Outbreak of African swine fever was detected in the Ivanovo region

 Virus outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) is fixed in one of the private farms (PSF) of the Ivanovo region, the report said Rosselkhoznadzor.

"In the study of the Ivanovo regional veterinary laboratory samples of pathological material, selected from the pig, who died in one of the private farms Nikulskoe village of Ivanovo region Ivanovo region, identified the genetic material of ASF virus" — the report says.

The agency "Prime", the press service of the Ministry said that at the moment is difficult to announce the number of pigs in the LPH. "Until we find out, the staff is already working," — he added.

He also said that at the moment is held epizootic investigation and study, from the Ivanovo region got a virus. In the current year — this is the first outbreak of ASF virus. Our main version — contaminated products imported into the territory of the region ", — the representative of Rosselkhoznadzor.

Samples of pathological material sent to All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Veterinary Virology and Microbiology for confirmation. Veterinary Department of the Ivanovo region in conjunction with the Office of Rosselkhoznadzor in Kostroma and Ivanovo regions being taken to sites of infection and prevent further spread of the disease.

African swine fever (disease Montgomery) was first recorded in 1903 in South Africa. Under natural conditions, are susceptible to domestic and wild pigs. Infection occurs through contact with sick animals healthy. The disease poses no threat to human health, but extremely dangerous for the animal, since no cure and vaccine. Stop the spread of the virus can only be tough quarantine measures, causing huge economic losses.

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