On Earth seen aliens from another time


Two of the "guests" themselves admitted that they came from the future. One — under suspicion
Vladimir Lagowski

Jackass with the old snapshots

Ordinary picture of the Bralorne Pioneer Museum Museum of the Canadian province of British Columbia blew up the Internet. By early May, the number of references to it approached a half million. And it's just a month after the discovery of photo inquisitive citizens.

Original image, which has become almost the most replicated in the world, posted on the website of the museum as an exhibit virtual exhibition Their Past Lives Here («Their past lives here"). What is represented? Event presumably in 1941 — the opening of the provincial Bridge (South Fork Bridge), which was built to replace washed away by flood. Among other audience is young people. Actually, he attracted the attention of the online community. Their unusual appearance. It, the community, not all, of course, but most agreed that this guy is clearly not of the time, in which reside the surrounding. And from the future. And give him a haircut, t-shirt with printed logo, sweater fashionable cut, portable camera and sunglasses models of the XXI century. Like, this outfit 70 years ago in Canada was not exact.


To heighten the credibility of the newspaper even printed portraits of "the millionaire of the future."

Snapshot examined by experts. Subjected to computer analysis, which by comparing the background and allows you to identify a suspicious object was used to photoshop. Traces of "imprinting" is not found. That is "foreign body" genuine. And this same young man really was among the crowd at the time of shooting. That, according to enthusiasts, proves only one thing: time travel is possible. And it's encouraging.
While some speculated on what time machine has arrived guest, what about a year and, more importantly, why others have expressed doubts. Suspicious skeptics began to see a young man with a magnifying glass, still trying to find signs of compliance in 1940. Camera? "Kodak", for example, has already released then enough portable models — folding, in which the lens extends like an accordion. It seems that in the hands of the "traveler" something like that. But what specifically do not see it.
Sweater could tie my mother or grandmother. At the time, many knitted. Rate cut — how it really modern — again difficult. The entire silhouette is visible.
Sunglasses … Of course, men 70 years ago, they almost never worn. And if it were, it is not like that. Look at the rest of the crowd — more than any man in dark glasses.


But the model … The "suspect" sunglasses with leather straps on the bow — with triangular elements, cover your eyes from wind and side beams. Specialists say that such structures were already in the late 30's of the last century with climbers. By the way — they are climbers — and knitted sweaters respected.

Insuperable difficulty caused jersey — apparently cotton and printed with logo. Counterparts at the time were found. There were only a sweater and knit again with attached logos.

Outcome: out of those who have seen the mysterious picture and responded to the forums, about 60 percent believe that the guy — from the future. About 20 percent do not see it as anything extraordinary. Although they acknowledge that the suspect looks like a freak. The others did not know what to believe.

The guy in dark glasses aroused the suspicion of millions of Internet users. Skeptics uglyadyvayut the camera it could be quite ancient.

I — THE YEAR OF 2256

In December 2002, FBI agents arrested in New York 44-year-old man on suspicion of fraud. Like, playing at the stock exchange, he used insider information. That is, having entered into a criminal conspiracy with the managers of the companies selling shares received from their business information. Thanks to that and had a great financial success.
Owning the "seed capital" of $ 800, the suspect for two weeks already earned 350 million. He made 126 deals — a very risky, but who ultimately became incredibly profitable. This caused suspicion of the Commission for the Securities Market United States (SEC).

Arrested himself as Karlsin Andrew (Andrew Carlssin). He denied the charges of criminal conspiracy. And said he had worked alone. And the information received from … future. Where, in fact, came to us in a time machine. Started out in 2256.

Such is the brief history of the "millionaire's from the future", which first appeared in the middle of March 2003. On it is written the tabloid Weekly World News (WWN). And even quoted one of the researchers. He said that, of course, does not believe fables about the time machine. But his attempts to find a mention of a man named Andrew Karlsin failed. Like, there is no information that it existed prior to December 2002 …

Then the story was on the news portal Yahoo. And she went for a walk on thousands of websites and blogs without the mention of the original source. Many forums were full of responses. Including from brokers on Wall Street. Their essence was to ensure that, even possessing inside information, it is impossible to earn so much. So Karlsin not lying, that came from the future.

Chances are that the WWN just invented the whole story. Actually, like jokes and famous publication. Here only those who believe in the reality of Andrew Karlsin knew nothing about it. And considered the primary source of news sites.

The story, by the way, is continuing. But WWN has nothing to do with it does not matter. Someone else says, as if arrested for bail of one million dollars. He was released from prison and, of course, gone. And now, you will not believe to be hiding in Canada — in the very province in which the picture has got "a guy from the future."

And just as strange: the site Weekly World News has disappeared from Andrew Karlsin. He's not on Yahoo News. All the details were only in copies. And this creates a terrible suspicion suddenly tabloid not lied? With him this happened …

And I — FROM 2036-ho!

The name of John Titor (John Titor) known since November 2, 2000. He first appeared on the Time Travel Institute — Online enthusiasts and theorists of time travel. Went by the nickname TimeTravel_0. And he wrote on March 2001. Then he disappeared.
John said that in 2000 he was passing through. Stopped to see relatives on the way "home" — in 2036.


John Titor sometimes accompanied connect to the internet pictures. This is his time machine (military style) …
Titor himself as an American soldier involved in a military project to move in time. He said that he was sent in 1975 for the IBM 5100 computer. Like, you need one in the future to decipher computer codes, as supported programming languages APL and BASIC.

Time Machine at Titorov — military style. First up was installed on the car Chevrolet Corvette 1967 release, then — in a jeep 1987.

"American Soldier" sprinkled in the post physical terms regarding time travel, answered questions. And reported that momentous happened already lived through them in the future.

He "remembered" that in 2004, the U.S. Civil War began. And ended with a nuclear world war. In 2015, the Russian attack began and won all, including the European Union and China. Then came the world. And instead of the United States appeared AFI — The U.S. Federal Empire.

It seems that John goof at one hundred percent. But those who believed in him "inovremennoe" origin, was acquitted even get on this. Like, time lines can be many. In the one that is associated with John, things were exactly as he described. We just went on the other line.

A traveler information at the expense of IBM-5100 were accurate. Experts assert that those details about this car that Titor said in 2000, became known only in 2007. This strengthens the position of "soldier." And destroys what he recklessly told, though in 2036 is not a digital camera, and the film.

Nevertheless, thousands of Internet users believe Titorov when corresponding with him. Many believe to this day. So what? In fact, plenty of people who want to travel in time to become a reality.


…but the instructions for its operation from 2034.

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