Over the past year the number of nightingales in Minsk fell by almost a third

July 2. Over the last year the number of nightingales in Minsk fell by almost a third. These are the results of the action for addressing these birds, which holds public organization "APB ptushak Fatherland" (APB).

The essence of the campaign is that from mid-May to end of June, everyone says a APB on the ground singing nightingales, activists same organizations have appropriate records.

As BelaPAN expert on environmental education APB Ruslan Shaikin, this year the number of protesters has increased compared to the past and exceeded 3000 people. However, the place of singing birds were found less. Nature lovers have reported 218 seats singing nightingales, while a year ago, these were numbered 318. In addition, this year the nightingale began to sing unusually late — a half weeks later than normal.

Specialist APB difficult to explain the reason for reducing the number of birds in 2011. "Initially, we thought that this is due to changes in habitat of nightingales, however, analyzed the data of previous years and the current state of nightingales abandoned places, such a conclusion can not be done," — said Shaikin.

According to him, reducing the number of nightingales this year noted in Russia. "Maybe this is a global trend," — suggested a specialist.

APB will continue to keep a record of the nightingales and, if necessary, is prepared to take measures to preserve nightingale territories.

According to the results of the current stock is made "Nightingale Card — 2011". For the first time on it marked not only the place of singing nightingales, but also the point where the song was first heard. "Nightingale card — 2011" will receive all the protesters.

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