Over a thousand people cope with the consequences floods in Krymsk

Over a thousand people are involved in the aftermath of the devastating floods in Krymsk Kuban, told RIA Novosti on Sunday, Deputy Chief of the Southern Regional Emergency Center of Russia Andrei Berezhiani.

In the Crimean on the second day after the flooding continued recovery and search and rescue operations.

"Only in the city in the aftermath of binge elements involved about 1.1 thousand people, including the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia — up to 500 people," — said Berezhiani.

He said that in the Crimean for search and rescue officers arrived MES from other cities of Krasnodar Krai, Rostov region, as well as rescue squad "Centrospas" from Moscow.

According to rescuers, the hardest hit areas of the lower city. Some houses were completely flooded and destroyed. At one of the crossroads in the center of the flow of water from the asphalt tore stoplight.

In the upper part of the Crimean outside the district administration deployed operational headquarters MOE. Opposite him, in the building of the cultural center is the Registration Desk of the victims. Hang on the walls of the building lists of all citizens with addresses and information about their place of residence now. This is done, in particular, to the victims whose houses flooded, to find relatives. Give to those in need food and drinking water.

Only deployed in seven temporary accommodation, the majority of them are in kindergarten. In the morning, having spent the night with relatives and friends or in temporary accommodation, the people returned to their land, to evaluate the magnitude of the disaster that hit their home.

In the Kuban was a great flood that killed, at last count 144 people. Water podtopila Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk and the Crimean region. Because of the rains was broken road and rail traffic in the Krasnodar region. Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the region, circled the most affected communities, gave orders to help the victims and heard reports of experts. Money for emergency needs people receive on Monday.

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