Neanderthals ate the modern man


Spanish scientists have put forward a new theory of the disappearance of the Neanderthals

A new theory of the disappearance of the Neanderthals Spanish scientists have put forward. According to them, the modern man just ate his closest related species, writes The Daily Mail.

"With the exception of Africa, on the other continents Homo sapiens can be seen as invasive alien species" — said the researchers Polycarp Hortola and Bienvenido Martinez-Navarro of the University of Tarragona. In their view, a reasonable man, inhabiting Europe and Asia, are constantly faced with Neanderthals, which are seen as competitors and a food source.

"We believe that the modern man, who occupied the same ecological niche as the Neanderthals, directly competing with them in the struggle for food and other natural resources," — said the scientist.

However, the Spanish researchers have recognized that as long as they do not have any proof of his theory. "The only way to prove it — people find teeth marks on the bones of Neanderthals, or amulets made of these bones" — they explained.

According to the current official version, lived in caves Neanderthals became extinct about 37 million years ago due to changes in climatic conditions and the displacement of modern man. It is assumed that directly from Neanderthals descended from 1% to 4% of their ancestors now living on the Earth. However, with chimpanzees in the current 97 most important people are the same genes by 99.4%.

Earlier, a group of scientists from Denmark, Spain, Sweden and the United States said that modern man may not be involved in the extinction of the Neanderthals. Experts examined the DNA of the remains of the ancestors of people and found that they became extinct about 50 million years ago, that is for 10 thousand years before in their habitat came Homo sapiens.

Recently, more accurate methods of radiocarbon dating have allowed scientists to overestimate the age of 200 bones of Neanderthals, found in the Iberian Peninsula. The results of these studies have confirmed that this type of people became extinct long before there was a modern man.

Scientists have found that Homo sapiens entered Europe 45 million years ago. Date of the final extinction of the Neanderthals were evaluated in 28 thousand years ago, but now the figure adjusted to 50 thousand years.


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