Minsk — offers, Warsaw — silent

Belarusian MPs want dialogue with the Polish parliamentarians on "Pole's Card". This is stated in the letter, the chairman of the International Committee of the House of Representatives Igor Karpenko sent by post to his counterpart in the Polish Sejm — Andrzej Galicia. Warsaw, Minsk has a special meeting.

Igor Karpenko today told the "Freedom" about the content of the letter. It explains the position of Belarusian MPs about the situation around the "Polish Card":

"I explained to Mr. Galitsky, in connection with which we were considering the request to the Constitutional Court. A well laid out, what we have doubts on this score.

We have offered to meet at the Parliamentary level, and to discuss those concerns. Perhaps they will be removed in the course of this dialogue. But there is no response to the letter. And so saying the Polish side of his concern about the situation with the "Polish Card" in Belarus I seem cynical, by and large. "

Belarusian deputy said in the letter there is an invitation to the arbitrator:

"We have proposed — let's meet, let's discuss. If you do not like a dialogue with us, let us work together to turn the Venice Commission. And discuss it at a civilized level. But on the other side until the silence. Because the ball — on their side."

Political analyst Alexander Lahvinets draws attention to the fact that the Polish parliament in principle avoid official contacts with the Belarusian. This is explained by the fact that Poles do not recognize the elections to the House of Representatives as free and fair. So little hard to believe that they will respond to such a proposal, he said. And the initiative of Minsk, he explains:

"This is — the search for asymmetric reasons to catch at least for something and prove its legitimacy. And also to create a platform for discussion of other issues. That is, there is not seen nothing serious. Moreover, we know that so-called Belarusian parliament has no real power. How do we know and what so-called the problem with the "Polish Card" — an artificial ideological company of the Belarusian authorities. "

Not looking forward to meeting members of Poland and Belarus, and an expert from the University of Warsaw Slawomir Dembski:

"As long as the relations between Minsk and Warsaw will not find a form that will suit the two countries until the situation that led to abtsyazharvannya this relationship continues, I would not expect any measures and steps. Any action towards the intensification of the Polish-Belarusian relations seem to me so far impossible. certainly a step in response to the Belarus proposal could be interpreted as a step towards an intensification of our relations. "

April 7 Constitutional Court of Belarus has decided that Polish law "On the Pole's Card" did not conform to international law. Initiated this issue The House of Representatives on February 23, which offered the court to consider the Polish law on conformity with generally recognized principles and norms of international law.

A week ago, the Interfax news agency, citing a source in the Ministry of Justice reported that in the near future is expected to adjust the number of legislative acts, including — "The public service Republic of Belarus"" On Public Associations "," Citizenship ". Need to adopt the draft law officials explain the issue of the Belarusian citizens" Polish Card ". According to an official of Ministry of Justice," in case a citizen of Belarus — a civil servant who has received a "map of the Pole", or similar document from another foreign country, do not return the bodies of his country that issued it, it will serve as a basis for the termination of his employment agreement. "

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