Mysteries of Nazca desert

Due to aviation in XX century were discovered accidentally deposited on the surface of the earth mysterious drawings enormous. The best-known today are drawings in the desert Nazca (Peru). The mystery of the drawings is misunderstanding the purpose, in the dark of the people who created them, as well as the method of application to the surface. These figures can only be seen from a plane or a high altitude.

Sandy plain of Nazca is 60 km long, 400 km south of the Peruvian capital of Lima. In these places, the land for years without seeing moisture. Rare drops of rain falling on a hot rocky surface, immediately evaporate. This lifeless space is ideal for devices graves here, ensuring immortality. Tombs were held in dry rock formations on which were deposited on top of the ritual patterns. Here on the site occupied by figures, scientists and amateur archaeologists discovered more than 200 000 ceramic vessels. It is possible that a hollow vessel, buried here at the surface, was double that of the vessel, which was laid in the tomb of the deceased, and served as the "seat of the soul."

Ceramic vessels had different patterns and stylized pictorial image, and on one of the vessels was even Asiatic black penguin. Large areas of ancient mummified tombs in the pyramids, hills and other structures much, but with picturesque images found until three. This — Nazca, west of Lake Titicaca and at the source of the Apurimac River. Last areas are less clear, as they are in mountainous areas, which were the major religious centers of antiquity. Their study can provide new and interesting finds.

Official science believes that these symbols appear one of the pre-Inca Indian cultures period "Nazca" that existed in the south of Peru 1100-1700 years ago. Here on the plateau there is a network of shallow water flooding of underground tunnels, and a network of deep moves, which are under the pictures to the tombs. It is known that in ancient times, on all continents for tombs tombstones arranged in the shape of pyramids, ziggurats, mounds, chapels, mazes and more. Sometimes used the temple, burying people in them or near them. Subtle labyrinthine drawings virtually destroyed by earthquakes and invaders. It can be assumed that the more important person was in the tomb, the larger must be the picture and the total length of the lines. Selection of the picture, probably due to the additional name — a nickname, which is worn in life, even modern Indian chief. Besides the name, these people bear the feathers, skin and teeth of animals and the like.

Given that the large pyramids and other places of worship is usually accompanied by a system of underground tunnels, one can assume that the system of underground tunnels and should be in the picture of the desert

Nazca desert area with pictures and underground passages (by Koltsov IE) Nazca. Existing research provide an opportunity for a quick entry into the system underground, as it is known in these parts other — underground irrigation system of tunnels, passages, which somehow write a little.
Deep tombs and tunnels had entrances, freight and air wells. Typically, in such underground systems were underground temples. This temple should be inside the nearby mountain, which can store the ancient written materials and answers to many questions, including the creation of the mysterious figures. The underground system moves with various tombs, temples and other voids — a kind of museum-city (city of the dead), it stores the knowledge, culture and spirit of the past.

Nazca drawings researcher — Maria Reiche says that the creators first drawings made small sketches, and then play them in the right large sizes. As proof of Maria Reiche shows small thumbnails found it in the area. In addition, the ends of the lines that form patterns were found wooden piles driven into the ground, playing the role of the coordinate points of the substrate pattern. Found that the piles are VI century AD. To this period belong the remains of settlements and Nazca, found near the mysterious drawings. For today's professionals — architects, designers, aviatsionschikov, Markers and other professionals — it is not difficult to put on the earth's surface images of large size with a small drawing of the sketch. For this, they also would have required the coordinate points using piles. Such a piece of work they are doing professionally, every day, with millimeter precision.

It is well known that large mysterious drawings on the ground are also available in the U.S. (Ohio), in England, the Ustyurt (Kazakhstan), the Southern Urals, Altai, in Africa (south of Lake Victoria), in Ethiopia and in many other places. It turns out that in ancient times, the application of large drawings on the earth's surface was practiced in many parts of the world. The type and form of drawings were everywhere different.

Drawings are not intended for public viewing. Invisible from the ground provides safety signs tombs from plunder. Surely the priests had a plan for small sheets with pictures of all the places and dungeons in which the priests could determine the location of underground engineering and places of worship, place of entrance to the dungeon. See pictures and signs Nazca desert you can in our time with the nearby mountain at certain times of the year and the hour. Ancient people came here at a certain time as well as our contemporaries go to the cemetery to their deceased loved ones, to talk to their soul and the spirits of ancestors.

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