Oxygen — thats life

Oxygen Concentrators — is honey equipment which used in the treatment of patients in need of additional oxygen supply, such as in cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, or in the postoperative period. These devices produce different versions and in a wide range. There are oxygen concentrators, the use of which may not be alone in clinics or hospitals, and at home the criteria, for example for the prevention of acute respiratory diseases.

Oxygen concentrators have a tremendous advantage over the oxygen tank. In 1-x, the price of their own: they are much cheaper, and unlike the cylinders under the highest pressure they had no fire hazard. In operation, the hub receives a soilless oxygen consistency by separation of gases from air. Apart from this, air, passing through several filters, cleaned of dust, germs, warmed and moistened by special arrangement. You will always be able to independently regulate the concentration of the supply of oxygen in your lungs.

Here you can buy oxygen concentrators that are easy, compact. They can be used at work, and time walks. Available devices for both static install and portable. Our company is constantly expanding range of equipment offered.

In addition, here you can always order water oxygen. How did this differ from ordinary drinking water? And the fact that a special technology to combine the two most important component of human life: water and oxygen. Also, when the process water everyday not only enrich the oxygen, and make the equilibrium composition of micro-and macronutrients.

Drinking water just need oxygen in the criteria of today's environmental degradation. After all, the inhabitants of large cities because of large air pollution is constantly experiencing oxygen deprivation. This means that our body as a result of hypoxia-date loses the right tone, resistance and susceptible to various diseases.

Water enriched with oxygen contributes to the improvement of all bodies of a man, his brain, provokes more frisky recovery after physical or intellectual stress, restores many of the internal processes of the body.

Our company without delay and in time will take your order at home or in the office. We have a flexible system of discounts.


If your family care about your nightly snoring, do not take it light-heartedly. Snoring is not as harmless as it may seem at first glance. His diverse background — from lowering the tone of the muscle tongue, palate and epiglottis Myagenko in time Sleep to obesity or expansion venous plexus in the neck area. The common cold (and associated swelling of the throat), alcohol and sleeping pills is largely worsen the situation of people with snoring. In time Sleep their airway is partly blocked, and air the lungs are incomplete, why there is shortage of oxygen in the blood and broken ventilation. The first to suffer from a lack of oxygen the lungs, heart and brain. Night sleep is ineffective, and the person gets sleepy during the day. Of days he has to fight with headache, drowsiness and lethargy, he compounded memory, attention is scattered. The "snorers" increases blood pressure, but because of the overload of the heart there are different cardiovascular diseases, including heart rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias), and over time developed a syndrome of "legochngo heart." Snorers at risk for strokes and heart attacks, are also often involved in road accidents due to the constant daytime sleepiness.

Snoring is a major predisposing factor such pathological conditions such as sleep apnea-hypopnea (of OSA), which is expressed in repeated stops breathing during sleep. At night apnea respiratory tract are covered completely, and stopped breathing for a few seconds or minutes (depending on the severity of the disease), leading to severe disturbances of sleep structure and threatens the health of the whole organism. In this case, you will CPAP therapy devices and BiPAP, which posodeystvuyut stabilize night's sleep will restore ventilation, and ensure an adequate supply of oxygen in your body.

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