Myths of democracy

The media got through reports that the U.S. created a special body to spread democracy throughout the world. Assumed operational headquarters of the structure to have all U.S. embassies .. It seems that the war against the global hegemony of the world is entering a new phase. It would seem that there is nothing to worry about. Democracy is the most advanced form of political structure, which allows to fully meet the desire for freedom of the majority. At least that is considered to be, or so we are eager to make the count.

But what is in this quest to free the world and bestow raises that navyazanoe good is the worst of evils. And whether it is good — imposed democracy? Given that the information space is dominated by just the most democratic countries and their supporting forces on the ground, you can guess that the reality of a democratic society has little to do with his official concept and negative properties of this system, which we see in the world — are manifestations of the real and genuine democracy. That is, the bombing of Iraq, it is not the excesses in the field, and the most genuine democratic expression.

And so, the first and basic myth of democracy asserts that such a social system best meets the biological nature of man, as he laid the natural desire for freedom. Perhaps this desire in man really laid, but like any other animal that lives in a group, all the same person by nature tend to find Ballance between personal freedom and the interests of the group. Bias in favor of personal freedom leads to disruption of the effective functioning of the group and, in the end — the worst provision of vital needs of the whole. Such a situation is typical for a herd of monkeys., And entire nations.

There is a universal indicator of compliance with the living conditions of the species to its needs — reproduction. That is, maintaining the number of in-patient level or slow growth. The decline of an indicator of what kind of living conditions for the poor, the real needs do not match. It turns demographic statistics have long highlighted the discrepancy democracy biological requirements species homo sapiens.

Let me quote Patrick J. Buchanan. In his book, "The Death of the West," he wrote in 2OOO, the population of Europe, from Iceland to Russia, was 728 million people. If the current birth rate, net immigration, the population will shrink to 2O5O to 6OO million. A forecast the UN Population Division, outlined in the report "Prospects for the global population situation 2OOO year" of 28 February 2OO1 years. According to another study, the population of Europe during the same time period will be reduced to 556 million people. The last time such a significant reduction in European population was observed during the Black Death — the plague in 1347-1352gg. It is also known in the U.S. policy notes that only undemocratic Albania, one of the countries of Europe, play their numbers. However, population decline is typical for the U.S. and Canada, although immigration obscures the picture. Simply speaking population tends to extinction everywhere established democracy that reveals a disconnect between this system the biological nature of man. A belief in the opposite of the liberal intelligentsia suggests that information influence mediasredstv just causes distortion in choosing the right criteria for assessing the situation. What are the means to survive the European nations will take is unclear, but if they really intend to continue in the future, the first thing they have to give it to democracy.

The second myth of democracy — free market where all compete fairly with everyone. The material basis for the implementation of this myth in the consciousness of the Slavic peoples were the real problems of the Soviet economy. Interpretation of it for our people — 8o-year movement in the wrong direction, Output — the transition to capitalism of Adam Smith / ie return back to 1OO-2oo years ago /. In this case, fails to mention that pure market forces set in early 3O's U.S. and the West to the brink of disaster, and only the use of economic regulation allowed Roosevelt to get out of the crisis.

Slavic peoples had slipped economic recipe is tested for its ability to cause catastrophic posledstviyam.Pri is silent, that the real economy of successful countries in today includes a balanced way, as the element of market and planned regulatory activities of the state. Known financier George Soros obviously does not believe in the free market. In his paper, "The threat to capitalism", he writes:

Permissiveness of the capitalist doctrine rests on the assertion that the common good is best uninhibited pursuit of self-interest. If this permissiveness is not constrained by the recognition that the general interest must take precedence over particular interests, our present system, which, although being imperfect, qualifies as an open society — is subject to destruction.

George Soros criticized the "belief in the magical power of the market", pointing out that there is a defect in the very market-based theories — namely, can not be considered a fair position on the independence of supply and demand. In fact, this means that if the U.S. were guided by the principles being introduced herds strongly democratic reformers in our area, then they would have been destroyed. Soros in this work is any concerns about the stability of the U.S. and indicates an internal deficiency market theories. As the myth from the start, these theories were hammered hard media consciousness of the population of post-Soviet space. Given the almost peremptory demand of the West Slavic peoples continue to follow the path of "market reforms" — that you can easily guess what these theories and reforms we so touted.

West itself all their great technological breakthroughs accomplished not by the free market, access to space and the mastery of nuclear energy takes place entirely in the style of Soviet-style planned with strict control and accountability. Although small private contractors and involved in these projects. It is obvious that the "myth of the free market" was suggested to us for our civilizational backwardness and destruction capabilities as that of the Slavic peoples to develop alternative types of civilization. Conquering the world for themselves, the West destroys all possible competitive "points of growth" of civilizations different kind.

The third myth of democracy says that democracies do not fight each other. Having existed for half a century, this myth is also influenced by the distorted perception of the world of the Soviet population and contributed to our desire to join the "family of democratic nations." But lately, as it is less lift on board as unnecessary, seems this myth has already done its job. But do not bother to deny it. Actually Falklands War and denied it, but some may think that this is what that exception to the general pravila.Da and Yugoslavia had a parliament that is a democratic country. This myth implies equality of democratic countries to each other, like the equality of citizens of democratic societies. But, as is now becoming noticeable among equals countries have a little more equal and, therefore, a little less.

Naturally, the less equal to take into account the wishes of a more equal and often compromise their interests. In such cases, do not have to fight, there is less troublesome ways to assert their greater equality among equals. But if you are … Against borzet fifteen aircraft carrier groups and aerospace forces many not poborzeesh. Actually this leads to the relative stability of relations between democratic countries and not by their inherent nature of democracy exceptional peacefulness.

Since I remembered the general equality of citizens in a democratic society, we have to admit that this is the fourth myth of democracy. It is sometimes called the principle of equal opportunity. At one time, this myth for … sorry, clouding minds of Soviet citizens. Hopefully, now the majority of them have understood all of his "consistency." Let me quote Alexander Zinoviev, with its "Global cheloveynikom": "… the essence of the principle of equal opportunity. It does not mean that all people begin life with the launch of a zero and move independently of each other on parallel tracks, like the runners in the stadium. It means that everyone has an equal right to take advantage of his birth and position. If we compare the actual situation with the competition runners, the picture should look tak.Lyudi start running from different locations, running on different roads, some of which are smooth, while others pitted potholes, running in different directions But in this case, the principle of equal opportunities is valid always and in every society, including — in equal measure for the children of kings and the children of slaves. "

Better, perhaps, no one has articulated what is the principle. It is difficult to refute if properly understood. Myth becomes distorted only by understanding. Hopefully, more and more of the Slavs came to understand this principle correctly, observing the flowering of democracy in our countries. But then it does not want to refute.

The fifth myth tells of confronting democracies fascism and totalitarianism. This myth has arisen the need to justify the removal of the Anglo-Saxon civilization competitors race. — Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

Ideological opposition was framed "good" Democrats and "bad" Nazis and "red." Now, as the difference of good and bad will be erased. In the Baltic clearer traces of the fascist society, restricting the rights of the Slavic peoples. But this is the "civilized" European Union. On one side are repeated ideological spell commissioners on the inadmissibility of the revival of fascism, and the other — it is convenient, fascism revived. The main thing that was called fascism as something different. Then decorum will be observed.

In Africa, the suppression of the dominant tribe from other tribes called tribalism and genocide, but to talk about Europe as indecent. Did not even come up with what to call the modern Western fascism, not to pass for mudslinger .. "Demoshizm" or "democratic fascism"? And maybe leave the long-known and familiar name. At least it works with the Baltic states without any reservations, and the European Union, which is tolerant of what is happening in its territory. And all the anti-fascist rhetoric of commissioners — the usual democratic verbiage. And finally, the sixth myth of democracy. Myth, which is now heavily extends drummed into the consciousness of democratic media — the myth of globalization. Globalization is presented as a natural and voluntary desire of many countries to unite economy, as a natural process of human development on a global scale, as the project a better future of the world community. If you understand what the euphemism 'international community' hides a small number of powerful states, then we have to agree that this globalization of the international community is indeed a project of building a brighter future. But for others … Rather it is a project of building a future for the expense of others. It turns out that this myth is difficult to refute, but we should define the concepts, then everything will fall into place. And we should not have any illusions as to what to all members of the white Christian civilization is a place in this very bright future. Recognize the Slavs the project is clearly not the case, well, or is not the case, as it would have been nice. It is time to understand and accept the reality, and to accept what is, think about what we should do in this objective reality to change it to a more appropriate choice. At least accession to NATO and the WTO are not explicitly pass in the world of light. Rather, they offer us to compete with the strong economies of powerful states, more and more behind and going bankrupt. And thus serve battalions of Europe on its eastern borders. Knowingly willingly discuss with Ukraine entry is in these structures and putting off talking about the EU, so as not to scare off prematurely. Just do not deny, on the contrary hinted that NATO and the WTO is a step towards joining the European Union. Only self EU heralded every "but". In general, these overtures are made for people who need to present a softer such steps guide. Own country's leaders and the leaders of democratic media certainly well aware of what scenario assumed. Why drag us there? Yes, because they and their families entry to a bright future is guaranteed completely separate from the people, the leaders of which these should have their origin. In comparison with the prize thirty-known biblical character looks naively touching. Simply, they must complete the entry in the "paradise" for themselves and their descendants. Think of any "Korotich" whose "lights" were the cause of a psychological war against the Slavs. Gorbachev is not entrenched after use.

Next list can continue to own, missing information, you just have to look impartially. Earlier sheep led to the slaughter animal-provocateur, who proudly strode ahead herd and vposledny time it was removed from the road by the side kalitochku herd. What am I doing about the sheep? Oh, absolutely extraneous thought came to mind, no connection with the legend above. Climbs, ponimash, any nonsense in his head like Lenin's slogan: "The proper way go, comrades!"

Maybe better not be these same … and not follow … leading. It is time to understand how myths and fairy tales have caught and lead. It is time to grow up and do not believe selfish storytellers.


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