On the ice of Lake Baikal seen thousands of strange circles


Vladimir Lagowski


Published pictures of "painting" an area of about 20 square kilometers, which appeared in March of this year, when the Siberian lake stood still frozen.

Art made on the ice of Lake Baikal. Dark areas of the picture — it is a surface free from snow. Shows the following. A lot of laps. About a thousand. They are arranged in a spiral. Their diameters increase from one to another in accordance with a number of Fibonacci numbers where each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two.





Followed covered an area of almost 20 square kilometers


The scheme of the picture (left) and its comparison with the City of New York (right)

Something like this — called English or bread circles — usually appears on the fields of cereal crops. Inscribed polegshimi plants. And also, as a rule, conceals some meaningful information.

The similarity of bread and ice circles obvious. But there are two fundamental differences. Crop circles appear every summer and fall. Followed by ice appeared only once — in early spring — in March 2010.

The force that puts the ears and thus draws circles and other figures in the fields, not known to science. And elusive. As well as the authors of these so-called icons. And as we know all the ice circles. Detected and the power, and the author. Even defined the time at which any icon on the Lake Baikal.



Monumental art and its creators

As reported by the British newspaper Daily Mail, which published the pictures in the drawing area of approximately 20 square kilometers did artist Jim Denevan (Jim Denevan) with colleagues and assistants. "Tassels" steel bikes with brooms — to small circles. And the snow machines — for the big ones.

Working on the "canvas" Jim spent two weeks at the lake. He lived in a yurt. As a result, his design was the largest in the world. The artist broke his own record set a few years ago in the Nevada desert. There, he also drew circles, but in the sand.



The old picture-rekodsmen in the Nevada desert

— At first we wanted to decorate icon Antarctica — says Jim. — But then chose Baikal. Frosty, but at the same time, good weather — no snow and blizzards — here lasts longer. And the possibility that the pattern quickly disappears above. And so it happened.


Jim at work

Surprisingly, apart from the artistry of Jim arranged equally impressive figures that have been seen already from orbit — from the International Space Station (ISS). This is also a huge circles. Only a mysterious nature. They occur for several years, are likely to occur naturally. But what? Scientists to the end and sorted out. Although it made a number of interesting hypotheses.



Natural circles on Lake Baikal

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