Murmansk region for the first time among the ten regions of ecological rating

Murmansk and Chuvashia spring 2012 first hit the top ten most pristine regions of the country, at the same time the list of the most polluted regions has not changed, the report said the rating organization "Green Patrol".

Environmental rating of "Green Patrol" was first introduced in April 2008, RIA Novosti reported. Rating evaluates Russian regions and 15 criteria, bringing total figures for the three main areas — the exosphere, the technosphere and Society, which later is going to overall rating. Each region is assigned a value from 0 to 100 points, then all subjects are ranked according to the places from 1 to 83. Ratings are compiled separately for each season, and for the year — goes summary rating.

"Spring environmental rating of subjects of the Russian Federation in 2012, heads the Tambov region, which increased the lead over their closest pursuers — Belgorod region and Chukotka. For the first time in the top ten included Murmansk region — northern industrial region of Russia and the representative of the Volga — the Chuvash Republic. His place of honor lost Republic Buryatia and the Magadan region, "- said in a statement.

As the "Green Patrol", most of the spring was added to the rating: Murmansk Region (plus 12 lines), the Republic of Karelia (plus 15 lines), the Republic of Bashkortostan (plus 19 lines), Vologda (plus 19 lines) and Novgorod region (plus 17 lines). The main reason for the increase are the traditional Saturdays, measures to clean-up, landscaping, planting of seedlings of shrubs and trees.

As indicated by the rating, the strongest of all downgraded Tatarstan (minus 14 lines), the Volgograd region (minus 14 lines), Astrakhan (minus 28 lines), Nenets Autonomous Okrug (minus 29 lines) of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District (minus 14 lines) .

"The main causes of environmental degradation in the spring are the man-made disaster, natural fires, floods, worsening epidemiological situation" — note the "green".

For example, as explained in the report, rating the Nenets Autonomous District has suffered because of the April accident Tebsa field name of "Bashneft", during which, according to oil workers on the ground spilled about 600 cubic meters of oil.

Meanwhile, dozens of the most polluted regions of the Russian Federation has not changed. Continue to close the ranking Tula, Chelyabinsk, Moscow, Sverdlovsk region.

According to the Chairman of the Board of the "Green Patrol" Andrew Nagibina, which is contained in the message, Moscow lost in the spring one position in the ranking for the first time moved to the last place due to a succession of speeches people against the authorities, who, in the opinion of the population, damage the environment .

"The latest scandal in Shchelkovo suburbs associated with readiness residents block roads due to illegal sand mining and non-immediate response by the authorities showed that the period of anarchy in the Moscow region continued throughout the spring of 2012," — said Andrei Nagibin, whose words are message.

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