Modern boys turn into girls — scientific fact

"These men are extinct! Not men and women! "— Why these expressions of women become routine?

It could not happen for a reason. So it stands for something real. What? Men try to answer this question, and prefer not to bother about these offensive words — a psychological defense.

But this analysis has already done for them one woman — an American, Professor, Director, Center for Reproductive Epidemiology Shanna Swan of the University of Rochester (Shanna Swan), in our opinion — Lebedev. She has published in the "International Journal of Andrology» (International Journal of Andrology) results of a large study that conclusively proved that men are gradually becoming feminine. And it's not their fault, but the trouble.

The man — the passive voice 

Ms. Swann has long been deeply involved in the influence of the strong floor of substances used in the manufacture of plastics — phthalates (so they littered our living environment, we are faced with them all the time, but more on that later). She knows a lot of male secrets, and of course, it is well known why the stronger sex is becoming weaker and weaker. For it is no secret special characters left phthalates on the male body and talking about a history of specific problems (of which is not to say out loud). And now she is the first to prove that phthalates also leave special "crazy signs" — influencing the thinking and behavior of men.

This discovery had to wait more than 10 years. In 1998, under the guidance of prof. Swann began a large-scale scientific work to pathetically called "Research for the Future Family» (Study for Future Families). Then physicians began prenatal care and postpartum continued contact with them, following the development of children.

Expectant mothers determined the content of phthalates in the body. And then, when the children were born and have grown up to 4-7 years, they compared their style of behavior with the concentration of these chemicals in the body of the mother. The results showed interesting patterns between the behavior of boys and two types of phthalates, experts refer to them as DEHP and DBP. If their mother had a lot different then the guys girly disposition. They did not fight, did not play with cars, war, and other men's games, preferring quiet and accommodating pastime, and often did not ignore the dolls. It is important that the behavior of girls had nothing to do with the concentration of these substances in the mother.

Do it Yourself 

The question is, what is the relationship between phthalates mom and her boy feminine behavior? The most direct. From the 8 th to the 24 th week of pregnancy, the fetus is actively developing male reproductive organs and the brain. All these processes are influenced by the male sex hormone — testosterone. The most striking thing is that the next boy, ranging from 7-8 weeks of pregnancy, makes himself: he starts to synthesize testosterone, due to which it becomes a man with all the primary and secondary sexual characteristics. Imagine, a tiny "little man with the nail" (the size of the fetus at approximately the same period) is opposed to the world in the struggle for their identity. At this time it is acted upon weight substances that prevent the normal production of testosterone.

Unfortunately, the modern world is simply packed with such trash, hostile to the future of man. Doctors call these chemicals are endocrine disruptorami — they interfere with normal hormone primarily directed against testosterone. Almost all of them have a similar effect on the estrogen (female sex hormones). As luck would have it include phthalates such substances.

Normal female sex hormones produced during pregnancy, need to shape the future of girls. Please note that they, unlike the boys, their hormones are not needed — for them makes my mother. Under the influence of maternal estrogen in the female brain are formed, which has a female mind and even "women's logic." This seems surprising, but our way of thinking and behavior are, in fact, the same secondary sexual characteristics as women's and men's chest, broad shoulders and a figure in the form of a guitar, a beard and mustache, or the lack thereof.

Now imagine that the male fetus develops when excess estrogen. Its own is not enough testosterone to war with them — ftolaty punch male defense and influence the formation of the genitalia and the brain, guiding their development of female type. What is the result? "Above the Belt" — the female brain, and the "lower" — obvious and not very noticeable defects, and then in their teens sperm may be defective, can not be excluded and testicular cancer. All this is the called the "ftalatovym syndrome."

And chemist created a "woman" 

How was this possible hormonal apocalypse? It all started in the 50s in the West, and in the 60 — and we have. Then the dispute "physicists" and "lyricists" won chemists. Pacific glanders, not splitting the atom, are not impressed by either the Yenisei or Mississippi, they are launched their hands into all areas of our lives that the world hooked on chemistry. Everything — agriculture, manufacturing, construction, household, clothes, food, —soaked with chemicals. Live without them was impossible. Pesticides jammed weeds, pleasing our crops. Plastic water pipes were stronger than iron pipes. Packaging and plastic tableware changed our kitchen, replacing the glass, ceramics and porcelain — we often do not only eat out of plastic, but in it and cook. Phthalates make cosmetics more comfortable.

For some irony, these innovations were surprisingly feminine— Almost all of the chemicals used in them are endocrine disruptorami, remarkably similar to female hormones (see list below). But this chemical attack is not over, we are still under attack phytoestrogens — natural plant substances to female hormones. The most active of these are contained in soy. More recently, this malosedobnaya food culture we rarely used now, it is added to virtually all products.

Chemical estrogens also came into our lives later than in Western society. In the era of deficit sausage, butter and other products we are wrapped in paper, and all the liquid sold in glass bottles. In iron pipes rusty water flowed. Disruptory come to us in 90 years with the consumer boom — with plastic containers, packaging, utensils, and synthetic building materials. And that means that we still have yet to come — the chemical estrogens grows only the first generation. Scientists are well known for "Danish effect." In Denmark a happy situation with the most feminine men in Europe — where the most common testicular cancer and other symptoms typical of "phthalate syndrome."

Most courageous there are migrants … but their children born in the Danish kingdom has become like a local.

Social echo hormonal storms 

Of course, women do not always like effeminate men. But they have the advantage, with calmer — they usually are not rude and aggressive. Testosterone — the hormone of aggression and drive. This is a motor that gets men, sometimes gets to the winds, and sometimes make them energetic, business motivated, PASSIONARITY. Thanks to him, they are making a lot in life — to become generals, athletes, businessmen, managers … and rebels, revolutionaries and nonconformists. In short, testosterone population is unpredictable and difficult to control. Much easier to estrogen men — ideal electorate.

Basic substances with estrogen-like effect

Phthalates.Used in the manufacture of plastics, give them flexibility, flexibility, gloss. Contained in building materials, furniture, appliances, clothing, cosmetics, toys, Footwear and clothing, lubricants.

Paraben.Preservative widely used in cosmetics and body care products. Enters the body through the skin.

Triclosan.Antibacterial and antifungal agent that is used in aseptic soaps and toothpaste.

Bisphenol A. Used in building materials made of polycarbonate, some plastic bottles, containers. Covers many inside sealed packaging of liquid and solid products.

Dioxins.By-products of pesticides and herbicides, oil refining. Produced by burning garbage. Contained in synthetic transformer oils. Do not break down, pollute the environment and get into the water and food.

4-MBC and 3-BC. The so-called UV filters used in sunscreens.

DDT. Insecticide, used in agriculture.

Linuron and diuron.Agricultural herbicides to suppress the growth of weeds.

Vinklozin, procymidone, iprodin, prochloraz, fenarimol. Antifungal agents used for the treatment of fruits, vegetables and other crops.

Pyrethroid pesticides.Used in agriculture for crop protection.

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