Now we know better what we are fighting

From prisons Minsk and Zhodino released dozens of pro-democracy activists from different parts of Belarus. What they say about the time that spent behind bars? How to understand events and parties which have claimed?

Vitebsk Region

"Even non-political people to understand that we have for the country"

After a 10-day arrest returned to Vitebsk activist of the "Young Belarus" Ales Halavan.

Ales Golovan detained at rally on December 19 in Minsk, the arrest he was serving a prison Zhodinskaya number 8:

"I was sentenced to 10 days — said that at 21:30 I was screaming on the area of" Long Live Belarus! "And" Go Away ". And the 21 th we were in Zhodino. All 8 people in the chamber were "members of unauthorized activities." Although people were very casual. We have been the guy who was going with my parents to go to Paris on vacation, sitting in the car with his mother pulled him out through the window. Broke the glass, he stab wounds were … "

Ales Halavan said that during his detention he was severely hit on the head, and only woke up already in the "paddy wagon." He says that in prison he was questioned by the KGB. And when the man returned home, he learned that the KGB officers without a search warrant:

"Somewhere in the 22nd or 23rd came to my house the KGB, the mother said. Began to move paper — looking for my passport. They said that they knew that I allegedly a few days ago received a visa … Did not find anything and not withdrawn. Asked only of parents, I was going to the area and so on. "

Ales Halavan only briefly lost consciousness, and in the Leninsky district police station, where he led the police there, the purse was gone. Disappeared and two bank cards.

People who identified themselves as employees of the KGB searched passport activist. And he now can not find the purse, which was in his pocket during his arrest. Ales Halavan only briefly lost consciousness, and in the Leninsky district police station, where he led the police there, the purse was gone. Disappeared and two bank cards, which will now have to recover.

Yesterday went to liberty andOksana Yuchkavich, BSU student of philology, a native of the village Parafyanovo Dokshitsky district.

She refused to comment on his arrest on December 19 and subsequent arrest for 10 days, until the issue is resolved with continued training in high school — it already has information about the dismissal of students after taking part in the protest.

19-year-old activist of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Irina Gubskaya from the village Savutki Sharkovshchina area two years ago, went to Minsk to study. December 19 in the number of seven hundred detainees she came to court. 10 days in jail for many became an occasion to reflect on the situation in the country, the girl says:

"People are saying that never again will believe in what we see on BT. One day, on December 19, they just went to the store to buy something for dinner. A hit for 10 days! And now they have realized that we have for the country. This stints simply reinforced the people and myself — now we know better what we are fighting! "

December 30 by Paul Sevyarinets — birthday

Yesterday it became known that one of the founders of Vitebsk BCD known politician Paul Seviarynets indicted on criminal charges of rioting in Minsk during a protest on December 19. December 30 Seviarynets Paul turned 34 years old, but a birthday card for him, along with the transmission refused to accept.

Contact with Paul — only through counsel, said the mother of a prisoner Tatiana Seviarynets:

"Only through a lawyer, unfortunately. He, Paul Sapelka, said that we have Paul wrote two letters, but we have not yet received it. Yesterday I managed to convey to Paul for the second pass. But she said that her son's birthday and I want to convey here is this card, congratulations, you said "no", do not take. "

On the question of whether the family something to celebrate the anniversary of Paul Sevyarinets, the mother replied as follows:

"How can you celebrate? Shame this monstrous power, a thousand times a shame, a million times! All the guys, and Paul in particular, does not blame — they used their constitutional right to peaceful assembly. The rally was peaceful and it is well known to the authorities! Not that I was expecting such a gift that the children be released, even on parole … But when it was charged … then what is the mood! So note: pray, pray all day today! "


"The government has created a ticking time bomb"

Anna Doynyak from Baranovichi andKasia Syaldevskaya from Brest after 10 days in detention in Akrestsin share their impressions and opinions about the arrest on the Square. About ten people from Brest serving sentences of 13 and 15 days in Akrestsin in Zhodino.

Kasya Syaldevskuyu after the arrest met a mother and her friend. Kasia says that the police during his arrest mocked by people in a paddy wagon, insulted them. No one was taken out to the toilet. If someone said that it is very cold, the officer raznastsezhvav door to the car and malice, said that detainees receive pleasure. This caused outrage, says Kasia:

"The authorities are thus only planted himself under the bomb. Detained hundreds of people, to which should be added to the perturbation of relatives, acquaintances. Power may be thought that in this way will be able to re-educate people. But on the contrary — people were angry, and it is unknown when the explosion happened. "

The power thus only planted himself under the bomb.

Kasia Syaldevskaya was serving a term in the chamber, which was packed. People went to sleep on the floor, it was cold. The staff at the detention center said complaints that nothing can help, because so many people and overcrowding. On the sixth day, people began to question the police, on the eighth day — KGB:

"KGB blackmail people. Clamoring to sign the Non-Proliferation of information about the interrogation. At the same time threatened with expulsion from the university, threatened that would be fired from their jobs parents. They asked about how to behave, opposition leaders, which was set at the protesters. "

Kasia said that no one in the chamber was not sorry about the detention and held in a cell holidays. Many said they would not stay in defending their opinions. Served as a strong incentive to support the people and solidarity from the outside:

"It was so strong and touching … People tried to convey the words of support through the note. A lot of parcels with warm clothes. For us it was a real gift. "

Anna Doynyak says that the procedures of arrest, interrogation and conviction were humiliating. None of the policemen was not paying attention, which violates the rights of each of the detainees:

"Indications were recorded from some sheets of the pattern. We have almost no one questioned. The police themselves are not particularly bothered, just asked to agree with what was written or not. Judge us not spend more than a minute. Witnesses were policemen. While in the process of me I do not see any witness. "

The chamber, which is designed for six people, sometimes there were 12 detainees, says Anna. Almost all of the detainees were members of the Square. Among them — teachers, lawyers, pe
ople with higher education, speak several languages, says Anna. The camera has been much discussed:

"It is simply not clear, we had been seized. It is possible that those who were still at large, so they wanted to intimidate. But personally, it has caused us to desire only what he wants. This is very unfair. "


"The guards said that for the first 9 days of hunger strike can not die"

To freedom from detention centers and some activists came from Mogilev.

Tatiana Shambalava, trustee of the presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski for participating in the protest received ten days. Nine of them was holding a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention, the sentence and the context in which the activist had to serve his sentence:

"We are about to midnight to twelve of December 20 held just standing in the hallway. We have not even had a chance to sit down. Abnormally low temperature in the chamber. Abnormally low light. In addition, we were kept in the same cell — smokers and non-smokers. The camera we had twenty people. In our opinion, the camera was designed for six people. "

Abnormally low temperature in the chamber. Abnormally low light.

According to activists, the ratio of the facility administration to mass starvation was indifferent.

"I applied for my boss prison hunger strike — absolutely zero emotion. At best, he read it. They seem to think that in ten days did not die — well, do it yourself, what you want. Mrs. Gubskaya also a trustee Rymasheuski, held a hunger strike for five days. And another girl, Anastasia book, held a hunger strike since her at all in Akrestsin beaten. "

December 20 Shambalava Tatiana's birthday. Her first congratulated the judge:

"The judge Hvaynitskaya of Condo Court cynically said," Oh, birthday, well, he'll be remembered for a long time. I congratulate you for ten days. " Someone asked me a question: "Is not you sorry you went to the area?" Even for a moment, and not a drop. "

Tatiana Shambalava appeal against the court decision on the conclusion of Op because it considers it to be unfounded and illegal. On health activist does not complain.

Gomel Oblast

"We had to go on hunger strike to get us out of the overcrowded cell rassyalili"

After ten days of administrative arrest of the Minsk prison to freedom came Gomel journalist Tatiana Bublikava, which has recently been working in Minsk. The journalist was detained on December 19 in the first half of the 12th night on the opposite side of the Government House Independence Square, at the entrance to the subway.

"The first night I sat on a bench near the battery, against the open window in the duty room, the police department between police officers on duty. And, on the other hand, there were chamber, where he was a tubercular woman who constantly coughing, and a sex maniac, who always offered me some indecency. "

Against the wishes of the journalist to the police department before making an arrest report conducted inspections of its items:

"Some Kolesnikov NV, do not know his name, turned the contents of my bag and revised paper. One of the pieces of paper — it was the editorial task: what and how should I do in an area like work when get in touch. And Kolesnikov mockingly said, "Oh, so you're the correspondent."

When I twisted his hands in the October police station to be fingerprinted and have seen officers — they just laughed.

I just hysteria started, I was upset and could not control the situation. It was only in the court observed that this piece of paper has disappeared from my things. We already have a law — not the law. When I twisted his hands in the October police station to be fingerprinted and have seen officers — they just laughed. I said, "Guys, it's illegal. You must first give the police report! "But they did not care."

Tatiana was tried in the October district court in Minsk:

"The protocol on administrative violation was written that I from 21:45 to 22:30 was on the square, shouting slogans:" Long live Belarus! "And" Get out! ". Do not react to the warning police that the rally is not allowed. "

This here is a violation. On offer is a lawyer Tatyana recognized him, but did not escape arrest and being in terrible conditions.

Bublikava"They took to the court and put him in an underground room in the camera, shows the size of one meter on. We had five people there, and could only sit once three. There were no windows, were not allowed into the toilet — once allowed. Do not give water. And there we stayed until 11 pm — even after the court sitting. "

In custody in the street Scorina where prisoners were taken from the October trial, the conditions were not the best. In protest, Tatiana and other "sideltsy" starved for six days, until the "overcrowded" frame not rassyalili.

According to the journalist, is a system that if you are not strong in spirit, then you can lose the human species:

"This is a real cellar, in which almost no light penetrates. There's no bars, and a sheet of iron, painted in yellow color. And in it, as in drushlyagu, so round hole. For holes — glass. Through the glass can not see anything because it is too much dust — through a glass usually look at a solar eclipse. Food — terrible. I do not know how to cook so bad. At the other end of the hallway barking dogs, they are not allowed to sleep. At the end of a little used to. These were some dogs. "


elections concluded

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