Natural disasters. Beginning of the End?


Media filled with reports of earthquakes and hurricanes. And this is just the beginning, the scientists warn.

The victims of the hurricane "Xynthia" that hit in the last days of winter in western Europe, have become more than fifty people. Raging wind pulled down the dam, felled trees, tore off roofs. And this is just the beginning, scientists warn — in today's world, natural disasters will occur more often.

Europe shakes like a sick person. Because of the elements revelry stopped trains, airports do not work, millions of people were left without electricity. In some areas, wind gusts reached 228 kilometers per hour. The French Government, which has suffered the most serious, have called the incident a national disaster. In various regions of Spain, hundreds of thousands of people were left without electricity, the electricity supply was restored only on Sunday evening. Reports of casualties come from Germany, Portugal and Switzerland. In many European airports canceled or delayed thousands of flights. Disrupted the movement of trains.

Hurricane in Europe has become, unfortunately, is not the only disaster that hit the planet in the last days of February. The most massive earthquake after the recent disaster in Haiti occurred in Chile and became the largest in the country over the last 50 years. The element has been seen in all countries of the Pacific coast. Echoes even reached the European coast. Many experts point out that in the modern world and natural disasters occur much more frequently than before. A striking example of the destabilization of the global climate at the beginning of this year was abnormally cold winter in Europe. What is in store for our planet's next? The point of view in an interview with "Voice of Russia" stated Head of Laboratory of Climate Theory Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Igor Mokhov:

"These changes are expected. Such extreme events are predicted with an overall climate change. Can be expected to increase the probability of extreme storms in the near future, including in Europe."
It is noticed that in recent years, natural disasters have become regular for January — early February. So far, a significant part of the climate change experts in Russia and in the world associated with human activity and an increase in the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Nature can adapt to climate changes, but only natural. Overcome human impacts it can not. Violation of the balance of nature will lead to the fact that the weather will become more unpredictable and capricious.
But in order to restore the ecological balance disturbed by people, need at least 25-30 years. And still the same — to see the fruits of this stabilization. Take the first steps on this path is not too late.

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