


19th century wooden leg


Wooden leg with metal feet from the 19th century


19th century wooden leg


Metal hand 16th century


Prosthetic hand early 19th century, made of a rifle barrel


Prosthetic thumb 600 BC


Prosthesis of the 18th century


Prosthetic wrist

Denture brush 1916-1918 year


Prosthetic left leg, the 1914-1918


Female hand prosthesis 1916-1918 year




Metal hand 1580


French set for prosthetic hands


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