Official medicine is a dangerous cult

Every year, we have less reason to believe the doctors and official medicine. Yes, and how to trust those who are increasingly turning to dealers who openly profit from our illnesses, who are interested in the fact that we keep buying expensive drugs. Hysteria about the so-called artificial RAZUVAEV "Swine flu", is able to finally breached the human patient.

It's time to set the medical profession (as well as the entire Russian health care system) number of uncomfortable questions. Those who asked the scientist Konstantin Selchenok "quintessential social stereotypes is the monopoly of the official representatives of the medicine on the total power over the human health. At a certain angle of vision official doctors are tightly knit sect — with its unspoken statute, with its corporate ethics and common to all of them unwillingness "to wash dirty linen in public."

"Others" in the circle they intentionally do not allow — in order to get to "own" it is necessary to pass the exam for loyalty, that is, pass through the crucible of higher medical education. This formation is a lot of unnecessary or redundant, incorrect, if not harmful.

But — the canon is firm: the sect only allow their own! And these are all "us" create "their own" rules, impose "their" rules and representations around, lobbying and the formation of health care legislation, and the organization of medical education, and conduct strategic and tactical actions of medical policy. Very often, they create their own illness — enough to read all that is written by the doctors of "iatrogeniyah" (diseases are somehow related to the word or the behavior of the doctor as a "building" a doctor, invented, or his proposed patient). Note that iatrogeny in actual fact much more than he can imagine the average man. Iatrogenii, if you will permeate all classes and categories of diseases. Because human thought is omnipotent, and every word easily materialize, as many sick and not know it. Naturally, there is no intention to "sabotage" is not here. But the situation this does not become easier. The reason of this turn of events, in our opinion, is the sanction of society, as would give the representatives of official medicine population "at the mercy". Try to negotiate a brief investigation and the total domination of the official results of the mechanistic medicine.

1. Not only do many of today's potent means of poison in an elementary way the human body produces a lot of side effects and are accompanied by little-studied to date the effect on the psyche. But they also do not allow a serious save humanity from certain diseases.

2. Mechanical healing, unfortunately, focuses healers and patients almost exclusively on the physical body. Not interested in anything but the problems of his own body man risks close any possibility of spiritual evolution. Still the most powerful, holding on his entire life the external form, the energy flows from the spiritual planes of human beings. True salvation from disease — in raising psychospiritual being a radical change in quality of life. Get rid of the external pathogenic factors, as meaningless as a smoker and save hundreds of threatening it related disease by the fact of smoking. To achieve the same result it is enough to simply stop using tobacco, but it needs to make a conscious decision to turn the dirt to clean!

3. The trouble is that the mechanical doctoring (wants the healer or not), has a sloth in a patient — and this seems to us the most horrible! The patient does not expend power to heal, the patient is passive and inactive. Moreover, no one is simply not interested in self-improvement, the application of effort towards making, forging, melting of a high standard of building his own body. Why? Quite simply, because anyone knows that you can buy over the counter pill, swallow it and get better. Anyone knows that enough to pay the sum demanded experienced — and disease as a hand lift.

And if not enough to turn on the TV, the lovers gaze staring into bright eyes magician-telepsihoterapeuta — and everything will be all right. It is a great deception and great error — attempt to regain health without work and effort. Medicine is not free and not only for economic reasons. In moral terms of energy recovery is the result of any great work of the patient. We must learn to be healthy, you need to master the techniques of self-improvement, you should regularly practice the techniques and lessons learned techniques. Not only is the mechanical healing awakens laziness (sister home mother of all vices — pride), soulless treatment accentuates the negative attitude to the disease, the patient like himself against the "good" "byake"-disease. Thereby profaned the spiritual essence of all disease, its sacred meaning and higher purpose.

The disease is not perceived as a problem and as an alarm about the inner spiritual troubles. The disease is no longer seen as a call to improve himself and the harmonization of life around. The disease causes the patient a feeling of hatred towards himself and envy of others. People stop to realize that everyone has their own disease, which each has its own problems and its way. The true causes of the disease are not being addressed, as all submerged in a fussy and pointless "smearing" effect.

Doctors ignore thin (super-physical) structure and the environment, disease, "pushed" from the outside in, with the phenomenon of the eye surface to the depths of the body and the soul. But the reasons, there remain unresolved! The disease continues to live in the body, as in the moral and psychologically the person remains the same. "

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