Otto Skorzeny. Agent SS Hitler watch online

Otto Skorzeny.  Agent SS Hitler watch online
He was a staunch National Socialist consistency of brave warriors and a "coffee James Bond," the man, which received special orders and special orders specifically from the Hitler, it — first, desperate adventurer, who, after NS-time press modeled in his heroic role. Widely known for terrible case of the sensational and quite indescribable release of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, as a result of the special operation in 1943. For the secret services of western allies he was "the result of unsafe burning in Europe." The deepest scars since his student company brought to his life and a new name — The person in scars or "Scarface". Held their shares commandos indeed significantly influenced the course of the second World War. Directed by Robert Gheoklen turned to the "myth" Skorzeny and tried to get to the essence. For the creation of this documentary film he watched personal archives Skorzeny, also numerous documents of English and American hidden services. In the movie, used rare archival film footage.

2nd Global war

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