NASA warns: Asteroid 2005 SE55 unpredictable

NASA warns: Asteroid 2005 SE55 unpredictable

By the Earth is approaching a very large asteroid. Astronomers have calculated that it will pass close to Earth on November 8 this year. Its trajectory will lie at a distance of approximately 300,000 kilometers of our planet — it's closer than the distance to the Moon. Name of space visitor — 2005 SE55. Size — 400 meters. Just less than a hundred meters of the Ostankino TV tower.

Astronomers are going to study it with radar, optical and infrared telescopes. So the scientists a chance to study near very large asteroid that will allow a better understanding of the structure of asteroids in the solar system. But amateur astronomers will be able to enjoy the 2005 SE55 to ordinary telescopes. That is — to admire, because scientists comfort: an asteroid to Earth will not fall.

"Stone" noticed a long time — more December 28, 2005 the specialists of the lunar and planetary laboratory in Tucson (University of Arizona). In addition, he flew past Earth in 1976, is a shorter distance from us — half the distance to the Moon! And nothing happened. His next visit "appointed" to the universe in 2028. It turns out that astronomers refine, frequency of its occurrence is 30 years. Although predict his behavior one hundred percent hard. The fact that 2005 YU55 in flight rotates slowly. Because of this risk of its deviation from the calculated orbit increases. That's why NASA classifies 2005 YU55, as potentially dangerous guest.

According to the space observatory WISE, in the solar system are moving more than 33 thousand asteroids within 45 million kilometers from the Earth's orbit. Last visitors from outer space flying past us on April 4. First guest at number 2011 GW9 diameter of 3.6 meters was the distance of 200 thousand kilometers, the second GP282011 diameters up to 14 meters — 95 000 kilometers.

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