Mysterious and romantic Tallinn — top European travel

A trip to Europe — is a fascinating journey, full of unforgettable experiences and fun adventures. And it all begins with an entertaining tour of Tallinn. This city is unfairly overlooked by tourists, and in fact there is a huge number of attractions that are on its historical significance are not inferior facilities in many European capitals. Tallinn — a city with a rich history, full of mysterious and romantic legends. Every street of the Estonian capital fanned charm of antiquity.

This city is a museum where artefacts of different historical eras. Neat Old Town streets beckon his thoughtful mind. It reflected the nineteenth century Russia. Neat hotel is always ready to welcome guests. The cost of living in local hotels is approximately the same as the price of hostels in Hamburg, but the conditions in Tallinn hotel real European quality. The Estonian capital is good at any time of year, but especially charming summer.

Tallinn's unique image. You will remember these narrow streets, which are paved with stone, colorful rooftops with classical European architecture and, of course, the attractions of Tallinn. Old Town is the main place for which come to the Estonian capital.

Getting ready for a trip to Europe, tourists want to find out first of all the issues with accommodation. This convenient service as booking hotels in Cologne and other cities, can solve this problem in no time, or rather, in two mouse computer mouse. Book a hotel through the Internet and in Tallinn.

Let's go back to the Old Town. By the way, many of the buildings in this historic part of Tallinn were rebuilt under the hotel, some of whom are fashionable. But most tourists chose standard hotel — the main thing that they are located in the Old City.

What is so remarkable that part of Tallinn? The locals have an interesting legend which states that at the time, Peter the Great, when he saw Tallinn, said that if I had saw this beautiful city, and would not think about the construction of St. Petersburg. Having been in the Old Town, you can see that this legend is the truth. Stroll through the Old Town Square, admiring the "bulbs" Alexander Nevski Cathedral, seeing the "Sea Gate", you'll love forever charming and romantic Tallinn.

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