More than two thousand Australians have fled their homes due to flooding

More than two thousand Australians have fled their homes due to floodingAbout 2 thousand people were evacuated from the Australian state of New South Wales due to heavy rain, which resulted in the banks of the river came Gvidir and Bellows, said on Thursday the news agency AAP.

Rescuers called to immediately leave their homes around 1.7 thousand residents of Maury (Moree) and Binigay (Biniguy). For evacuation of 600 residents Pallamallava (Pallamallawa) rescuers had to use helicopters.

More about 260 inhabitants of the cities of the CRIC and Manning Point expect the evacuation. Leave their homes they have to, if the water level in the river Manning will continue to increase.

Mekhi river level has reached 9.5 meters, but is forecast meteorologists to Friday morning it will be 10.3 meters. River depth Vinghem early on Thursday reached a mark of 8.9 meters, and the Manilla River has reached 5.7 meters.

"For two days in the region fell to about 160 millimeters of rain, but more needs to fall today. Unfortunately, projections suggest that this flood will be stronger than that which destroyed the region in 1970, "- said the representative of the local authorities to journalists Kevin Humphreys (Kevin Humphries).

Residents of areas where flooding is expected, warned to prepare for evacuation. Thus, rescuers remind Australians that, leaving the house, they need to bring the necessary medications, identification documents, and memorabilia heart things. Before evacuation, residents should take care of pets and livestock, and disconnect the house.

RIA Novosti

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