Micro-robots, the tool of total control

Have you ever heard of electronic devices RFID? (Abbreviation of the term Radio Frequency Identification, meaning — "Radio Frequency Identification"). These product labels XXI century is here and replace the bar codes.

In Paris they are used reusable tickets for subway turnstile automatically open. They are now the size of a postage stamp. It is enough to put them on a sufficient amount of memory (with personal data of the person and his medical records.) And a small antenna in the form of a flat snake to be able to pass away the information.

And what we have in the end?

And the fact that, under certain conditions, any information from the most banal to the highly confidential, is optionally available. Looks like a TV "reality show", is not it?

Now imagine for a moment that begins tomorrow, when nanotechnology will create invisible to the human eye and eavesdrop snoop equipment. The French National Commission on Informatics and civil liberties, the staff that monitors privacy problem perceived seriously.

"This is a real challenge to modern society" — says Chairman Alex Turk, — at the current rate of development, the organization of public control will be possible in five to ten years. " The perspective from which the hair stand on end.

At home, on the street, at school, in the office … so anywhere you can distribute the myriad nanozhuchkov capable of day and night follow each person. "This will be an unprecedented violation of fundamental human rights, attacks on our freedom — warns Alex Turk. — Feeling that they are being unceasing surveillance, people will start to censor their own speech … and in the end everyone will be talking and thinking the same thing.

I call it a mental cloning! "But how to avoid the horrors? "We are closely following the progress of scientific research, — meets Alex Turk — and make recommendations to the French parliamentarians." And we can only hope that the production nanozhuchkov the fault of which each of us is at risk of becoming the subject of constant invisible surveillance is strictly prohibited.

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