Mystery of the Great Sphinx

Giant statue of a mysterious beast guarding the secret of the elixir of immortality. The alchemists of the Middle Ages literally prayed to Hermes Trismegistus (Hermes thrice greatest). According to legend, it was the founder of the esoteric knowledge, the owner of the secrets of the production of the "philosopher's stone" through which any metal can be turned into gold. Served as the "Sorcerer's Stone" and the basis for the elixir of immortality.

On the identity of the Trismegistus is little known. It seems that he was the son of the Egyptian god called one and built on the banks of the Nile the first pyramid. This gives hope that the recipe for the elixir of immortality is still kept there — and close to the pyramids at Giza. And if you specifically — in the depths of the Great Sphinx statue.

The enigmatic Sphinx, frozen at the foot of the pyramids, was in their shadow in the literal and figurative sense. Although it is one of the greatest sculptures of all time (the height of 20 meters, the length of 57 meters), it lost the greatness of the tombs of the Pharaohs. Maybe that's why the researchers have always perceived a strange statue, as a secondary, co ancient tombs. However, there is every reason to believe that the Sphinx keeps a huge treasure.

Today Sphinx sick. Time and people did not spare him. Especially people have tried. One of the rulers of Egypt ordered discourage nose at the stone statues. In the early eighteenth century, the other face of the tyrant fired sculptures of guns. Napoleon's soldiers fired into the eyes of the Sphinx guns. English lords fought off a giant stone beard and taken to the British Museum …

Today penetrates into the pores of the statue and the acrid smoke Cairo Helwan plants. Corrode stones exhaust automobile engines. In the summer night in 1988 broke away from the Sphinx's neck and clattered down the big stone piece — when he weighed, terrified — he pulled 350 pounds. After that sounded the alarm Egyptian scientists and the government, UNESCO experts worried. Near the monument established a camp with a variety of laboratory analyzers and powerful computers. To the unique consultation brought together specialists from Egypt, Germany, USA, Japan and France. Started to work with, the ultrasonic transducers scanned head injury. Inside the dangerous cracks appeared. Opinion of the experts was as follows: for the twentieth century Sphinx was damaged more than in the previous 4,000 years. For salvation sculptures need hundreds of millions of dollars.

Having thus concluded, members of the council of physicians left. Get the money and could not. Egyptians began to restore the statue in the home. Large cracks repaired, reinforced pedestal, found and put in place fallen off the fragments. From the British demanded the immediate return of the beard and put it in place to reinforce the 900-ton head of the Sphinx. The alarm status and start repairing ancient sculpture prompted renewed interest in science to the riddle of the Sphinx. The most interesting study conducted by Japanese scientists. Tokyo archaeologists led by Prof. S. Ioshimura enlightened sonar sphinx statue and its surroundings. And they came to the conclusion — the ancient stone sculpture blocks of the pyramids. Reservation, experts did not mean geological age of the rock, of which the "lion with a human face", and the age of the sculpture, that is, the processing of stone.

Tokyo researchers then issues another sensation: electronic apparatus shown under the left paw of the stone statues narrow tunnel leading to the side of the pyramid of Khafre. It begins at a depth of two meters and goes down the pan. Continue to follow it until it was impossible, but the professor Ioshimura promised to create a new device, specifically for the study of the underground passage.

After a while the pedestal stone lion settled team of hydrologists. And the new sensation: the base of the statue showed signs of erosion of the large flow of water. Once this report was published in the Washington Journal on the nature of the new methods of research, the press reported, though before Neil was wider and flowed around the rock from which carved the Sphinx. But hydrologists argue, "there is likely no traces of the Nile, as the mighty stream of water going from north to south, and … biblical flood!" After analysis and consultation with geophysicists was called, and the probable date of the event — 8,000 years before Christ.

English by repeating the analysis, pushed that date to 12,000 years back centuries, and noted that the next fall and water erosion on the treated part of the rock upon which the Sphinx. So he stood there before the flood?

French archaeologists noticed: dating of the Egyptian flood coincides with the date of death of the legendary Atlantis by Plato …

And so, the mystery of the origin of the Sphinx dates back to antediluvian history. What do we know about those times? Practically nothing. And the myths and legends which have survived to this day, leaving plenty of room for imagination. But with a high degree of reliability can be assumed that in the mists of time have existed on Earth a highly developed civilization. And its representatives, of course, could have foreseen the impending catastrophe and try to keep their knowledge to future generations.

From this point of view, curious legend of the "outer" origin of the ancient Egyptian state, which appeared as though suddenly and was originally on the level of civilization is much higher than all the surrounding peoples of the Nile Valley. According to these legends in the Nile Valley to the gods arrived fireball. The king of the gods Thoth was named "leader ship of the Sun." This is stated in the knock-on stone hieroglyphic texts that have survived without damage to the present. These gods, and there were nine, began to teach the basics of Aboriginal medicine, agriculture, mathematics and astronomy. Tradition says that they built a great city with tall buildings in the center of the lighthouse, a special facility for the measurement of Nile floods, painted on the wall of the temple a new calendar … All this is, frankly, a little similar to that of the gods, but rather so obscured missionaries themselves, trapped by fate in the wild land. The controversy and generated a lot of hypotheses, that the gods of the pantheon of Egypt — or aliens from outer space, or the survivors of the flood representatives of Atlantis.

They brought with them the amazing knowledge — Egyptian priests quickly mastered astronomy, and could calculate the day and minute of the upcoming solar eclipse. Archaeologists have discovered the modern analogues of galvanic batteries. It seems that the gods had the knowledge and electricity. Rose to a high level medicine — have recorded a conversation with Memfiyskim priest who claimed that at the time of Thoth (also known as the god of longevity, and the lord of life), people did not know the burden of disease and old age.

Centuries passed, the knowledge brought by the gods were forgotten. If the ancient Egyptians knew that the earth is round and revolves around the sun, their descendants have believed it flat as a pancake, and the sun is perceived as a gold disc, pinned to crystal firmament of heaven. Were lost secrets of unique bronze and nickel alloys, which produced the ancients. Forgotten, and the recipe for "elixir of immortality", who knew the god Thoth and his son Hermes Trismegistus. This legendary figure, by the way …

Were the gods missionaries anticipate that people will not be able to maintain presented them with the knowledge and skills? Most likely yes. So they had to make sure that anything survived, insure, make hiding somewhere with a "reference books" and textbooks. And if the figure is actually stored Sphinx since antediluvian times, the best place for hiding is really hard to imagine.

An ancient proverb says: "When the Sphinx speak, life on Earth will come down from the usual circle." Perhaps this is an allusion to the treasury of knowledge that can really drastically change her life found her people. But maybe, just that the knowledge is for us no more than historical value, that our civilization has already gone the way of Atlantis again, and even far ahead of them. There are, however, and one option that is not in the belly of the Sphinx, nothing but cold stone. Where is the truth? Sphinx while silent.

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