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Renowned astronomer Robert Temple in his book "The Mystery of Sirius" to speak out publicly about the African Dogon tribe — identity of the people who lives in Mali in inaccessible plateau of Bandiagara, which keeps their ancient traditions, and information on the brightest star in the sky — Sirius.

Based on legends and amazing knowledge Dogon, Robert Temple suggests that in ancient times people came to Earth Sirius or one of the planets, included in this star system.

We can assume that at the land of rational beings, messengers of a distant star gave Aborigines some of their knowledge.

According to Temple, that aliens from Sirius were the founders of ancient Egyptian civilization and the first pharaoh of this state. According to another version, the planet thousands of years ago, there were highly developed civilization, died as a result of a global catastrophe.

If you look at Orion's Belt (three stars in a row), and follow this line down and to the left, we see a very bright star that is Sirius A.

The Dogon have information about another star orbiting Sirius, very old and very small, consisting of matter, which they call "the most serious matter in the universe." Figures in a cave, made about 700 years ago, clearly indicated the orbit and rotation period Sirius B, "white dwarf." According to the Dogon, the little star makes a complete revolution around Sirius for about 50 years. Every 50 years, with particular splendor Dogon celebrate, called them "Curve" in honor of the "beautiful star Curve" — Sirius.

Astronomers were able to confirm the existence of Sirius B, a "white dwarf", in 1862, only fifteen years later they were able to calculate the orbit of rotation of Sirius B around Sirius A, which is equal to 50.1 years.

How old primitive tribe received such accurate information about the star, which was the measurement of the parameters may be made only in the twentieth century? Business training, education, and training in Novosibirsk will increase the efficiency of your business, your career will provide the necessary impetus for growth.

Some researchers suggest that the Dogon tribe came just "anywhere", other anthropologists consider their version of the Egyptian civilization, based on the similarity of some of the myths, such as the worship of Sirius.

The tribe holds information that by any standard modern world they could not have.

Their information destroys all our notions of themselves as the only intelligent beings in the universe. The Dogon say that knowledge was given to them by space aliens from Sirius, who many years ago came to the "Land of the Sky."

According to the Dogon, the aliens were unusually tall, "fish" breathe water, and therefore constantly in the clear "helmet", filled with fluid. Dogon aliens called "Nommo" that the language of the natives means "drink of water", they have a rich mythology of God, the creator of "Amma", they have complex ideas about the universe and multilayer some experience of astronomical observations, including non-existent satellite of Venus.

Modern astronomers proved that there kvazisputnik Venus, an asteroid orbiting the sun so that he and Venus there orbital resonance, in which for many periods of treatment, he remains close to the planet.

The calculation of the orbital motion of the asteroid in the past and the future, showed that the current orbit, it took about 7000 years ago, probably as a result closer to the Earth, and that he would remain on it for another 500 years. This asteroid could also approach a sufficiently small distance to the Earth.

On the star map painted Dogon, marked Saturn and its rings and Jupiter and its moons. The Dogon have four calendar: Sun, Moon, Venus and Sirius, they also know about the other planets in our solar system, including Neptune, Pluto and Uranus, they defined the boundaries of the Milky Way and believed, like many ancient peoples, that our solar system is of 12 planets.

Sirius B was first observed with a telescope in 1928, and managed to make it only a snapshot in 1970. Scientists were also interested in whether the substance of which is a white dwarf, "the hardest substance in the universe", according to Dogon. Methods of modern science, it was found that Sirius is actually a double star, the second of its components — the "white dwarf" — Sirius B with a density of up to 50 tons per cubic centimeter.

The Dogon also know about the red and white blood cells and the different kinds of information about the physiology of the human body, explaining the source of this knowledge in the cave drawings, which show "flying saucer" and creatures like dolphins. Scheme of the cave Dogon identical to the model of rotation of Sirius B around Sirius A for some time — from 1912 to 1990. Dolphins, or whoever they were being transferred to the Dogon the scheme relating to the present time, at least 700 years ago.

The Dogon say that at the time of the coming of the "Nommo" in heaven kindled a new star, which was five times brighter than Venus. According to common belief, the Dogon "Nommo" must return to the ground, but this time in human form.

One of the hypotheses we are talking about the alien ship, the other — on the supernova explosion, possibly in the Sirius system. Dogon have also indications that Sirius was once on the site of our sun. Mentions Sirius — "Star Women", which will become the new center of the world. Cuschestvovanie Sirius so far astronomers have not yet been confirmed.

At this point there are different opinions. The most incredible and at the same time the most common, is a version of the so-called paleocontacts, ie hypothesis about visiting Earth in the distant past, the representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. This was reflected not only in the Dogon myths, and legends of the Sumerian "Annunaki" — Gods came down from heaven. Perhaps aliens from Sirius did visit our planet in prehistoric times, and seeing signs of intelligent life here, have decided to transfer some of their knowledge nascent civilization .

There is another version, based on the assertion that once existed on Earth has its own highly developed civilization, the victims of the horrific natural disaster. Perhaps Dogon are descendants of a great nation, once possessed a wealth of knowledge.

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