Officials have filed a lawsuit against the family who decided to live in harmony with nature

Family Shaidenko (photo

Most of the family lives in the abandoned village of Yaroslavl Ladeyki without electricity, gas and internet.

These people are fed exclusively that grow themselves in contact with the great world of rare, and their children are not in school. Officials filed a lawsuit, which ordered ladeykintsev give children a secondary education, but stubborn parents insist.

Dreams Come True

Michael and Julia Shaidenko Danilovskaya Ladeyki moved to four years ago, at the other end of the Yaroslavl region. Man once worked as an engineer in Moscow, and his common-law wife was working as a teacher in a kindergarten. In Julia's first husband left 17-year-old Varya, 13-year-old Vova and 10-year-old Boris, Mikhail — 19-year-old son, John, but he lives with his mother in Yaroslavl. Common child at Michael and Julia — Timothy, he was seven years old.

— We used to live close to the airport, our house was shaking every time flying planes — says Michael. — Nearby is the sewage treatment plant, due to which there was nothing to breathe. We decided to move, and determined that we want to live by the river and the soil was fertile. One day I found a newspaper ad to sell homes in Ladeykah, and I liked the description of the village.

Michael went to see it. It turned out that even though the place deserted, nobody lives, but very picturesque. And Shaidenko moved here family.

Now they live in harmony with nature just outside the garden flows the river, in front grows a dense forest where wild animals. True, no creature comforts, but it does not bother ladeykintsev. They take water from the river, drowning the Russian stove in it and cook. Even no electricity in the village: The wires were cut long hunters TSVETMET evenings family sitting by candlelight.

Beds instead of desks

Aloof grown chickens, goats and sheep, making cheese from milk and yogurt, baked unleavened bread. Semiannually Shaidenko goes on the market — selling homemade meat, and the money buys flour, honey, nuts and dried fruits.

Ladeykintsy clean out the dirt and debris, planting a garden and grandiose plans. Whether they come true? In 2011, officials have applied to spouses to court to require the parents to give their children a secondary education, even at home, but the state standards. The children of Michael and Julia had never been to school and never had a doctor.

— What can give the child the school? Because each different learner, but consider it in the classroom with thirty students just unreal, — Hot Shaidenko.

Michael and Julia are engaged with the children themselves: reading and discussing with them the Russian classics. But the most effective method of understanding the world, according to adult ladeykintsev — observation of nature.

— When the first snow falls, we admire them first, and then I explain to the children that it is the water in the solid state and in the winter it becomes ice — Michael reveals the secrets of pedagogical know-how. — Or working in the garden, and I'm on the beds example shows children and explain that such parallel lines.

Instead of physical education ladeykintsy doing exercise outdoors. Julia teaches kids to play the piano and puts them a voice. In a family with children do not lisp, the house is no toy.

What's ahead?

Michael and Julia are at that school education — is evil, and they give their children the best. Russian education system with the CSE, of course, is far from ideal, school knowledge is superficial and chaotic, they are not sufficient for admission to any college or for personal development.

I myself remember the nightmares in school with cramming, obyazalovke and aggressive classmates, but I think that to stop it — it's too much. It means to deprive the children a chance to fit into society and achieve something in life. While the kids are always agree with their parents — they are completely independent.

Guys dig the beds, caring for animals — live as adults show. And even 17-year-old Varia says the school she does not need. I wonder what she would say in five or ten years? And how it will relate to the parents who raised her in a remote village far away from the rest of the world? What if then she wants to be an accountant or a translator, not a peasant?

Svetlana Galkina, Deputy. Head of Education Administration Danilovsky district: "We do not want to take away the children of the family"

Under the Constitution, parents must give their children basic secondary education. We do not want to take children out of the family, but, according to the court decision, parents must sign a contract with any state institution of home education. They do not want to do it. We turned to the bailiff that they influenced Shaidenko and Danilovskaya. The older girls, we will not help you, it will be a year of age, and it will not have a certificate.

German Sterligov: "Parents have power over their children"

Seven years ago, millionaire German Sterligov moved with his family to the abandoned village. Children Sterligov also not go to school, though, and depend.

— Parents have absolute power over their children — it is the law of all time — said the businessman. — That is why they have the right not to issue any notes. While I agree that alcoholic parents and children need to take sect.

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"Children are sorry — live by the will of abnormal parents like cavemen."

Dart Mpak


"His compassion. These children are prepared for life and survive any cataclysm. "



"… The longer I live in the city, the more I want to pick up your child and get away, in the village, on a desert island, from the people of civilization and to communicate with those with whom they want, but not necessary. And to see the happy face of his child, not his own, in the mirror, tired of the eternal race earn some pennies, from everyday thoughts, how to feed the child, how to dress and how to protect her daughter from the cruelty of the world. "


Olga Kuznetsova

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