Mysterious Australia: Who portrayed the petroglyphs?

Australia for many of our fellow citizens is very exotic country.

Immediately after you arrive in the Green Continent, you will encounter mnogichislennymi manifestations, shall we say, a somewhat different nature. When in Russia winter in Australia reigns summer. Even the water in the tub is drained in the opposite direction of our ideas, which shows a different geographical location — Southern Hemisphere.

However, if this, if I may say, puzzles many familiar from textbooks of geography and physics, the mysteries of the history of the continent's many Russians clearly do not know. One of the major Australian historical secrets are called petroglyphs. The word "petroglyph" is based on a combination of the two roots, one of which is translated as "rock", and the second — "thread". In other words, the petroglyphs — are the rock paintings of the peoples who inhabited the ancient Green continent.

Most often, the Australian petroglyphs depict warriors and hunters. And the usual rock art, for example, in North America, they differ in that made ocher. Besides a number of figures of hunters and warriors, you can find strange images of people who wear clothes, clearly similar to the one worn by Australian aborigines. Moreover, even these people profiles markedly different from the profiles themselves natives. These people are portrayed with sloping forehead, a straight nose, which was longer and straighter than the local residents themselves. Such a strange discovery in the form of difficult to explain petroglyphs were discovered by Europeans in 1837. Cave painting of a strange character in the West Australia found an English traveler George Gray, who became the first and puzzle over who is portrayed Australians in the past.

Main mystery was the fact that if the Australian Aborigines portrayed people from other continents (for example, the Europeans), how could they know about them? For a long time it was thought that the Green continent was isolated from the rest of the world: the water surface of the oceans in large numbers began to be overcome in the Age (kolumbovskih) Discovery.

So far there is no clear explanation as to whom portrayed Australian natives thousands of years ago. One explanation: the petroglyphs depict the northern hemisphere, which once were still able to get to Australia. However, this theory has not yet found clear evidence.

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