Mikhail Zadornov announced its program of revolt

Michael (Learn — mzadornov) Zadornov without seeing protesters have specific requirements, but "we are not satisfied power" and "we demand a revision of the election," announced its program of "rebellion", which occurs in people recently. Offer readers IA "Amitel" read his reasoning:

At last!

Hooray! We are rebelling! People will not remain silent!

However, specific requirements, but "we are not satisfied power" and "we demand a revision of the election," I do not see anything.

Personally, I was not enough.

In the energy of rebellion should be a clear vector: vector energy without damaging! Well, we will destroy the existing power, and who will succeed? Another "good uncle"? Who can guarantee that his power will be less destructive? How many centuries can step on the same rake? We only know one thing — we want to live well! And to do this, let us think of the person we crowd swing and throw into the Kremlin through its impregnable walls.

Although it would seem that it may be easier: to formulate clear demands of the people in power. All the same to what: the old or the new one. In which country we want to live? How should it be organized? And strict conditions: the old power or listening to the people and not the party to his pocket, and the people will sweep away this anti-people power and are replaced by the rulers, who developed the program will realize!

Program is needed!

Now, specifically!

In every society, no matter what it is called — capitalist or socialist — has its advantages. And they both should be considered. For example, all is not what can not live a single person in the country should, as under socialism, to be free, and what is necessary for those who want to be "cool" — not "like everyone else", can produce private sector .

To be clear, even with modern managers, to put it like this: "Tuning upgrade — capitalism. All, without which nothing — socialism. "

The first

Developed economies kept in production. Undeveloped — the sale of raw materials. The most respected people in the society must be the ones who work and create something, not shareholders, which is something done. Today, the bandit-capitalist Russia from 80 to over 90 percent of the profits of any production is split between several shareholders. The rest goes to a crowd of workers. A should be the opposite.

The hardest part of any solution — decide to solve it.

What I think needs to be done as soon as possible so that the people get out of poverty? To pass a law, according to which only 10% or 20% of the profits are allowed to share to shareholders. The rest — the people working!

I once asked a former central banker early "democratic" Russia, is it possible to create a control, if this bill passes? He confidently said, "Sure!"

Stolen? Utayat? Absolutely! But even within the standard "evrovorovstva" — about 10%. Holy work! In Soviet times, every vegetable and then come to the "shrinkage" of tomatoes 10% of the total weight.

Salaries will increase once all industries! Workers will no longer be slaves today officials and businessmen. Factories and other enterprises will lead those who do business will be like, but not like today's "suckers." For such a law to fall off even those Western investors, under which decimated today Soviet emigre crooks. They have nothing to be "suck." The country will clean itself!

Can this "Putin & Co»? I think not. But require the introduction of such a law should be immediately!


Part of the production should be taken from the current shareholders and transferred to the state. What are they? Those that produce everything you need for the life of each: electricity, water, maybe even gas. "Gazprom" can earn on sale of domestic gas to Western imperialists, not the family of impoverished citizens. If "Chubais," and other "light knife switch" does not like it, let them leave Russia. They have to "svalinga" dough enough.

I know of several officials from the former RAO "UES". True, they see themselves as businessmen, as are the shareholders of the different subsidiaries. They bring in a month in the envelope more than 200,000 euros. They have in the life of two problems: what to do with the money and what to do with your free time? Even feel sorry for them!

While senior citizens have to pay for gas, electricity, and soon for hot water at higher dengososami these prices. Of course, it would be necessary to put all of them, but this can not even dream of. They — drugany chief priest of privatization. VIP-guests! Untouchables. Which should mean: these nasty to even touch. By the way, VIP in Russian: "It is extremely important person." CHVO! They chvoshniki!

So once you can not lock them today, let them leave. Go! Will not want to leave voluntarily — drive forcibly! Country must be cleaned of demons glamurla.

Single plant is not built during the years of independent Russia (neschitaya half those that do not run!) You see now, of which Russia is independent? Of decent people.

Privatized, pilfered by Lenin's electrification plan susekam! We are all now sitting on the Soviet electricity. Kowtow Grandpa Lenin for what it is about us, democratic capitalists, covered.

One chvoshnikov once told me, "You ratuesh and praising Soviet electrification plan and all the constructed hydroelectric power station and power plant, and they, among other things, the Soviets were built on the blood!" In my opinion, I correctly answered him, "Are you the blood privatized! His grandmother and offshore have with the blood of the Soviet people! "

If I had my way, I would, of course, they were all planted. Do not be put to death, no. The country needs workers. Forced to work! For example, over the barbed wire to build new hydroelectric or nuclear. Overcome their karma crap. That would be my concern, not only about the country, but also about themselves. After all, life would not have lived in vain!

The third

Russia should have free health care and secondary education. A higher education — are paid. In the sense that everyone who goes after high school to pursue higher education, the state has to pay …! Moreover, do not, as in some Arab countries, born in Russia, the new Russian, he should already be laid to the account of the bank in any sum not less than five million rubles. But he can get them only in the event that will decide to continue their education after high school. Must be restored after the distribution of specialists of universities! That young people do not tyrkat blind kittens in all holes, and from there they would not distilled.

Of course, paid medical institutions should also remain. There are people among steep, in which the advice of doctors and medicines do not work if they do not pay doctors. Moreover, even among my friends many of those who help only expensive and super expensive drugs imported from abroad, and who believe only VIP-doctors, sorry CHVO doctors.

In addition, if all of medicine, including dentistry, we will be free, then again half the population will soon become shiny gold teeth.

Salaries of teachers and doctors should be higher than the top managers of banks!

Where will the money for such reform? From the budget! And how much money will be in the budget? Oh, just stop robbing bins under capitalist party "United Russia". Plant, plant and plant again!

The fourth

Education reform lifted immediately. In order to develop a new program, not to turn young people into mindless Circuits capitalist conveyor propose a commission of writers, directors, actors, poets, and not from the officials, who have been educated in the West and the West are trying.

In education in general should not be allowed the Kremlin hangers. Only creative people, who thanks to their talent are independent from the government and from the barrels.

It's like I had obessovestitsya that in such a rich country, all sorts of things are just a few subjects in high school do for free?

The fifth

Petroleum products in the country should be more profitable to sell than abroad. Otherwise never rise up agriculture. Stydoba! In a country where so much land, sell flowers, imported from Holland. And when you ask the same of local officials, "Why?" — They say: "We in Russia expensive flowers grow!" And the main thing — do believe in what they say. Quite chvoshnikami steel?

With free electricity and regular domestic prices of petroleum products — and agricultural products will become cheaper, and the flowers and apples in the stores will be our home. Prices for staple state should prohibit raise! Rely on the conscience of the private sector — it's like to believe the promises of the Jackal to become a vegetarian.

And our own magic wand — oil! It looks like Putin — our main Oilman — from the economy knows only how to sell oil. I agree: it is he good at it. But … time when oil rescued Russia is over. Now if it falls in the price below $ 80 a barrel, the world will end in one particular our country.

And fears are reasonably.

Thinkers in the world seriously puzzled and has made progress in the production of biofuels and cheaper, and does not harm the health! There is a plant — rape, and even more effective saffron. If our Kremlin neftekachateli guessed sow these crops former collective farm fields, one would have bought the entire crop China. Finns built a plant for the production of biofuels — they do not have enough raw materials! But our would-be economists are only able to monitor and diversify. Brains poraskinut they fail, because for this other than greed, and even brains need to have.


Set the strictest control over the main eternal scourge of Russia — officials. How? Not rant like the current president, and the Court of Auditors to give … Ready to breathe the air in the chest? Under the control of the parliamentary opposition …! Yes, the Communists! To them. First, because only the Communists in a program similar to the power requirements spelled out very clearly. And secondly, what kind of comedy: "United Russia" she steals and she also self control? That is counting stolen! You might as well man-company owner can control his wife, an accountant and bring her claim, if it is time to share with him as he has stolen.

Speaking of Communists … Many today say, "Oh, these communists — a nightmare!" And when you ask, "Why a nightmare? Explain exactly? "No one really and can not answer. Nibenimeshnikami become. I would advise those who so verbiage, read the program of the Communist Party. In it, among other things, a lot of specific proposals, not just as the other parties, slogans, slogans, and shown in specific numbers, what happened to our economy after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Impressive!

The seventh, eighth, ninth, etc. etc. …

Among the many theaters in the state should be financed from the budget.

Need to re-start finance houses of culture in schools to children engaged in amateur free. The majority of the most talented people in our past began with the initiative.

The state should be publishing, in which a neposhlaya published literature. Including classic.

We must restore science centers, which in Soviet times have brought a lot of world-renowned scientists. Professors to pay such wages to want to return home our dearest guest workers even scientists from America. They "grasp" the best in the West, Russia can bring particular benefits.

For children recover camps, pioneering form. What the hell, boy scouts in brown poludermovoy form? White with red — that color, from which improves mood even adults!

Children's playgrounds to be built across the country, open to all schools, in all courts. We need our relatives are athletes, not legionaries. It is a shame that the CSKA Russian officers decorated Africans. We have that, there is no longer worthy of talented officers? Again, compare the development of sport in the USSR!

Begin to allocate money to the archaeological site, proving the depth of Slavic history.

Resume nationwide voluntary work, clean up their land and increase tenfold the penalty for the nature of the ejected debris. You can not build a tower of light in a landfill. Penalties will not work? As many did not believe that our drivers will wear a seat belt in the car, even if the belt is unfastened fined. Made a fine of 500 rubles, and now even in the clip on "Bentley? Rx" and "Porsche? X."

Penalize drivers who "bombed" his sverhgromkoy music environment.

Plant for 15 days or more of those who include loud music after 11 homes.

Year in prison to those who swear in public. Do you want to swear, pick a decent company at home and let's start!

Matt has become so commonplace in our lives that many kids think this is such a household if spoken Russian. The familiar actor in the kitchen in the morning he dropped a plate, exclaimed: "Oh!" A five-year grandson asked him, "Father, why do not you say," Oh, damn!? "

For the police to enter the kind of standards TRP Soviet period: who can be wrung from the floor at least 30 times, the police are not allowed to serve!

Rename the police back to the police! No shame.

Army modeled on the army to restore the Soviet Union, not to persuade NATO not to go to the borders, and to themselves feared.

For hazing in the army — the tribunal.

The officer, who carries on business, — a tribunal!

Trading defense minister must be brought to justice.

Space and aviation enterprises to put on a super-state support. Shake out of them privatizers, because of which our rockets and satellites have become completely fly over the hill. Such rocket technology to our enemies harmless. It is dangerous only in the country. In the aircraft industry to consider all the best that was invented by Soviet designers. Any of our aircraft in turbulent flows is not shaking as the current Western "Soap."

Today, our oligarchs, pilfered the Soviet past and assigning it to themselves, justified by the fact that we need in the aviation competition. Right! Only the competition in the aviation industry is not competition between the restaurants and nightlife. In Soviet times, by the way, this competition was! Under Stalin arranged between the chief designers — how to say today — a tender for the development of new aircraft and space models.

Here's what you should immediately restore!

Competition of ideas! Not competition profits.

So far, due to the competition of ideas is flying into space with absolute reliability only those machines that were created in Soviet times? And then the competition profits. Space should not depend either on the banks or on foreign investment.

Competition of ideas should be in science, and nanotechnology. No profit is estimated thought and scientific discoveries.

And that's true to the people reached not only through all the exaggerated and daily bullying online, at least one TV channel to become public. No ads. To work for the people, not for advertisers.

Music institutions, symphony orchestras — to give a "public wing." We have some brilliant musicians. Shame rulers, if the country is respected managers more than musicians. Personally, I see the disgusting puny attempts of our intellectuals to enter the market: trading teachers and furniture boutique on the ground floor of theaters and conservatories.

Immediately terminate the law, according to which the birth of a child is paid premium bonus. Now the current president of the law is not to praise, and make him a public reprimand. Children should be born out of love, not the bonus. The woman does not start, no belt, no shop producing children. It created conditions that she wanted children, and do not try to be interested, as a manager in a bank bonus. In nakosyachil our top manager of All Russia, our groovy bear, plasticine President! In Siberia, the Chinese are now marrying our broads and get citizenship, using them to obtain seed capital for future occupants of Russia. In Moscow saw polunischenku behind which walked three grubby, hungry child. Gave birth to a promotion! And there is nothing to feed, educate it with.

We need the quality of children, not their number! Restore Soviet-style kindergartens and nurseries. People create conditions of life that they want to have children. Demographic issue should be solved in the bed, and not at the meetings. If the president does not understand that he needed to urgently undertake a course of hormone treatment.

Many more can be paragraph by paragraph to list what needs to be done for our bright future.

However, all this does not work even with the new government, if you do not enter another law and to establish a scheme of review mechanism of the deputies and the people of the officials who have forgotten that they are servants of the people, not the slave.

Home perennial problem of Russia — the bureaucracy. There is only one way to deal with it. Which one? I will start from a distance …

In ancient Greece there was a word that scares even the Greek oligarchs — ostracism! It meant the following: Conclusion of disaffected people of any ruler or oligarch to revoke, withdraw, and sometimes even drive out of the country! It was at that time Greece has reached its peak and was opposed even such a formidable enemy as Persia. In Russia, it is immediately necessary to establish such a mechanism of review talkers not responsible for their words, and those who zanyrnul the power to become the exploiters!

For example … The officer issued a dispensation of migrant workers from Central Asia that they were of him kickbacks — it was immediately withdrawn, dismissed, put him at the request of residents dispensation.

City mayor or the prefect did not expect the winter comes after fall — shot, exiled to the north to learn to clear snow in the tundra.

The MP promised voters a happy life — a year has passed — not all blessed: withdrawn and sent to remedial work, so the next time did not promise what can not.

The Prime Minister, in spite of the fact that oil has risen, allowed miscreants to increase the price of gasoline — gathered signatures on the Internet, called back the prime minister, was sentenced to work at a gas station a year old tanker. In the Arctic Circle!

The Minister of Health has not stopped production of counterfeit medicines, issued licenses zhulyu — went all undertreated in Bolotnaya Square, withdrew minister and sentenced for life to be treated just fake medicines.

I believe it is necessary to formulate such requirements, as it did not satirist and dry legal language, and immediately after the rally to send negotiators to the Kremlin.

Do not worry, before the presidential election is not dangerous. I am sure they up there, will have to listen! The government now has no choice.

"American Regional Committee" is already around the corner and to replace current president, Russia will spare no money! And this is for our exploiters will poopasnee than anger of their own people. And throw off our regret, and the world community will not spare, nor spared many unwanted rulers. For tseerushnikov special honor — to get even with the former KGB agent, in which they were afraid of the Soviet Union, so that still trembles every cell of their tseerushnyh Organon.

I think that the power to formulate and present concrete demands is more important than even demand to review the results of the elections.

If rebel bezvektorno, power quickly with rebellious shrift. Guys, you do not have a plan! You simply revolting. Rebel we are not supposed to! So, we have the right to send troops against you!

So what? Krovischa again? And then many years to re-live in slavery?

But if to express outrage with a precise program, even if you change the current authorities "American Regional Committee" has no need to be afraid. Will remain around the corner! He was such a program would have aroused indignation!

Do you think I'm wrong? Look close to the behavior of Putin — Grand Prince of All Russia. He was clearly confused. Does not show it — well studied acting in the system. But experienced director's eye can see: even matured to the negotiations with the people. After all, if it was removed from power, it more than others, no good.

The Americans in the dreams he had already prepared the fate Gaddafi! But he did not give them after-dorazgrabit eltsinovskuyu Russia. All to himself with his lads appropriated. "The Rothschilds," this does not forgive. If you believe the rumors and Putin during his "reign" has accumulated billions, I would be in his place now let all these billions on weapons of our army-militia. On its upgrade. Tuning! Otherwise he would those billions will never be useful.

Grandiose statement on the accuracy of Lenin: "The revolutionary situation — is when the top can not, and the lower classes do not want to live in the old way." Today, semi-revolutionary situation. Nisa just do not want to, and the top, unfortunately, are still very much can.

Our task — to make sure that they could no longer! Then someone he leaves, someone instantly reconfigured, someone will have to plant to Khodorkovsky.

Country samoochistitsya! What sense voryu zhulyu and live in a country where you can not cash in on senior citizens, to seize power, who established Soviet power, and feed it? Let them go! In no other country so they can not steal from the people. After all, so many immigrants who left the Soviet Union, returned to Russia, because Russia has become a nest of crooks!

I would not want that as a result of the popular indignation, at the end of the 80th, to replace the one zhulyu came another, even more agile and even sponsored the "American regional committee." A rigged election to be changed to falsify the rally.

And I would not want to bezvektornoe nationwide rebellion turned into another secular party. In any case, I am concerned that at the last meeting there were ladies in sheared mink and diamonds. Swamp area in the district were sold in boutiques goods that were for years. In one of the shops post a message "During the meeting we have 50% discount!" It seems to many sick even Courchevel! Want something more fun.

Oh, it would not become a swamp to a new party — our adrenaline "Courchevel". Grand Theatre was rebuilt specifically for walking chvoshnyh jewelry. But this is only in the evenings, and diamonds have chvoshnits so much that it is necessary and in the afternoon somewhere to show. Why not at the Swamp?

If the Swamp area starts revolution in Russia, it would be called a mink revolution. Russian response to Georgia's Velvet Revolution, and everyone there banana and orange and orange. Our revolution, then abruptly!

We have a historical disadvantage — to achieve small victories and celebrate it. And the very victory over toast and anniversaries profukannyh.

This time, it is good to keep this from your roof to avoid being swept away! Otherwise, we will give the roof from the outside.

PS From China should take the example of how to develop, and not from the West! The Chinese have learned to take into account the achievements of today's world and its past. They did not lay down a European capital. Is left to the mercy of his country. They deliver it! Yes, Western investors they have. But most of the money invested in the production of its own. By the way, they are even under the Communist Party. Western investors they are not afraid. Even if the Americans take offense to China and want to take their money, then it will be worse this does not China, and America. Nothing to wear: no shoes, no pants, no socks, not even branded lines, which have long been all sewn in China. Throughout the world, children's toys will disappear! China has tightened to his Western dengogrebov, enticing them a cheap labor force that is independent of those of the Communist Party of China, and not vice versa.

And we, unfortunately, a country betrayed!

The Chinese do not defile the memory of Mao Zedong! And not because they revere him, but because they believe that anyone who defiles the past, spits in the future!

To the border with China, it is high time to pull the Russian army. After all, the defense ministers — traders — in those parts of its highly dilute. And the Chinese on the other hand, contrary to thicken!

Enough to argue that it is better for Russia, capitalism or socialism. Neither one nor the other! The middle option. With our, albeit wild, but capitalism, we finally stopped complexes of the West, we have no hotels, no decent restaurants, no luxury road … Much of all this, we had. We learned how to furnish our apartment. It's only been a few years, migrant workers from Central Asia and the parquet flooring put no less than Canadian workers. Many, many already know how to organize your life as good as it is organized at the inhabitants of the West. If you go back to socialism, the whole way of life once again gignetsya. But the oligarchs and capitalists can not give what is contrary to the glorious slogan: "From each — according to his ability, to each — to work!"

PPS And in any case, not to succumb to provocations, not separated from the Russian Caucasus republics. Russia immediately fall apart like the Soviet Union. Give the finger bit off the shoulder. Those who advocate for it — provocateurs! They play in the valley of nationalist feelings.

Everyone who calls for the overthrow of the government without a clear program, also become unwitting agents provocateurs.

In general, I would suggest to all not indifferent to complement these reflections podredaktirovat them, and maybe even organize a special site on which to develop a nation-wide program for the Russian international ideas! And his vote "yes" or "no" for specific agenda items. If it works, ready to personally go with negotiators for Putin to show him why today's authorities antinational and why it first must, if he wants to save himself, dismiss ministers … their buddies and their homies homies — break that Putin's web.

Unless, of course, I was allowed to see him after what I am about today's anti-people government showered the stage. But if you had to admit, I would have tried to convince Vladimir continue for the sake of international prestige not to hang up on a miserable Russia host the Olympic Games, or what else the World Cup! In any case, as long as we do not appear their home stadiums, playgrounds in every school and our athletes in quality and quantity — as in Soviet times.

I think that if Putin had at least half of the proposals received, he would have a little treat your rating. And if not will have to resort to artificial methods. For example, pick a mess in Transnistria. But in that case, he will lose respect for yourself in the world! And his rating falls into a coma for an indefinite time.

PPPS After such a text would like to give you a listen to the song of a man I love very much: http://prostopleer.com/tracks/5208697BrSZ.

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