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Chinese RussianOn the days of Vladimir Putin paid an official visit to China. Chinese students sang President of the Russian Federation in the Russian language songs, including "Beautiful far."

"Beautiful far" for the Chinese is not so far away, as if for the boy, the hero of the film "The Guest from the Future" (and the book "One hundred years ago ahead"), was far XXI century — with its mielofon, intergalactic travel, and the time machine kosmozo .

The Chinese have made it to the beautiful far, what is called, on their own.

Chinese construction in Russia. It's no secret that since 2007 in Russian construction started stagnating, and in 2008 won the construction industry crisis. Today, in 2012, the building at times less than a couple of years back, and obviously, build even more expensive: pay for themselves and for the guy. At every Russian in the year entered by approximately half a square meter of the home. In general, and read about.

"In January and February — says A. Bashkatova ("Nezavisimaya Gazeta") — In Russia was introduced about 6 million square meters. m home. This roughly corresponds to putting the home on the level of 60-65 mln. m per year. At the same time, the coming of the Russian Federation neighbors show unprecedented performance. China in 2011, has built nearly $ 4 billion. m. m home. In the developed areas of the Middle Kingdom is raised 10 times more homes per capita, than in all of Russia. These data are released Builders Association of Russia (ACP).

Russian builders seek out a way out of this situation. ACP wishes to draw the attention of the population and the authorities to the Chinese experience of housing. As Vice-President Igor ACP Derunov, the Chinese can build houses, the cost of which is $ 250 per 1 sq. km. — already with finishing. It is almost four times lower than the price per square meter, which was officially established as a rough Ministry of Regional Development. "

Barriers to the Chinese invasion of the construction market will be lifted after the accession of Russia to the WTO. And come back to the authorities very hunt — about the same as hunting and make friends with China, listening to songs about "the perfect way".

"In the case of free entry of Chinese manufacturers in the Russian market, we quickly get tough opponents Russian producers" — reads CEO «Penny Lane Realty» Jora Dzagurov. The expansion of Chinese companies can turn around and social upheaval: Russian companies bankruptcies, unemployment, migration, Chinese, and finally — a decrease in popularity of Russian power.

So, the Chinese brothers will be able to make a strong konkurentnst Russian builders. After joining the WTO with the latest, most likely, only the memory remains. And we all together will move to China prefabricated houses, which are built in 3-4 weeks. What is there on their warranty, Tone? 12 months?

Not only has it that the Chinese will be difficult for our bureaucratic barriers and harmonize different, and different. For us they are complex, and for them — easy. All the more so that in their own country where the Chinese are facing a huge municipal regulation. In the Middle Kingdom at one time was regulated by the number of sparrows, not like kids. Now set the rules, even for flies in public toilets (no more than 2-one latrine). And you says — bureaucracy in Russia … The experience of the Chinese on this part of the large, we only apply.

Incidentally, the ACP has already started work on the Push-Pull Chinese construction workers in Russia. Here is the latest information (on June 12), from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to RIA «SakhalinMedia» with reference to odnako.org.

The fraternal Chinese construction workers will flood into Russia via Sakhalin. ACP urged the federal government to bring order to the country of the Chinese company. ACP statement was taken during the visit of representatives of the organization in China. Members of the association appears to be impressed by cheap Chinese manufactured home, cottage, being built from ready-made kits. Cottage area — up to 300 square meters. m

In addition, on Sakhalin Island will soon create a brick of Russian-Chinese company "New Century", organized by the means of Chinese investors. The Chinese are already fixed on the Sakhalin building materials market, though, and will create a small 20 million bricks per year. For comparison: the one in 2011 in Russia were made capacity to produce 230 million bricks per year. But failure is dashing beginning … And in the past year, the Chinese have invested cement making. Plant near Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk began work in the fall.

There are plans and more than excellent, than making bricks and cement to create a regional level. Large system businessmen from China want in the near future invest in building hotels in Moscow, Irkutsk Region and the North Caucasus (Sochi) two or three billion dollars. Billion to invest in Russian companies plan «Dalian Wanda Group» and «China Oceanwide Holdings Group», specializing in the construction trade and veselitelnyh complexes, five-and six-star hotels.

Chinese car industry in Russia. Auto expansion goes back to 2004, When in Russia was sold first "Admiral" from "Tyane." In 2005 began production of «Chery» in Novosibirsk, and in 2006 — in Kaliningrad. Also in 2006, in Gzheli began to collect Chinese «Great Wall». Next year, the assembly had been established and / m mark «Geely» at the "Cupid." Two years later, in 2009, began producing in Cherkessk and «Geely», and «Lifan». A year started assembling a popular destination for cars in Russia «Chery» factory TAGAZ. And in 2012, produced in Ulyanovsk «BAW». In addition, the Chinese are aware of the duty-free Russian Federation and Belarus, are setting their production and the birthplace of Comrade Lukashenko. In «Geely» has signed an agreement with the authorities of Belarus to the assembly of several types of Chinese BeLAZ a / m

At the moment, Russian road travels approximately 240,000 Chinese cars.

No, no one argues that the Chinese auto — high quality. But no one utters that these machines are very expensive. In addition, the quality of the Chinese car industry improves with age. A avtoekspansiya Chinese in the near future will only grow. Confirmation is expected to enter the Russian car market a large Chinese manufacturer «FAW». About a month or two it will start implementing their own cars in Russia. «FAW» signed an exclusive contract with "Kvingrup", which gives the Russian retailer authorized to sell and service all models of cars «FAW» in Russia and Kazakhstan. Over the coming three years, "Kvingrup" is going to implement in Russia 33,000 cars. Sold in this country are as passenger cars, SUVs and economy and business class. Until now «FAW» sold in Russia only trucks did not enjoy great popularity.

Also it should be noted that the company «FAW» is currently in talks with "GAZ Group". The Chinese mean to start assembling its own trucks on the capacity of the plant "Ural" in the Chelyabinsk region.

Chinese students and Chinese diplomas. June 5 at the
Russian-Chinese negotiations was signed by about 2-10-s two-sided documents. Among one of the priorities of the 2-states was designated expansion of student contacts. At this point in the Russian Federation has about 18 thousand Chinese, and in China — about 8 thousand Russians.

At the moment it is the certification of diplomas Russian institutes in China and Chinese — in. Minister for Development of the Far East — the presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Viktor Ishayev reads"It is necessary to achieve that Chinese diplomas recognized at us, and our in China. It suits us, because now migratory flows only offer low-skilled labor. If you take such industries as health care — in their good spices that might work for us, and our engineers could assist China. On this basis, the complementarity can be intense to work and help the two economies. "

Meanwhile, in Russia move work in the main those who graduated from high school the first stage (25%) and high school second stage (37%).

Chinese tourists. Tourists from China are increasingly coming to Russia. Even the cool Russian winter they are not a hindrance.

Number of tourists from China, rested in Russia in I quarter of 2012, an increase of 25% compared to the same period last year. Chinese tourists took 2nd place in the number of visits of — after the German tourists.

The Chinese love for Russia. Because love Russian Chinese, do not know how to adore our country even we, the Russian. Guests from China not only love our country, and they behold the it differently. Perhaps, since we, the Russian, are able to notice just bad, and the Chinese optimists remember only not bad. With such optimism "beautiful way" is even closer …

In the web You can find (Translated into Russian) opinions RF 1st Chinese who visited our guest many times. And after spending the last time (2009) in Russia 7 days and visited St. Petersburg, Moscow, Smolensk and Voronezh, this Chinese man, speaking of the Russian Federation and China, the two countries are not associated in favor of their own homeland.

For a week in Russia, says the Chinese, he never brushed leather shoes, went public — in these and returned. Very clean in Russia, that is. Not a speck of dust or small particles.

Was he at the same university ("Gehalova"), who was walking on the terrain free buses' hand mahnesh — brakes, the documents do not ask. "

Student Housing, which showed the Chinese turned on the level of "class hotels" 3 stars "(as said one of our fellow travelers, even better than 3-stars from us). As you enter — the carpet on the floor in the hallway chair. Students live in pairs, in a large room with 2 beds, a total area of 50 square meters, has a toilet, floor mats everywhere, everything is … "Delighted Chinese reports that students in Russia live free, even light never turned off" There is no such thing as a "fee for accommodation." Water, electricity, heating — free of charge, many students light glows for 5-6 years — not for a minute do not turn off as gratuitous. Water, that burning, that is cool — 24 hours a day. "

However, to eat in Russia — it's expensive, a bottle of mineral water or simple vegetables — very expensive, in his opinion. Well, this can be realized, because so much free from Russian: "… but live richly Russian: water — free, very cheap electricity (kilowatt-hour costs about a fen), the gas in almost all places too free in the winter for heating is virtually no board. " Well, the benefits: "All the old Russian, who had worked on the true work, the government issues a problem for the rest …"

After all, medicine. It is, according to the Chinese, also free, "Treatment of — free, 100% free, the only condition — Russian citizenship. We are very carefully asked whether really free, you do not pay a penny? all diseases? for everyone? without exception? Education — free, except for different schools completely free for all, without exception, in any educational institution. They asked, what about school levies "from the bulldozer", for example? Well, they (Russia) tupili half a day, they say — do not know, there were no such cases. "

The police — good men, courteous and peaceful, and you will not tell them about what the Chinese do not love it. There have them, in general, one drawback: not in English they say.

Well, as after Chinese propaganda does not strive in Russia? Here is the Chinese and seek.

Why the Chinese are eager to Russia? Many Chinese are moving in Russia because they can not find work at home (40%, according to survey Polls), or seek out more lucrative job (45%). Chinese earn in Russia is small (in the main 5-20 thousand rubles. Per mo.), 61% of respondents think their situation "acceptable." 58% of Chinese in Russia helps earned funds to their loved ones in the PRC. The majority of Chinese people do not know or do not really know the Russian language: bad reads and understands 43% of respondents may be explained — 33%. With all of this, many Chinese complain that their curse and offend in Russia: 44% of the national average, 35% in Moscow, 53% in the Far East. But the memory of the Russian Federation as the host country of migrants, the Chinese are not bad (positive respondents is 3 times larger than the negative.) Moreover, longer lives than in Russia worker, the better it is opinion about Russia. 69% of workers said that their trip to Russia was absolutely or partially successful.

The Chinese in the main move in Russia, that: a) make a better life here (24%), and b) to open a business in Russia (17%), c) purchase or rent a room (15%), d) to expand its business in Russia (14%).

In the end, more than half (59%) of the respondents lusted to bring in someone from the Russian members of their families back in China.

Chinese offenders in. Yes, and these are found. And organized — and even associated with Chinese security forces.

Director of the Legal Institute of the Far Eastern Institute and the Center for the Study of Vladivostok organized crime Vitaly Namoknov considers, that Chinese criminal organizations operating in Russia, are the interaction with the Chinese secret services:

"Proof of this is the fact that the head of criminal enterprises operating in the country, often are former employees of the Chinese security services illegally provozyaschie in the Siberian and Far Eastern regions of the huge amount of funds to try on their investment in the supply of prohibited products and services.

Typically, the security chiefs and favorites of different states, although not blame the Chinese government to support the triads, but at the same time have circumstantial evidence that the intelligence agencies of the PRC use of the triad for their own purposes. You should also know that many legally educated in Russia commercial enterprises with Chinese capital headed by former employees of the intelligence services of the PRC. "

Lieutenant-General, Doctor of Law, Dr. Alexander Gurov in connection with this notices:

"The Chinese are engaged in the uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources of Siberia and the Far East and the smuggling of raw materials. They export gold, non-ferrous scrap, timber, fish and agricultural products. In the Far East is carried out logging and export of the wood.

They go on the cheap strategic industrial resources, agricultural commodities, precious and rare tree species (only in Primorye, according to Vitaly Namoknova once a year illegally harvested about 1 million
500 thousand cubic meters of wood. Intensity of attention of Chinese to the Russian woods in almost all explained by the fact that China has imposed a moratorium on cutting down their own forests. — "Free Press"). Khabarovsk Chinese clean out a hundred percent, even black soil are taken. A significant part of the business is under the control of the triads. They kill and rob them of their own only because local law enforcement agencies in particular are not worried. "

Urals — the Russian-Chinese border in the "perfect way"?

"Since 1991 — writes Vitaly Slovetskii — China slowly took possession of the area of the former Soviet Union — says a number of Russian and zabugornyh kitaistov. As proof, they cite a lot of reasons. Until then recommend to look at the "demographic map of" border areas.

The Far Eastern Federal District inhabit 6263 thousand people, and the bordering area of China — more than 100 million. The population density of the area 62 times higher than in the Far East Russia. Find itself in the number of 500-600 thousand people of working age who are able to feed the region, it is very difficult — they say they are. "

How much is currently in Russia lives of Chinese count, it seems, hard enough"According to official data, the current time in Russian Federation on the same basis are 40 thousand and 130 thousand Chinese people come to the workers. Some political analysts fluctuate very objectivity of this statistic. They believe that in reality, we are already more than 3 million inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom, and their number is growing inexorably. "

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Doctor of the Department of Applied Economics National Research University "Higher School of Economics" Igor Nikolaev convinced: Our home is a raw materials appendage of China: "In order to realize this, pretty to look at the share of raw materials and machinery in the Russian-Chinese trade turnover. Moscow intensively promotes the capture of China, the Far East and Siberia. "

Head of the Analytical Department of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Hramchihin claims"It is possible that in the foreseeable future will come when the Chinese in the Far East will be more than the Russian population, and they will require accession of these territories to China. China may seize by force the region, Siberia and the Urals and even. Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China — a good base for a throw in Kazakhstan. After the capture of the country possess the Chinese Siberia, the Urals and the Far East. "

Answering the question "Free Press" that understands the Russian ruling that China will carry out the expansion of the Russian countryside, Hramchihin replied: "I think that the management of the country it thinks and believes that the occupation of China, the Russian Federation — a guarantee of its preservation. Government is ready to give this country the Urals, Siberia and the Far East on the criteria that they will be formally territory Russian Federation. "

Hramchihin echoed by the sinologist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Murat Auezov, but he considers, that the Chinese will start to actively invasion of Kazakhstan:

"… The vast number of the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom requires actual location. Capturing a weak defense against Kazakhstan — with immense steppes, abundance of oil, gas and uranium — China will all want.

Our homeland — too weak country, but has a nuclear weapon. They will be there to seep evenly, build various factories. In general, they are already doing it successfully. "

The Chinese take Russia in the winter. Article "As China crushes Russia" Alexander Hramchihin writes:

"We have to take into account the very highest role in the political life of the Armed Forces of China (the major leadership positions in the Chinese hierarchy is not mandatory post of General Secretary of CPC Central Committee and, even more so, not as chairman of the PRC, and the chairman of the Central Military Commission) are also almost limitless human resources.

Very high unemployment among young people and "deficit brides" do their own highest loss in the process of fighting not just acceptable, but perhaps even preferred by the military and political control of the country. "

The Chinese, according to the probable scenario, designed Hramchihin begin to invade Russia in the winter, "most of all — in the New Year Happy holiday, when people multinational Russian Federation, including its military and political control, actually loses a hundred percent capacity." Besides winter ledeneyut Cupid, Baikal and the Northern Sea Route.

PLA infantry divisions, consisting of poor farmers and the urban unemployed, captured, according to Hramchihin, Irkutsk and come out to the limit of the Yenisei. The intervention of the PLA will be successful because the Chinese are "quite rapidly crush the mass of at least some resistance."

And I'll have to ask the help of the Russian Federation in the Land of the Rising Sun and the United States, which in such a situation will be much more desirable friends, if the Chinese are brothers.

Capturing the south Far East and Eastern Siberia, the Chinese will have a huge area. They sat on it, forgetting about the limitations on fertility.

Outside expansion, according to A. Hramchihin is for the Chinese method of survival. The question here is only in the forms and rates. With all this military uniform expansion is not predetermined, and not excluded. "She — notices Hramchihin — contribute to deepening the destruction of the Russian Federation Armed Forces and especially the mental apparatus of higher management of the country. It will not protect Russia, if at all it can hurt itself. "

Pretty far away, do not treat me cruel …

Oleg surveyed Chuvakin
— Especially for topwar.ru

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