Mystical secrets of skulls

Bolivia has one of the most amazing and scary at the same time a holiday called Da de los Muertos — Day of the Dead, when, according to legend, the souls of the dead returned to earth.

Necrotizing contact

In addition to the traditional visit cemeteries and placing gifts on the graves of loved ones, the local people in this day removed from being removed from the shelves and drawers skull someone from the family that are "guards" of the house from evil spirits and misfortunes, put them in front of the house and is decorated with beads , flowers, coca leaves and cigarettes.

Uninitiated people may seem macabre ceremony. But not the Bolivians, who, in addition to decorating skulls, and even in a solemn ceremony to thank them for their protection, and to ask for help in the future.

In fact … that the human skull has a supernatural power, people have long believed, sincerely believing that therein lies the soul of man. Bounty hunters kept skulls of their enemies as trophies. Scandinavian warriors drank from them, believing that in this way it becomes a bold spirit of their opponents. The ancient Celts even skulls adorned his shrine. Played (and still play) human skull important role in witchcraft and black magic.

Suffering severe headaches "treated" in the past, will drive the nails into the skull of a dead man. If that does not help, dried and ground moss growing on the skull, and then used it as snuff.

Epileptics healers were added to a small amount of food pounded cranial bones or allowed to drink from the skull of the suicide.

In the magical power of a human skull, witches and rural doctors unconditionally believed, because he was considered the abode of the soul is more likely than the rest of the bone. In some countries the oath, delivered the skull, even considered a more indestructible than the Bible, and especially when it came to justifying accused of any crime man. Lie in such circumstances — meant incurring the sudden death, or some other horrible consequences.

Ancient conquerors were made from the skulls of their slain enemies beautiful cups, apparently believing that by doing so, and drinking their blood, they appropriated to themselves the courage, skill and strength of the dead.

Paranormal researchers have discovered a curious phenomenon, called "necrotizing contact." According to them, by the energy being a dead person, and the things belonging to him, there is information communication. For being in the small world of the soul, these things are antennas, repeaters its wave radiation. Especially as there is such a strong connection with the bones of the dead, in particular, with skulls.

There are many stories about mysterious human skull. Although they are physically and are not related to the bodies, however, in some cases, are "tied" to the homes in which they want to continue their spiritual existence.

When such skulls new owners are trying to remove from the house, they start to protest, expressing their displeasure in the form of people who are ghosts, poltergeists or other not amenable to scientific explanation of phenomena.

All these cases share a common desire that the dying often expresses on his deathbed — to be buried at least "in part" within the walls of his home, because otherwise the spirit of the deceased will not find peace.

Dickie does not like to joke!

Famous British parapsychologists John and Anne Spencer have made a number of similar stories. In Derbyshire, for example, is the so-called farm Tanstid — country house, in which, according to legend, was once killed Ned Dixon, an ancestor of the owners of the farm, his body to be buried in the cemetery, and the skull to leave the house.

Since then, the skull, called Dickie, "live" on the farm and, in particular, protects it from unwanted visitors. So, if someone is in someone else's, Dickie warns owners strongest knock at the wall, any action is effective watchdog.

"Alarms", made Dickey, from time to time cause some discomfort, especially when there is a need for seasonal workers. Once two workers, farm owners are placed overnight in outhouses, was soon asked to account, because they could not sleep at night because of the terrible sounds were handing around.

Three other workers who were trying to sleep after a hard day's work, constantly waking up because of the noise and heavy footsteps above them — in the loft, but just knew that there was nobody there!

Dickey also has the ability to "self-defense". Once, when a poltergeist in the house especially raged, owner of the farm found the skull stolen!

The police were initially reluctant to pursue his quest, but when and in their homes lived poltergeist, quickly took up the search and quickly went on the trail of the thief — amateur artifacts from Cheshire.

Anyone seeing the guards, did not shut and happily returned hated skull that its "bells and whistles" was almost brought him to his grave.

Once one of servant, considering Dickey devil incarnate, threw it into the pond, but soon regretted it greatly, because in the water, suddenly, all the fish died, and then the water out of it quickly began to fade, as if he really found a hole in the underworld.

The skull had been told to urgently find, and when he was finally found on the muddy bottom and back home, a pond, as if by magic, shallow stopped.

Another time, during the overhaul farm when her owners for weeks moved in with relatives, Skull Dickie without respect one of the builders tossed into the trash heap. Immediately after this, the workers began to fall from the hands of all, did not work, no work, chased them around the strange and depressing sounds emanating as they established over time, from a pile of rubbish!

Check with the servants of the history of the mystical skull, they immediately returned it to its place in the house, then again normally able to do business and have found peace of mind.

Another noisy and screaming skull belonged in life Theophilus Broome, associated with the farm in Chilto Cantel in North Yorkshire.

Broome during the English Revolution and the Civil War was a royalist party, but then moved to the other side, shaken inhumane actions of the royal soldiers beheaded rebels and stick them on pikes as trophies.

On his death bed, just in case Broom asked his sister about to be separated after the death of the head from the body and left the house, so that even if he faces the exhumation, the Cavaliers could not beheaded corpse strung skull on a pike.

Since then, several new owners of the farm have repeatedly tried to get rid of the skull, but at all times while pursuing terrible sounded like screams, which lasted until the skull is not returned to the place.

One of the inhabitants of the house, squeamish stay close to the skull, in the end went out to reunite the skull with the body in the grave of Broome, and got this from the authorities permit.

However, during the exhumation of the grave-digger shovel strangely split into two parts. This mystical event convinced everyone involved in the excavation, that their actions cause protest "inhabitants" of the grave. And skull Theo Bruma again returned to the house. Here he is to this day, bringing, according to eyewitnesses, good luck to all who know him well drawn.

Do not disturb
the ashes of the dead

Many horror stories associated with human skulls, and can tell us, in Russia. Take, for the case of the ghost of the skeleton, which appeared shortly after October 1917, founded by Peter I Kunstkammer (now St. Petersburg Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography). In his time there on the orders of the emperor was placed as an exhibit human skeleton huge growth.

After following the October Revolution confusion some of the exhibits of the museum, including the skull of a giant skeleton, have gone missing. Immediately after that, the museum keepers and guards were whispering and a trembling voice tell me that night in the corridors of the museum creeping around looking for his skeleton and skull!

With this ghost repeatedly encountered many workers Kunstkammer, including its director, the late Rudolf ITS. Questions about the headless skeleton, he replied that such a being really is and see it can, in principle, everyone. However, he stressed that the people ghost is indifferent.

But someone apparently hanging skeleton at night on your nerves, and solved the problem quite original way: the skeleton attached alien skull! Ghost liked it, and he stopped his night walks and searches.

But, unfortunately, the story of the skull is not always so good end. Some time ago, in Ulyanovsk buried medical students who died for some unknown reason, after visited the cemetery and dug up someone else's grave.

It all started with the fact that in one of the sessions for Vitali had some problems with the exams. The teacher decided to help out hard-working guy and told him I would put "three" if he finds for anatomical laboratory college human skull.

Vitali, without thinking twice, went to the old cemetery and the next day brought the skull to college, got out of their graves desecrated, and received a well-deserved "three." But after forty days after that suddenly, for no reason at all dead!

Now, his friends think Vitali took to himself the dead man, whom he had "dismantled" …

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