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Michas Scoble: "Gentlemen, 2010 was rich in good books on literary events. Instead of the charge book on a shelf in my eyes — the charge amonovskie boards on the Independence Square. But it is — a sign chasovastsi and temporary workers, and the signs of eternity — the book. Which current edition, you can mention? "

Antonina Khotenko

Antonina Khotenko: "Word just came and protection to those amonovskie the charge, which does not get rid of, standing in front of his eyes. Word affected in the future, and protected, perhaps, the present and the past. Issued a look at this year's books: two volumes of Larissa Heniyush," Swift despair " Vladimir Karatkevich, "Letters to the demand" Gennady Buraukin, "Cold water memory" Gregory Baradulin, "Con" and "Polonaise" Vladimir Neklyaeva. This is a landmark publication. This means it vyastue that we are in a cluster of darkness that engulfed the country remains strong, wise, sighted, courageous and brave. And the writers, the ones who are no longer, and those who are with us, they say, on behalf of the nation, "We are!".

Scoble: "This year, the Belarusian poetry again sounded in the streets and squares during a rally in support of presidential candidates. Believed that poetry lovers of all readers make up only 1%. As you consider whether under the soil, at least in Belarus, these statistics? "

Gennady Buraukin

Buraukin: "I think it is inaccurate, because poetry — a subtle thing, and some of the accounting calculation, it can not be., However, is much easier to read prose. But poetry can be read only when your soul responds to the poet said. And I would like to emphasize one feature very recently. I think in society reappears interest is the need for a fair poetic word. Once we remembered how absolutely lived, the way to the stadium came to listen to poets, how poets were for a whole crowd. My feeling is that this pair is returned. People want something very deep and very necessary for them, and the saint. And everything you need and gives the sacred above all poetry. Therefore, 2010 is the — is the year of the return of attention to poetry. Here Antonina really thought about publishing Larissa Heniyush, Vladimir Karatkevich whose anniversaries have fallen this year. I am pleased that there have been respectful and they are quite wide. And here I want to mention one essential feature. fact which was underlined link between these classics and between the who today are called the most outstanding personalities: between Heniyush and Nyaklyaeu between Korotkevich and Baradulin etc. That thing that carried a and Heniyush and Karatkevich, responds in the best works in the best books of the year. For me, it is very important. And perhaps it is this fact leads to the return of a high love of poetry to her authority. "

Joseph Yanushkevich

Joseph Yanushkevich: "I come back to the question about 1%. Perhaps this percentage is calculated as we have the votes … Historical Thinking, I want to just say that we have Since the dawn of poetry was pashanotse. Gennady noticed that it is easier to read prose. Sorry, we are also readers. We can take a book of prose and read through three pages. Poems read through the three lines is not possible. And in the Belarusian people, in the last centuries illiterate (which, by the way, helped keep the Belarusian language) in the genes of a living memory rifmuemoe word. In the XIX century is not to remember the burning sheets "Muzhytskoy truth" as they could remember two lines Yasko, the host from Vilna, "Goodbye healthy, peasant people, live in happiness, live in freedom." Lovers of poetry in have done more, and that is because there is a great European poetry. "

Scoble: "Nyaklyayeu during his campaign speeches read poetry. And many people said to me that in this molmant he was much more attractive than when talking about the economy or politics. What happens between the listener and the poet when some of the verses in the performance of the author? "

Khotenko"Poetry can not be stopped. This is the energy, powerful energy that can be traced through the boulders, through the prison, through dungeons. And this living water of the universe. And if a man, a poet, at this state, it attracts like a magnet. Is inextricable communication, creates the total energy field. Remember Nekljaev a television appearance only said one sentence: "You listened to all the people you listened to all, hear at least once a poet." I think at this moment startled soul of each individual, because the word "poet" — is also a code, code. On behalf of the whole earth, and all people can say is who? Only a poet. He takes on this responsibility. God gives him such a responsibility. "

Buraukin: "No wonder there is such a definition: poetry — the soul of the people. And if Nekljaev read poetry, he became a different, more sublime, more fit and more effective. This is not surprising for me, it really is at this time of Neklyaeva told a soul. When he spoke as policies, it said in the first place mind, it states the need for the masses. And when the poet says, it is also not opposed to talking on the masses, but above all, he says, the man his companion, very near to the man on the like-minded. So for me, this combination Neklyaeva the poet and politician Neklyaeva much was unexpected. Our people had to finally feel and understand that politics can not be divorced from the spiritual life, so writers now — Nekljaev and earlier — Vasil Bykov, they are torn not into politics, they rush to the people and understand that the people have to say also as a policy. "

Michas Scoble

Scoble: "If a politician position themselves so it helps or hinders him?"

Khotenko"I think it helps, I was told by many people. What happened? Over the past decades, literature, and especially poetry, sidled away somewhere in his career. Moreover, the person remained a craving for some vyshnastsi that the island may have his soul. And what happens when a politician comes out, forced to talk about things and tangible, rational, everyday, the needs of the human What happens when he adds in his speech poetry? politician-poet goes on a majestic performance of the mission. It is not essential that we say, "The people can not hear us, the people can not see us, the people we need." This is our internal systems. We have no right to talk and think about the people. nation until that is in such a mental state that take and give what he thinks, does not currently allow. "

Politicians say people such lies the horror that the people if we do not teach to think and perceive something reasonable, good, swallow the lies …

Buraukin: "Here I do not agree with Antonina, that we have no right to speak on behalf of the people. We must speak for the people! Politicians say such a lie to the people, the horror that the people, if we do not teach to think and perceive something reasonable , good, swallow the lie. And not just swallow, and will go over the lying, arrogant, stupid politicians. poets So just need to understand that they are required to speak on be
half of the people: In order not to have the idea of people as a a lot of swamp. "

Scoble: "Foreign writers' organizations today stand in support of the prisoner Vladimir Neklyaeva on whose creative account for this year — about a dozen books. Which of them can be considered literary events in our lives?"

Yanushkevich"We Neklyaeva each book — the event. Year 2010 will remain in our Belarusian history, no doubt, not only the events of December 19. History just flows through our veins, heart and nerves. Nor is there will not be a prison, there to thank the poet moved,

All of the above and gives us a reason to call today Vladimir Neklyaeva writer of the year …

such a poet, what is Vladimir Prokofievich Nekljaev for whom last year really has been extremely fruitful. What he brought him? In the gold series "Logos" came thick volume — "Selected Works". It pains me to remember that a presentation of the book at the Palace of Arts, we could not. We do not have a login, not only in the Palace of the Republic, but even already in the Palace of Arts. This year also published a book Neklyaeva "Kon", subtitled "Poems of the century." As he confessed to me in private, most impressed him was that just maybe in the seventh school, a student was able to answer what the word "con". The poet feels just as our language is destroyed. Next Neklyaeva current book — "Poems", which included nineteen epics. A twentieth poem, very strong, entered the book "Window", which was published in Moscow in the Russian translation. The fifth book was the book "Polonaise" — in three languages: in Belarusian, Polish and Lithuanian. Lithuanian translation of the famous poem zraiv Jonas Linyauskasa — Chairman of the Lithuanian Writers' Union. Polish translation — Czeslaw Senyuh. And that was made in defense of Neklyaeva Yevtushenko — is also helping Polish friends. It was Adam Pomorski found the right phone numbers, addresses, and reach out to Yevtushenko, who truthfully called Neklyaeva brother in poetry. All of the above and gives us a reason to call today Vladimir Neklyaeva writer of the year. "

Scoble: "In his foreword to the book neklyaevskoy called" Window "same Yevtushenko Neklyaeva blames for the" intransigence with the Belarusian authorities. "And how would regret it is written. How do you rate the words of the Russian poet, Mr. Gennady?"

Buraukin: "I know Eugene, but then I did not quite understand. Needless to say, there are poets who constantly want to negotiate with the government, to merge with the government. Volodya Nekljaev never been like this. Fact that at one time he was treated kindly kings of the time, this does not mean that he padlabunvavsya to them that he wanted to serve their interests. He lived in his time, he was the son of his time. He and now the son of his time. And because he is the son of his time, He entered politics, has come to the Square … "

Scoble: "In the square he did not come down."

"It was, I'm sorry. I think Yevtushenko, speaking of the beautiful poetry of Vladimir Neklyaeva implies that Nekljaev was just at a cohort of the most outstanding masters of the word of all time, who never served, did not adjust to power.'s The same , critics say that the literature, especially poetry, is always in opposition to the government. And it's not because the poets — people with bad character, but because poetry has always been for justice, honesty, and more than other genres, She aspires to it, and to this calling. So was there, and God forbid that many, many years was Nyaklyayeu. "

Scoble: "In 2010 came the 100-year anniversary of Larissa Heniyush. Was accompanied by a total ban. Vawkavysk And where not given a plaque to hang, and in Zelva, where 300 people were not allowed in the House of Culture, and in Minsk, where the appeal Metropolitan Filaret of rehabilitation poet of the supreme power was absolute refusal. Why do the authorities continue to repress Heniyush — and posthumously? "

Why until now the authorities are afraid of the name Larissa Heniyush? Because the man has gone through all the suffering and trials and remained himself, with the land …

Khotenko: "How to live — to live in Belarus, and without it — not live!" It seems that these two lines Heniyush she answered the question. Why until now the authorities are afraid of the name Larissa Heniyush? Because the man has gone through all the suffering and trials, and remained himself, with his land. It is a feat in our conditions. And with the power that it has judged, and with the one we have today. This is an internal, deep, spiritual achievement. And that is just Nyaklyayeu was involved in a two-volume edition of the anniversary of Larissa Heniyush and the anthology "Personality and Time," dedicated to the poetess, today sees us as a bridge between the two poets who have taken the responsibility to tell the truth. And that was the fate of Larissa Heniyush is today the destiny Nyaklyayeu. What can we do now to him in aid of? Let the sound of his poetry! This is the only thing that seeps creature will break the blood to him where he is and where he painfully and alone. Let's read, send each other poems by Vladimir Neklyaeva. Have something to say on his behalf, if he can not now speak to the people, and then we'll talk about him. Let's declare this action to support Neklyaeva his poetry, his thoughts, his hot feeling, his love for the land, to Heniyush, to literature, to the fact that there is a spiritual shell of our life here, where we found ourselves in such a harsh and unjust time. "If you write, then the only way to write / continue as summer lightning lightning / as from a vein in the vein of blood transfusions, / write, how to confess and pray." This Nekljaev. Nekljaev who sent these lines is already in heaven — Larissa Heniyush. "

Scoble: "In our conversation, which had to be efficient, ever heard the name of Vladimir Neklyaeva. I think that it is justified, he, like his colleagues, need our solidarity. Recently the experts 'Writers' House" Belarusian determine the top 10 books of 2010. According to preliminary calculations, the top five included the following issues: dvuhtomavik Larissa Heniyush, "Cold water memory" Gregory Baradulin, "knigazboravski" Svayaki that Kazimierz, "Swift despair" Vladimir Karatkevich, "Kon" Vladimir Neklyaeva. Four out of five books — poetry. What does this mean? "

Yanushkevich"It shows that in the poetry immediately recognized the truth and falsity. And in poetry, which has already been tested by time, this is not true nor rust-eaten, or eaten. True poets in our land will continue to admire. Including Vladimir Nyaklyaeu that today indisputably shows that he — just called a classic. "

Khotenko"In the space and time where we were, poetry became a defensive shell shroud. Yet there was the Plaza, was not yet what we are going through so much pain today, but the poetry of the year preparing for our salvation."

Scoble: "Figuratively speaking of the charge and the charge sheets amonovskie books. With the win?"

That's why these creators and unnamed Belarusian hates bureaucracy that anti-Belarus, which antyduhovnae and finally it turns out — misanthropic …

Buraukin: "The winner is not a weapon in the history of w
ins at last will and spirit of the people. Another thing — how much this will is, and how this spirit leads the people. I am very sorry that in this struggle maim people shed blood. To me it's very scary. We talk about the best poetry books of the year and a little bit of a wonder. authors of these books together Belarusian, Belarusian, which has caused and is causing officials hate these creators. BELORUSSKOE depth, which — in every drop of blood in every sound of the word. And Larissa Heniyush for it is pursued, and Vladimir Neklyaeva today for this persecuted. Not only for the fact that he is politically at odds with someone, does not converge in economic evaluations, but for the fact that he — Belarusian artist and politician.'s why these unnamed Belarusian and creators hates bureaucracy, which is anti-Belarus, which antyduhovnae and finally it turns out — misanthropic. "

Yanushkevich: "The great Polish poet Cyprian Kamil Norwid in the XIX century, said:" It is not a sword, not a shield to protect the language, and — the perfect product. " We live in their native land with ruined castles, as under siege, surrounded nezychlivtsami. These days and nights I was living in an apartment Neklyaeva. And I got a handwritten sheet: "Had a candle lit on a Christmas Pudding holy, / So let's get out, would take the gold, / Aby Kasya or Katya, then both would take, / to the same lives or vmiratsi — that would not die" . know, our poet has to immortality, so we should not even bother, that there will be a sentence — 15, 10 or 5 years. Any prison sentence — nothing to immortality. "

Khotenko"This year came another landmark book -" Gloria victis! "Arsene Fox. Glory to the vanquished, for they are true".

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