Motives falsification Veles book

According to legend, the now defunct, a thousand years ago, wise men hid the book with the true knowledge, which is still preserved, and no one is found, and if it is found, then the world will change. "Veles book" just pretend to be one of those books.

Of course, "Vlesova book", this Mirolyubovo and modern "Veles book" created Busom Kresen — various works written on the same topic. Bus Kresen misled us, declaring himself reconstructor and not the author of this new book. This was necessary for commercial success and popularity of the book, which has undergone a number of publications.

For Busom Kresen are all copyrights, but if he had declared himself the author, read it no one would. Truth, which states that no prophets among his contemporaries — works, and is a heavy pressure for real artists and for the upstarts. It is well known that our modern pagans achievements do not recognize each other, because everyone thinks that he knows the truth. Maybe it is not ethical to accept, but this is not surprising. This is due passionarnym explosion in interest in our ancient culture.

Let us return to the analysis of Busa Kresen. Declaring himself reconstructor, Booth walked popular rejection of "upstart" sensational material. At the same time, without a doubt, he successfully used the spirit, ideas and nature of the material of the book Mirolyubova. Today, he is the most popular man in the pagan movement, although the sign of the popularity often negative.

Unfortunately, Booth could not stand the test of fame. In his original work "Starry Christmas Carols book," Booth puts your picture next to the image of the deity. He stands in a priestly garb, with his staff, which means having the power of God and handed us a beggar bowl that reflects the reality — Paganism poor and rests only on his spirit.

Interpretation helps Booth made a statement in the next edition of his "Book of Veles" in 1997, where he wrote that all previously published translations considered outdated and not canonical. The proposed transfer is a canonical!

The term "canonical" is used by researchers to identify the most complete text if it has several options. The authors of these words of his writings do not speak. Therefore, we are dealing not just with the term, and with reference to the particular quality of the translation.

Do I have to understand that this translation (paraphrase) Mirolyubova book perfect? At least we know that the work is completed and Booth close to the gods, as told to us. And it's important to know, because he was an interpreter, and was a prophet! Hardly one of our co-religionists will achieve even the slightest recognition, whether the person is indeed a prophet. Because if Booth would not declare himself the creator of the canon, no one would recognize him as such have guessed. Now we have a canonical book!

Trade secret Booth maintained until such time as the reader does not ask very simple questions: Why is the translation "Veles book" of different years given text different in scope and content? Why not transfer data as it is commonly done: on one side of the actual text of Mirolyubova, on the other — translation?

These questions will be the easiest answer, if we recognize that the so-called transfer Kresen Busa has his work really began with texts Mirolyubova, but departed from them so far that any "transfer" is not out of the question.

In fact this work is not nothing wrong. This is called a continuation of the tradition. But if Booth Kresen for the second version of his "Book of Veles" would declare it, would have lost his admirers.

3. Busa daring approach to the issue of translation, inevitably leads to the conclusion that the very original "Veles Book" was created YP Mirolyubovo in the twentieth century, and the boards Izenbeka never existed. Most likely did not exist and he Izenbek.

Justify this opinion. Linguists and forensic arguments not use it, because most people do not understand. These professionals consider "Veles book" fake, and do not want to argue about it, not because they are enemies of the Russian people, but because they consider the topic closed.

The main argument in favor of the authenticity of the book is the opinion formulated by its first researcher Sergey Forest in their work, "Veles book — pagan chronicles doolegovskoy Russia", Winnipeg, 1966.

Forest found the text "Veles book," given to it Mirolyubova, genuine. As an honest researcher, he led all the arguments for and against the authenticity of the book. The main argument for "authenticity" was the absence of the Forest response to the question, what it took to create such a huge amount of fake material, for the most part is not clear? Invent for this special language, painting technique to create a tree, write with a dash as in Sanskrit? Why was it necessary to create a mythology and ancient history of an entire people? And that's assuming that fake text can easily be proved!

It turned out that the "Veles book" speaks for itself. No reason to create a fake this scale S. Forest found and no explanation on this matter has not yet been done.

We give these explanations. Indeed, the scale of fraud hardly compatible with the human psyche, if we assume that over the "Book of Veles" worked forger. So, the book is really written by the wise men or a sorcerer, but not necessarily in the ninth century. It is quite clear to us today, when modern magicians create their works. Then, in the early and mid-twentieth century, the world was more rational, and this idea could not be born in the mind of the investigator.

4. It is natural to think that this was a sorcerer and YP Peacefulness. As S. Forest, and other researchers' Veles book, "he introduced himself to a journalist, whose role in the fate of the book is small.

Consider a reason, an excuse by which Mirolyubov suddenly encounters a plank. It turns Mirolyubov sought materials for historical and literary work of our Prince Svyatoslav. It is curious that such a work is not among the works Mirolyubova. Moreover, it generally fell to the very nature of his epistolary heritage. This literary genre was peculiar Miroliubov, but it was typical of his age. Therefore it is the desire of the writer at first glance there is no doubt. Mirolyubov tells us that finding the plates, as if he just rewrote the book with them to the paper, and all. On his sympathy and deep knowledge of Russian paganism, about knowledge of Sanskrit, he did not tell them. We draw attention to the fact that Booth was long Kresen us an image of only the translator of the book! In fact, he claims to be the place ideologue psevdoyazycheskoy religion, which we shall discuss.

Mirolyubov was the largest figure among the enthusiastic emigrants paganism. And he, in fact, turned out to be a magician, and the first in the line whose duties include maintaining the faith. The fact that in doing so he went to church — absolutely nothing. So the spirit, on which he worked all his life. The question is, what is the probability that he, first Volkhov chances on boards? Then emigrated from Russia about ten million people. Means the probability of the event about one ten. The event seems impossible.

So, most likely, the real fraud Mirolyubova is not the book itself, and the assertion that there was Ali Izenbek who kept the wooden boards with the text book. According to the book S.Lesnogo, Izenbek could not say exactly when and where he found them. The assertion that the tablets were found in the estate of Zadonsk, just a hypothesis. These boards have seen a Izenbeka only peace. Only one person — only the first Volkhov.

This coincidence is not possible without the intervention of the powers. In this timely issue a limited edition copy of the boards, or in some other way to inform the public about them, take a picture of yourself, or just normal count them — Mirolyubov actually wanted. All of this was easy to do for fifteen years. During this time, he could not help but wonder about the fate of plates, that he did not believe it, if plaques disappear! Moreover, he explains his hard work over the planks was a premonition that they will die.

Save the photos to one of the boards do not show the edge of plates and a recognized expert shots with paper. Immediately after the death Izenbeka ischezlayut boards. Where he lived in Paris, where he is buried and Izenbek — is anyone's guess. Mirolyubov had to know both, but did not say anything to us.

Thus, from the boards nothing remains but hard copies made from them. It remains to think Mirolyubov seen fit to mislead us. Why did he do that?

As mentioned, the thing is that he was a pagan Mirolyubov. This is evidenced by his literary work of which should in fact be that the task was to restore Mirolyubova pagan religion in Russia. It was an important task. In the Civil War, he was forced to emigrate. What could he do? He was taken away from home, and in the Soviet Union, the Gentiles was not taken seriously neither the government nor the vast majority of people. Mirolyubov realized that is one of the last witnesses of paganism Russian peasants of the early twentieth century. The horror of what the ancient Russian culture irrevocably lost, making it work. For fifteen years, he creates a "Book of Veles" to a discussion of its authenticity to attract the attention of Russian culture to paganism. Mirolyubov puts on a life, and do it!

5. Analyze Mirolyubova pagan ideas in his book "The Rig-Veda and paganism", written after the job is the "Veles book" was over. This book Mirolyubov argues that until the Soviet era in Russia by some wise men in its entirety remained pagan magical knowledge. Unfortunately, this is not confirmed by the works of the great mass of professionals who are at the turn of the century, "go to the people" burn plots, fairy tales and folk tales. Forwarding statistics show that this is one of impossible events.

Mirolyubov says that repeatedly faced with the Magi. Here, for example, said that his grandfather on a farm north of Ekaterinoslav: "In ancient times people knew literacy! Another read, than it is now, and wrote her hooks were the devil gods, and under it hooks molded, and read it knew. "

In those lands, according to the same Mirolyubova, a few years (mythological) Izenbek find boards with "Veles book." Strange coincidence. All the more strange, since he Mirolyubov notes that his grandfather was talking about hanging letter, but about the "Book of Veles", with the same letter does not mention if he had not worked with her. Letter is no other Slavonic text was found. There would be the opposite — it is necessary to the utmost to shout about the unique coincidence of the data!

Another meeting. During the Civil War, my grandfather was dying pagan and said "broken gold chain, and more of the chain will not be!" By thinking of his grandfather, the first days of the world up to the present has been established chain of pagan tradition that the "mental" people passed from one to another . Grandfather was dying and crying because he found who transfer their knowledge. Mirolyubov writes that this was a witness.

Mental people after these revelations easily Mirolyubova will complete action, which he did not write for modesty. Specifically, he could not swear to his grandfather that will forge a gold chain. This secret oath Mirolyubov remained loyal for life. And in this he may be jealous.

In the peasant community, which allegedly watched Mirolubov, were a great many members of the priestly caste. Nobody for witches and wizards did not count. All of them are not only able volhovat, but also knew the names of the gods and to explain the meaning of their ritual celebrations.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to believe. Remains simply that Mirolyubov us consciously deceiving — makes it clear that describes all these obvious fantasy as a witness.

Among the gods of the books "of the Rig-Veda and paganism" and "Book of Veles" can establish a correspondence. So, Lada — Firebird matricheskoy goddess associated with bird Swa, Velez — star god like Agni. Three Days of Green Christmas time is celebrated in the honor of a Horsa, Yarila and grant-god. This can be easily seen cult Triglav Veles book. The name of the holiday — Trinity has a Mirolyubova pagan sense. There are books in general terms: Nav and reality. Co-administration of these concepts belong Miroliubov. All these data are listed in the book "Rig-Veda and paganism", it turns out, were known to him from the people, before his meeting with the "Veles book."

6. We now turn to the other side of the ancient literary and cultural monuments, to which the "Veles Book" is a contradiction in terms. For example, in all the songs, "Elder Edda", the gods are likened to people, even sometimes make weird things, but it is the people! Besides the magic, no separating them from the ordinary people of the halo is not detected. There is no such halo, and the heroes of Kalevala. It is also impossible to understand — of whom, in fact, the song is: a simple farmer, the hero of the shaman or a deity? They all have simple human needs.

This means that the ancient Scandinavian god and people were like almost on the same level, and any Viking could say as a deity: "you." The same could not act and representative Finno-Ugric peoples. And the songs of the South Slavs we find a natural descent of the gods to the human level, when people find it natural to argue with the gods, and the gods for that they do not execute them. The same is found in the Russian fairy tales and epics. In keeping with this tradition, and Ostrovsky wrote his "Snow White", where the gods live naturally in humans and are subject to the same laws.

We must understand that this is a general property of the European nations — to put the gods to the people as if in an equal relationship. Only one monument — in the "book of Veles" We feel a great distance between the gods and their descendants — Rusichi.

Historical tradition of all nations without exception said that the distance between the gods and men out when the state is composed, and the gods are in a relationship with religious institutions, not just with the people directly, without intermediaries institution.

The way in which "grow" the gods, easily seen in the case of the Vedic hymns, where Indra is infinitely large, then suddenly become companions of drinking soma. This is evident in Greek mythology, where people persistently want to match or surpass anything the gods, the beauty, the skill, but the gods every time asserting their superiority as a human injustice, which should be considered in the divine justice (social) level.

Judging by the very fact of the existence of such myths, the priesthood is required to recognize the injustice of supreme justice, given that God is infinitely greater than man, and put yourself to it on an equal footing — in advance criminal. It is important to note that the era when the ancient society began to "drop" of the gods to the level of the individual — the emperor, coincides with the period of crisis the ancient religion. In other words, reverse religious thinking leads to the disintegration of the religious institution.

The distance between the gods and men in the "book of Veles" tacitly assumes that it was the great state of Rus, which fell apart, and makes him feel the agony of the people of decay and disappearance from the scene.

In this drama, media high Proto spiritually degrading and concede its historic place alien primitive savagery with fresh blood. Such is the leitmotif of "Veles book." Finally, this process of memory decay on the ancient grandeur Russes interrupts Christianity.

Thus, "Veles book" is not possible without the great and ancient Proto-Russian civilization. Today, this civilization has not indicated any data except for linguistic research Grinevitch and arbitrarily interpreted by some archaeological materials. If it really was, then we, the Russian, a decline of more than a thousand of the greatest era of decline and the greatest loss of his memory and culture, from which there was only our language. Here again it is not clear: we are the genetic descendants of the ancient Rus heirs or only language and elements of religion?

Many flattering opportunity to be a direct descendant of prehistoric civilization. But if you leave the ambitions and build theories about their own greatness, it comes clear. Specifically, all of the above considerations the simple conclusion that Mirolyubov belonged to people prone to hoaxes and aggravating yourself questions the scientific validity of their ideas.

Knowing this, and getting a grasp in the text "Veles book" presented S.Lesnym becomes visible Mirolyubova nostalgic love for his native land, and patriotism with features specific to the Civil War, the pyramid structure doctrine, built by analogy with Christianity, rationality and the amazing people in the division of the world and the spirit world, peculiar to our times.

Ancient chronicles, epics and stories say that it was the opposite: Our ancient heroes defend their local interests, and in the neighboring Russian lands went ushkuynichat. Worship different gods, but not bright Triglav, which was not. A three-headed serpent, and God in Schetsinge, who gave the black knight. Ancient heroes have always been on the verge of the world of men and spirits — were the wise men, shamans, and possessed of Herculean strength.

Mirolyubov probably decided that it's all too discrepancy stencils in that right now we work as "Veles book." The last thing he wanted her to be likened to a fairy tale.

Be that as it may, he completed his task — stirred the consciousness of the Soviet intelligentsia, threw him in the grain, which now sprout. These grains are the elements of an ancient culture, but also fraud.

Curiously, Castaneda, in his "The Teachings of Don Juan" is also noted that the modern nerd can not teach art to see (the spirits) without cheating.

Without a doubt, "Veles book" Mirolyubova — great book. But she has a limited place in our culture, and shaky build pagan doctrine, recognizing the creation of the ninth century, in other words to make her the undisputed authority.

7. The story of the "book of Veles" is repeated. Since announcing in the nineties, in Omsk, a chapter of the Old Believers, Ynglings, in his book "Santee Perun Veda", in 1999 wrote that in their original Santee are dozens of plates of precious metal, on both sides of which are coated with a letter hanging letters like runes.

From the book Ynglings can see that at each reversal plate 36 lines, each line 16 runes. So Ynglings owned Santee, sostoyashimi of dozens of plates height of about 30 cm, a width of 10 and a thickness of one millimeter. Recorded at their ancient Slavic-Aryan tradition. It approximately fifty thousand characters. This document is saved to as priests, keepers of Ancient Ingliisticheskoy Church Orthodox Old Believers Ynglings.

Unfortunately not informed at least approximate date of creation of the text or the age of the plates, but to think that Santee centuries. They Perun gives people instructions how to live righteously.

In his religious spirit and style of the text Santee noticeably repetitive text Busa Kresen, indicating a secret lineage. By the nature of thinking, terminology and applying truths — the text matches the human psychology of our time.

Historical Ynglings, known as the Swedish kings dynasty early Middle Ages. Our Omsk Ynglings consider the "Saga of Ynglings" as the story of their ancestors. Accordingly, they complement Slavic pantheon Scandinavian gods. Also called themselves Orthodox, but in any case not the Gentiles.

Here is another example. In spring 1997, Russian Sergei Shoshnikov Gentile, in a private conversation on the topic of "Book of Veles", said in Moscow, Lenin Library, kept a huge text written features and cuts, similar in nature to what is given us peace.

I knew Shoshnikov access the library does not have, has this message for his whim and did not support the conversation on this topic.

On December, 1998, another famous pagan Dmitry Baranov at a seminar at the Institute of Archaeology also mentioned that the "Leninke" store text "Perunitsy", written features and cuts, but he was recently kidnapped. Saw there the text and worked with him for Alex Purtov. What exactly was written or cut the text — attention not pointed.

We must understand that Shoshnikov and Baranov said about a text. Its content they said nothing. But in 2000, from a third party, we learned that Shoshnikov Rams and worship gods Gad, Kathu and goddess Suko, and Slavic gods they believe one hundred forty-six. Maybe for them it is said in the text?

Thus, Purtov a year to work with a unique manuscript of original content. Knowing the fate of Veles book, he could not re-write "Perunitsu" by hand. A copy of such documents by the rules of the library level, he could not.

In that time I have met repeatedly with Purtova in "Leninke," but he knew my circle of interests, not acquainted me with the "Perunitsey" did not witness its existence. Of course, this can be found many explanations, but it turns out that the fame of the "Perunitse" put the people who did not have access to the library.

It can be expected that in a few years we will book — "Perunitsu." The legend is eternal

"Veles book" — download

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