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Your Holiness, please tell me if there is a phenomenon Telegonia? Are they Russian priest?

Telegonia term appeared in the last century, in Greek it means the transfer of specific genetic traits of any kind from generation to generation. Our great ancestors, long before the ancient Greeks knew about this phenomenon and called it Rita Laws, ie Celestial Purity Law of Rod and Blood.

As priests of your church explain the appearance of the term Telegonia?

This is a well known fact. The phenomenon was discovered another Telegonia Darwin Lord Marton, who coined the term Telegonia. He made an experiment. Thoroughbred mare crossed with a zebra. Offspring did not work. Then he gives her mare "married" for thoroughbred horse and she gives birth to foals with traces of bands on the rump. This phenomenon he called Telegonia.
There Telegonia work?

Professor Ledvitek Telegonia described in detail in the book: "The individual, evolution, heredity, and neo-Darwinists" (Moscow, 1899). The twenty-fourth chapter of this work is called "Telegonia or occurrence of the first male." Until the 60s of XX century. scientists from different countries have been many studies in which it was found that the effect Telegonia applies to people. As soon as it was scientifically established, all the research and publications on Telegonia were classified as Telegonia popularly became known as pseudoscience.
Where does all this lead to?

The birth rate began to fall, the number of diseases, AIDS appeared. Ignorance of America and England led to the sexual revolution, the more correct to call it the homosexual revolution.
Why hide such important information?

No one questions why the 80 years we have not had a population census. The people would have been horrified if I found out the true situation on the artificial destruction of the Russian and all white people. If in the early 20's white population of the world was 20%, today it is 8% of all mankind. Of six billion is a very, very small.
If in ancient times, people lived according to the laws Rita, how is it that all the break? Our power was powerful, it began to loosen the inside. Started through Princes. At first they were elected, and then Principality became hereditary. They began with the Princes Princes srodnyatsya. Sometimes went on the offense against the laws Rita. They began to take his wife distant relatives Semiyurodnyh, Vosmiyurodnyh etc. Rita law prohibits. Already such Princes, it was possible to carry out all sorts of destruction.

RITA violated laws always all people, but it was not a widespread phenomenon among the Clans of the Great Race. Such people are relegated to a caste of untouchables. Massive violation of the Laws of the Russian Land Rita began with the genetic experiment codenamed — Christianization. Once there was a question, and who will be responsible for children born of mixed marriages? Question decided very simply. Responsible for all this will be the Christian God, because for him there is "neither Jew nor Jew." Born child of a mixed marriage, after a while it brings in a Christian church. The rite of baptism, that is, fracture energy communication with parents, removed from them the responsibility and create a new relationship between Chad and the Christian God. The child's mother has no right to be present at the baptism of his child. Christian clergy always honestly explain the reason: a child is conceived in sin. They know that the mixture — it is a sin, and therefore in their temples make another ritual — the sacrament of marriage. Good thing not be called marriage. And as a consequence of these mixed marriage bond appears a great many of the blessed and holy fools, with which is so proud of the Christian Church.

This applies to our long-suffering Russia. Any foreign intervention against the Russian state XIIpo XXvek with no success. And when our enemies realized that the Russian people do not win, he decided to degenerate. This was especially evident in XXveke: first global experiment was conducted under the guise of creating a new community — the Soviet people, and when is not exactly what was expected, made a sexual revolution. To make this revolution was successfully developed, it was elevated to the rank of state, declared the freedom of relations and flavored alcohol and drugs. The main goal of the experiment is to lower people's consciousness to the level of instinct and then the happiness of people will be evoking emotions.

Well, if she gets into a situation where its violence, we can do something to help her?

In ancient times, when nomads attacked Slavic settlement and raped girls, what happened? As they say: "The spoiled material" — no! Our priests knew this and how it can be fixed. Fathers Births wounded girls gave them priests. They spent purify symbol of the Spirit and the Blood. The priests washed their information. This ceremony is very energy-intensive, it takes away from the energy of the Priest three years. If you spend three Priests, is removed from each energy for a year. Correct — that means energy to pump, delete images of Spirit and the Blood. After that, the girl remained in the hermitage, with temples. Priests have had sons and they have no time to seek out somewhere brides. Clerics clean it and know that it is clean. They are married to their sons, and she continued to Rod.

There is a higher system of Priests. They not only clean the images of the Spirit and the blood of other men, they are still in the brainwashing, ie clean image of the situation. A woman should not subconsciously remember the first man. She postponed painful shock because first sexual intercourse is painful for perception. Did everything to her and was not thinking about it.

Many can not speak to the Priests as they were?

Yes, indeed, many ask now that all? Go and hang himself? Optional. Do not think that this is all a joke — no! Here another. Always there is a system, the power over the highest. You know what it's called — LOVE. With a capital. It was and is that the nomads attacked. Killed and raped girls. Girl is friends with the boy. He has the power of his love destroy alien image of the Spirit and the Blood. They grew up a family, and she gave birth to children of the strangers, a nomad, she bore him his children, to renew his Rod. The strength of his love and the response they destroyed her love Alien image Spirit and Blood. Double the Power of Love inside and outside destroys, erases, as it burns the image. Therefore, they say that the greatest power — LOVE.

It is interesting to know how our church explains images of love?

LYuBOVne has nothing to do with the concept of biological. LOVE — a concept of heaven, soul and spirit, that is, very powerful divine energy. It transforms in man: and the Soul, and Spirit. Man lightened.
Many people confuse this concept with others — in love, amorous. And this is completely different, mundane system. They say that they loved, and then fallen out of love. It is impossible to fall out of love. If a man fell in love with it forever, you can not stop loving. They say that love each other, then love is gone. Love can not divide. This, then, was not love, but in love. Instead of Love — Love, and this is a completely different philosophical concepts of our faith. They occupy a different spectrum, the other category.
Love is the Higher Celestial Divine Power. As can be physiologically make love for parents, homeland, to Nature. You are here, and the object of your love away from you, but you love them. Love for what they are, such as it is.

Love or family practitioner is a physiological concept. Here, the concept works, why you love him? Only on love is a marriage contract. Love comes and goes. It can not last long. She appears as the sexual frustration and excitement of its external factors.

When it is necessary to engage in physiological Love?

Now for Love took the night as for theft, robbery and other obscene things. Previously love doing during the day while the sun is, the young have stood on the conception. Here was a sensible approach to continue the Clean Rod.

This requires a different system of education?

Boys and girls are brought up in a special system. The girls said, boy — is the future man, a warrior, master, head of the family, the father of the family. All actions were connected with the invisible energy processes. If the actions do not match the energy process is violated all Life and Fate. Father of the children — God is the protector of Roda. In this spirit, all brought up.

The boy says: The girl — she is the future, the future mother, the hostess, is Goddess homemakers, future Lada Virgin. It must be love, respect and honor as a goddess. Children with childhood all perceived by their parents. Parents were exemplary. When to create a family union, then the relationship they were like gods. What could be their contradictions, if they treated each other as Gods.

How the family unit?

Clans of the Great Race have never had this, like Christians, forcibly married off. Dad says, "I'll marry you." This was a Christian, we do not. We went first, revealed the groom, the bride. We went and looked for the cities and villages. Nowhere is taken, ie the other Villages. From another Vesey and ceases vestovat and preparing to give birth.

After a conversation with the bride's parents, parents on the other hand with the bride came to visit. During the meal, the bride twine refectory table and all kinds of dishes, and then, glancing at the groom, who treated her. If they like each other, then the process svataniny considered held that They liked each other at first sight. They should get together Soul. They looked, she went to her chamber, sent a woman to her and asked, "In his heart he'll come? '. If she said — Yes, so — Yes. If not — then — no. The groom asked the same thing. If the girl liked, and the guy does not, then he is told that poorly looked closer, she used you came. There could be additional bride. Bride never captivity. They anoint the bride and groom. The groom is not just looking at the bride, what her face, spit, body, and soul. He subconsciously thought, and whether it is worthy to be the mother of my children? He saw her as the mother of his children. If they do not like each other, so svataniny failed. Guests gave gifts girl's parents and left.
The most important thing in the Family Union — Parents blessing. This is the most important thing. And in addition, blessing God. Therefore, we are now 100 million, not $ 2.5 billion Slavs. Lack of parental blessing led to this. Blessing it is necessary!

Children living with their parents?

Courtship Rite after all two kinds of men gathered in front of his father's house and put another house. A person's face. So the street. In-person father. Built for young revered and their lives, and the lives of parents.

What happened in the first wedding night?

It happened in the afternoon. After the meeting the guests, accompanied by a young bed-chamber, sealed and not released until the morning. They're acquainted with Teleses each other. Husband shared with his wife:

1. Gave the image of the Spirit and the Blood;

2. The energy of one year of his life;

3. The gift of motherhood;

4. The proportion of female;

5. Love and yourself.

The way his wife awarding spirit and blood, allowing the energy of one year of her life, her husband opens the gift of Motherhood, because their main goal was to have children, to continue the race. The man took a wife, a mother of his children. If the image of the mother in the wife the husband does not see, the children could not be. When a child is born to an unwanted male, so the child's mother has not been endowed with the gift of Motherhood. She does not feel love, care and affection to the child. Gift of Motherhood, Women's share is purchased by women from men. Husband reveals genera share — generic genetic memory. It reveals Wisdom Mother, Grandmother, Great-grandmother. She unconsciously begins to realize what is best to do.

Look at the animals. Where they have knowledge of what to do during labor? Cat gives birth, the umbilical cord gnaws, licking. It's all built into ancestral memory.

It is this connection and should awaken a man in his wife. Do not wake me? What the hell are you man? This is not a man and a male. A woman who did not awake, everything is in its infancy dormant, then it is not a woman and a female. Then the males and females are sex and love can only be men and women, ie In humans, the Aces — Gods, living on Earth. To others it is not given, they live at males and females.

It seems that in those days it was a very different perception of men and women?

Women perceive the husband as the sole allocated Gods Husband God Guardian, ie The gods gave her earthly God Protector Rod. Attitude wife was appropriate. But gratitude and love, she took care of her spouse, as a child. Also, caring man treated Lada-wife.
On whom the birth of a boy or a girl?

All women's things that need to eat, and it is less, then it's a boy, if I behave and tolerated, then a girl. All this is nonsense! It all depends on the Pope. The woman only female chromosomes, ie chromosomal structure. In men, the male and female chromosomes. This is only for Russian (white) people. Other nations other chromosomal structure.

You say that the man gives the woman the energy of one year of life.

What does this energy inside a woman?

It it activates certain forces, and the woman, radiating this power to the man, it opens a channel of energy from Roda. Not only a man gives a woman, but a woman gives a man. They say that a man makes a girl a woman, and a young man makes a woman a man. Everything is connected. Woman not only gets its power from men, but it opens the channels of communication with the cosmos, from which it receives more energy. In dealing with the baby at the baby daddy open additional channels, and dad gets even more energy from the cosmos. Not with child, and the child in it opens the channels, and it restores your energy. Therefore it is said that sixteen children bear, sixteen additional channels of communication open with Rod. You will complete your makeup energonovoy system. Therefore, each wanted to have a hereditary terms, ie Sixteen children.

Now women give birth to little, afraid of?

Having a child is a pain, the blood, the fear, anguish. Such an interpretation of the process at this time. One mention of the birth of women leads to a state of stupor.

There is no limit for birth. Some people say, oh, thirty years later, is to give birth. Provide medical pathology. Can not interfere in the process of procreation. It seems that doctors know best, when the child is conceived. Children are not born in the wild. Give birth in the hospital, on the dry.

Rh negative — it means that the woman is released to create a hereditary nature circle, ie 16 children, but the 17th will not be possible. Priests can step in and change the composition of the blood through special ceremonies, then the woman will give birth to another. If Rh positive — deliver plenty. Most importantly, our women after childbirth rejuvenated body for three years. Give birth and were forever young.

How to give birth to our Russian women?

We're not. Every child is born a woman rejuvenates the body for three years or three summers. Our women give birth at home in the bathroom, in the water. Water — a natural element. We have nine months living and developing in an aqueous medium in the womb. So when you give birth in a river, lake, in the bathroom there is an automatic relaxation of all muscles of the body. This is the most comfortable and safe place. When a woman gives birth in the water, the child gently and painlessly move from one water intrauterine environment in the water outside. He does not get hit Gravity column of air, that is, air pressure of 760 mm Hg. This is very important. A child is born strong and healthy. Mom no discontinuities because all soft and supple. The child has no shock. Creek is fear, and there is a cry of joy. A child who is born in the water, he is pleased. Waited depart placenta and the baby at this time swimming in the water. He takes the first breath, when comes to the surface. Deliveries will only accept the Pope, and a number are women Rod. This is all a normal environment. At the corners are open chests. The woman looks around, everything is open, and the body is fully open.

After bathing in the font, in which a child was born, his first was applied to the breast, so that he knew the first source of life force. Next, wait for the rising of the sun to show him the child. The life of the child will have a long and robust. If the child showed the Sun, are entered in the bath. Take the hair of Father and Mother, linen thread, spun it all. Len — the power of Earth, Air, Sun. And this thread with hair Father and Mother tie the umbilical cord. Pulled away a little bit, and tied. The umbilical cord is tied with only when the child showed the Sun. No sun, so waiting will seem. Sometimes, waiting for seven or ten days and nothing, the baby is healthy.

Why is the umbilical cord is cut immediately?

This is in order to have time to do the hood of the umbilical cord and placenta. From this drawing do rejuvenation creams rich with defective gene structure.

Waste of life energy.

When a man lives with his wife, he gives her the energy of one year only once, just as long as she gives birth. Birth, he gives her more energy to nine months to give birth to another child, no matter how much they may be living sexuality. After the birth of the second, provides energy for the third, etc. His image is already fixed in it. Man transmits energy, and it has a certain spectrum. He gave it. And if a man ran from the woman to the left? I do not know exactly why this direction is? In the first place, she should not blame her husband and herself. What I did not give him as a woman and that he was looking on the side? He ran, and then what? There's the image of the Spirit and the blood of men. Everything is already filled to capacity. And when a man comes to this woman, every time he would give energy to one year of life. Range of another man is, and he will pour out its range of waste. He just spends his life energy.

From the point of view of power, a man no inconvenience to my wife will not be, unless of course, will not bring a venereal disease. A woman. If you went to the side, then it drags Alien image that overrides the existing one. Therefore always been the notion of female infidelity, ie change the image of the Spirit and the blood that had given her husband, and gets the disease from the man to the unborn child. Female infidelity as such, no. He first deprives himself, he took their own lives.

Women have always wanted to have a child with a strong man. Many women lost their husbands in the war. Many men were taken away from the wedding table to the front. He is the only thing that was in time, so it is left image of the Spirit and the Blood, but conception has not occurred. The years pass. She asked, returning soldiers to be with her. He spent the night with her, gave her a seed, and she gave birth to a child from her first husband, not the soldier.

What do men in power prostitute?

The first man leaves the woman, and she went on the way, one might say — on his hands, we may say — to walk. She was the first man and left the image of the Spirit and the Blood. Following its partners may be white, yellow, gray. All the energy spectra are different. It gets its power from each year, and the energy spectra are different. Energy is completely incompatible. Obtain strong mixing energy, which destroys the woman inside. If you look at a walking, she looks older than his years. Energy destroys it from within. This bouquet of spectra is incompatible with its range of life. Different people different energy systems. And there is a destruction.

And what kind of children are born to prostitutes?

When a baby is born a prostitute and grows, then killed his mother, or taking him to a psychiatric hospital. In the energy spectrum of prostitute women ripped. There are mixed spectra and energy is necessary to fill the void. And she does not know how to fill it. On the gene pool indicated that something should be. Mama's on the gene pool. There must be a range, but it from birth it is not there, because the spectra of different nasloyki men gave such a space. In this void, no matter how often injected energy, as in a bottomless barrel. This girl always have to be among men, and in connection with them, because he just radiates energy in the conversation. It feeds up and it triggered a fill the void. After a while again coming emptiness and need a recharge. Not feeling well, if there are no men. She walks in the footsteps of her mother. Therefore say that the apple from the tree does not fall far.

Which Rod is this child?

This child has any gens does not apply. This is the ugly. What Ancestors reunited? He has a lot of them, like the spectra. They do not know where to perch oneself. Of them say, "Lost Souls." Constantly painful, scandalous or strongly closed, all scratching around. 27 years longer than those boys do not live. Most of them commit suicide. If there is nothing around to break, they break themselves. To fix it you need a lot of energy. Fix possible. Here you need more than a dozen years. Put a normal woman to give birth to two more children. Souls do not get mad at Iriy (Paradise).

As I said, everything is related to energy.

Yes it is. Want to indicate that the Soviet government knew that there Telegonia. I do not take the Stalinist era, when Telegonia studied in closed institutions. Of course, the government knew, and conduct experiments. If you remember the Soviet condoms, then they read, "Proven electronics." Why gum check electronics? It is clear, check the integrity of gum when, and why to check the electronics. Electronic checks which range misses gum, and what not. For what? They were of different colors: blue, pink, green. Every one of them was missing and detained a certain range of energy. Sold, compared the number of condoms sold born freak. This is a genetic experiment on the people.

Sect family planning distributes condoms to children contraceptives. On the lessons talk about safe sex. No wonder they say that there is no sex in the USSR. The USSR had human relationships based on love, respect and affection. In the questionnaires, we write — the floor, they have — sex. Our emigrants by filling out this form, write the number of times a week are able to have sexual contact. It is not just sex, it's sex animal relationships. In America the purely animal relationships. Added whips, handcuffs, etc. It's all safe sex.

Teach children how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy. Pregnancy has always been considered desirable. The dawn of the female body, when it is transformed.

Now demolish all the moral and ethical ustoi.Chto do?

In 90% of Americans intermarry with blood diseases. In "Helen and the boys' change of sex partners in the order of things, do not even pay attention to what sex partner. Today, with the girl, and the next day the boy. Girls change boys to girls. For them, this is normal, as the norm. For us, this is not acceptable. In the Netherlands, in the churches crowned homosexuals. It's all unnatural. America — is an example of how to live is impossible! Such a life is only emotionally attracted freaks, and they praised her.

The worst thing is that the schools virgins seen as black sheep. The girls are discussing how to change the partner over the summer. Who miss their brains, are strangers and are in a rut of her friends.

Previously punished for such behavior?

In Russia, homosexuals were sent to prison, and they were cut off from society. During the reign of Ivan the Terrible them impaled, sent to prison or were driven out of the State.

Before the October Revolution was a criminal penalty for a crime against morality. Schools teach that the first decree of the Bolsheviks were the Decree on Peace and the Earth. In fact, their first decree abolishing criminal penalties for the crime against morality, that is, abolition of criminal penalties for homosexuality. Why? Because 99% of the ardent revolutionaries were homosexuals. Stalin again introduced criminal penalties for homosexuality. And all the fiery blue set against the wall.

What is the concept of the Virgin there in Russia?

The genera of the Great Race was the notion of the concept of virginity divinely Purity. When the bride make a match, the first thing I wondered whether there was a bride in a man's life, that is, not whether it is the image of another man. Who was sick in their family serious illness: mental, blood. This all transpired in the conversation. Everything was done to Rod was complete.

There is a difference between the energies of men and women?

Man — is the radiating system, a woman, it absorbs accumulates. Therefore, the girl is always in the house tends to the Pope. And the boy to his mother. Pope radiates and emits son whom to energy — the mother. If mom from dad plucked, then who give — sister. He plays with it and passes — a single kinship system. Do not be surprised when their relationship is getting through, almost to blows. Noted long ago that if a sick sister, brother never left her crib. He holds her hand, he feels that it needs a recharge. Parents may not realize it, a cat and a dog, and she is sick, he does not deviate from the crib. He joined the army, she was suffering, crying. Her hard without him. She does not know how to explain it, it lacks the native energy. Crying, come to daddy, hug and calm. She received her native energy. Here they are relationships.

What is the way out of this nightmare?

No need to create a tragedy and give up. There is always a way out, it will not be easy and fast. Should begin to build energy relationship within the genus, with the Gods. Turn to their kind, and start doing everything for its prosperity. Learn of the Ancient Wisdom of the Great Race Births and descendent of heaven. Realize that we have our Native Gods and ancestors who should honor and glorify. Those in whom a conscience, honor the gods and their ancestors, for the gods of our — the essence of our ancestors.

One must live, following two great principles:

"Honoring the gods and their ancestors, and always live in good conscience!".

"In all our deeds, great and small, and in all the relations between community members and their kinsmen other genera — Conscience and Truth must be a shock of our measure of everything. In relation to all the nations must fulfill the commandments Perunova: "Which acts are doing you people are the same and you do also to them, for every act of his measure faces off."

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