Metropolitan ROC urged not to be afraid of the Antichrist and the chips implanted under the skin itself

Metropolitan ROC urged not to fear the Antichrist and chips implanted under the skin itselfIn the television program "Soyuz", "Archbishop" Metropolitan Sergius Voronezh and Borisoglebsk one of the viewers were asked: "Is there a difference between the devil and the Antichrist?" Reports "Orthodox newspaper" Yekaterinburg diocese.

"The devil — is a spiritual being, an angel, but not good, and the evil. Lucifer was the first angel of God, led by the angelic hierarchy, and then lifted. And he was not a war with God and the angels, the angels understood each other, and the Archangel Michael overthrowing Lucifer, and was no longer part of the angels. That, essentially, is Satan and his angels, "- said the Bishop. "And the antichrist — he continued, — be a man be born naturally, but God is the enemy and the enemy of Christ. He will probably be very good education, mastered all sorts of magical exercises will do wonders, feed all of humanity. And it will require one thing: that you and I renounce Christ, the faith and worship him. "

"That's all the press are afraid of Antichrist, believe that it will be linked to any electronic media, which will be implanted into the skin. I say this: do not be afraid of anything, let you and implanting something, because you're the Antichrist as a statistical unit is not needed. They'll have you the psychological mood "- says Metropolitan Sergius.

"If you are a Christian, it is sewn into your reader, when you come, for example, the shop will show that your psychological state contrary to the existing order of things. And you disconnect from the system, you will have nothing to eat, and you will cause a conversation: a technique or failed, or you yourself a man? If you refuse and say that "I — a Christian, I believe that the Lord came two thousand years ago, or three thousand" (No one knows when it will happen, all in God's hands), then perhaps you expelled from the society and the great prophecy come true, that no one can feed and you do not buy anything, and nothing you can do. So keep faith in the living God, who trades on all of us and do not be afraid no Antichrist or his characters ", — concluded the Metropolitan of Voronezh and Borisoglebsk Sergius.

Source: Russian folk line (so-called)

TV "UNION" (from 32 minutes)

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