Patriarch Gundyaeva state is estimated at $ 4 billion

"Moskovsky Komsomolets", 30.01.2009

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Owns a villa in Switzerland

For me he is — just Kirill

[…] The man who for more than twenty years, was a friend of his father Cyril, Vadim Melnikov was once the Soviet consul representative in Geneva.:

— You are not interested in him why he became a monk?

— Kirill said that he was prompted to take this step Metropolitan Nicodemus — his teacher and mentor. Cyril since childhood growing up believing the boy. The school refused to join the pioneers who did not and Komsomol. Then fate brought him to Nicodemus. That, in turn, advised him to enter the seminary. And then the teacher said, "If you want to reach high office, then you need to be a monk."

— You got acquainted with Metropolitan Nicodemus?

— Yes, we met in Geneva. He came back in the delegation. Cyril told him that I was consul, but have to do with the secret services. I was afraid of this meeting, I knew that Nicodemus with hatred to the organs. But, strangely enough, the first thing said when meeting the Metropolitan, "All Vadim A., you are with us, with us".

— Father Cyril always aspired to power?

— Yes, and not hide it. But it's natural! If you are an officer, why do not you be a general!

Cupruga Tamara K. Melnikov.

— It was actually good, Cyril. When my husband broke his car, he gave him a thousand francs for repairs. [Mid-1970s. K.Ru]. And when we tried to return the debt, Cyril flatly refused! […]

Irina Bobrova


Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch chooses a former KGB agents

Geneva. 1975.

[…] The materials from the archives of the KGB, in 1992, investigated by a parliamentary commission led by dissident priest Fr. Gleb Yakunin, revealed that most of the church hierarchy has been linked to the secret police.

62-year-old Cyril, are thought to wear the codename 'Mikhailov' and Filaret was identified as an agent of 'Ostrovsky'. It is suspected that Clement worked for the KGB under the pseudonym of 'Topaz'. […]

Metropolitan Filaret, who in 1978 appointed Metropolitan of Minsk, in the eighties was the head of the Department for External Church Relations. In 1989, this mighty structure was led by Metropolitan Kirill.

Clement, who completed his studies in 1974, in the eighties pay official visits the United States and Canada. Editor of the Paris edition of Orthodox Press Service Niver Antoine (Antoine Niviere) remembers him as 'a man of the shadows, a man of the system'

In 1992, a former KGB officer named Shushpanov admitted that the majority of the Department for External Church Relations of the agents were, and were required to report on contacts with foreigners, both at home and abroad. […]

Source: «The Times», 21.01.2009


Divine voice. How will elect patriarch

[…] Has an impressive four-story building at the Danilov Monastery Department for External Church Relations (DECR), managed by Metropolitan Kirill, the church is called the Foreign Ministry. This is a key structure of the ROC. Kirill led the DECR in 1989, during the year before the Patriarch Pimen. Curators of the Council for Religious Affairs under the Council of Ministers of the USSR completely trust of the young hierarchy — in operational circles he was known by the alias "Mikhailov" (as it was called in the reports of the Fifth Directorate of the KGB officers). This unpleasant for hierarchies detail emerged in the early 1990s, when the light began to appear the outcome of the parliamentary commission investigating KGB activities. Commission and has worked with the archives of the Fifth control, and the first public outcome of this work for the Church of the publication in the journal "The Christian Herald" in October 1992. That's when all the interested public, and learned that the church hierarchy has time and again in the Soviet years were in some way connected (or addiction?) From the political police — the KGB. Called and aliases, which gave in their report the staff of the ideological department — 'Blackbird, "" Adamant "," Ostrovsky "… His nicknames were the representatives of other religions — Muslims, Jews, Catholics, and so on.

Metropolitan Kirill did in Soviet times racing career. Already at the age of 22, while studying at the Leningrad Theological Academy and served as secretary of the powerful Metropolitan Nicodemus, Cyril began to regularly travel abroad. He took large positions in the leadership of the World Council of Churches, the Conference of European Churches, peace organizations. Already in the 28 years he rector of the Leningrad Academy, and in the 30 — Archbishop of Vyborg.

The Commission of the Supreme Council of Russia in early 1992 formally noted the ROC to "deep infiltration of agents of special services" in the Church, which "represents a serious threat to society and the state." In the same year, meeting with students of Moscow State University, Kirill stated: "The fact that the meeting with the representatives of the clergy KGB morally indifferent." Indeed, this fact will soon become "irrelevant" because the page called "Mikhailov" in the biography of Cyril replaced the page entitled "Tobacco".

In 1996, through its Foundation, DECR "Nick" under the guise of humanitarian aid (duty-free) were imported to Russia for more than 8 billion cigarettes, pushing the market importers who paid the fee. The first story was soon closed and dug up a forgotten small business newspaper, and later was a shaft of publications in "Moskovsky Komsomolets" and "Moscow News".

Actually, tobacco kings and began the first campaign of exposure, they felt unfair competitor. To nicotine, then claimed the media and gossips in the Church, Kirill was starting capital — several hundred million dollars, followed by financial scandals poured on him in abundance. He was involved in the duty-free export of oil, crab catching, production Ural gems, banking institutions, purchase of shares and real estate. Specific (with a touch of "pastoral") communication in the political leadership and the business community quickly brought Kirill first in terms of personal assets of the MP hierarchs. In 2004, research fellow at the Center of the shadow economy in RSUH Nikolai Mitrokhin, published a monograph on the informal economic activities of the ROC. Metropolitan Kirill state estimated in this study at $ 1.5 billion two years later, the journalists "Moscow News" tried to count the assets of the head of the Foreign Ministry and the church came to the conclusion that they were already $ 4 billion Neither the Metropolitan, neither the ROC did not comment on these data .

Belonging to the elite requires a set of attributes. In 2002, Metropolitan Kirill bought a penthouse in the House on the seafront overlooking the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Incidentally, this is the only apartment in Moscow, were noted at the Metropolitan in his secular name Gundyaev, as there is a corresponding entry in the inventory sheet. Appeared in the media and purchase information Metropolitan villa in Switzerland. Metropolitan simultaneously take an active and largely unprecedented church hierarch educational activities through television: leads programs on different TV channels on a daily basis appears in the news, it serves several news agencies and magazines. […]

Andrew Officers

Source: The New Times, 15.12.2008


Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad — Patriarchal Locum Tenens, chairman of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate

Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyaev, widely known as the Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad Kirill, born in Leningrad on November 20, 1946.

The origin and children's future chairman of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate know from the words of the Metropolitan. In an interview, he says that his grandfather was Confessors of Russia, was 47 prisons and 7 matches, after being in prison for 37 years. He worked as a mechanic, an engineer on the railroad Kazan direction, sending, according to the Metropolitan, all the money to Jerusalem and Mount Athos. Hierarch even found confirmation of this when visiting Mount Athos, where he found the names of their relatives in the accounting books of the monastery. Earning 300 gold rubles a month grandfather raised eight children, which also required a lot of money. In the words of Metropolitan Kirill, his grandfather "voluntarily went to a martyr trials, fought with the closing of churches, spent most of his life in prison. He was the first member of the Solovetsky solovchaninom and Council. Knew all the Russian bishops, who were sitting on the Solovki. "

Metropolitan Kirill's father was a Leningrad priest (ordained in 1947), but also did not escape the fate of the prisoner, and went through the camps of Magadan. Mother — a school teacher of German. About his childhood pore Metropolitan Kirill says quite sparingly, but always in a positive and underlined even moralistic way. He says that from an early age was sure and he happen to "sit for the faith" principle did not join the Young Pioneers and the Communist Youth League, although dissident still did not. Explaining his love of country and the Soviet people, Metropolitan Kirill said that the dissent would destroy the unity of the people, because he is not never acted against the government. True, immediately exclaims that "the glory of God, the Church is called to speak the truth — and the Tsarist and Soviet and today. A proclamation of the truth always requires courage, a certain willingness to jail if you do not go, to be unpopular, unknown nepochitaemym "which, in the past, but more so in our time for the lord no threat, however, is not.

In any case where the person to tell jokes and stories, it is a sign of the very popular, which makes him a legend in his lifetime. Not escaped the popularity and Metropolitan Kirill. One of these anecdotes, which had even heard from former mentors Metropolitan in a paper "The Star of Metropolitan Kirill" journalist Natalia Babasyan. He was "in particular, the story of the future metropolitan churching and looks like this:" He runs on Nevsky Vovka-koshkoder, holding in each hand, and suddenly the cat buries a run into someone's stomach. "Whoa, boy" — boomed, grabbing the collar Vovk, a huge bearded person who is Metropolitan Nicodemus (Rotov). — "Who are you?" — "Vova-koshkoder" — is responsible. — "And how's your name?" — Interesuetsyamitropolit. — "Gundyaev." — "Throw your cats, Vovka Gundyaev. You now be a fisher of men. "

However, this sarcastic text, whose author remains unknown, it is hardly factual background and invented it, most likely, to a wide audience to understand as to express the inherent metropolitan hard working style, "catching men." Metropolitan cats really do not like (in various interviews, he says that he has a dog, which he daily walks), but hardly the son of the priest "to faith" Metropolitan Nicodemus. Most likely, the young man who grew up in a traditional church family, not experienced any special moment "treatment." However, significantly, with the words of Metropolitan Kirill, we know that the Metropolitan Nicodemus, who is considered a leader and ideologist of the "liberal wing" of the ROC in 1960-70's., An active promoter of the ecumenical movement and rapprochement with the Catholics, convinced the young Volodya Gundyaeva stand on the path of the priestly ministry. In the last years of school, Vladimir became interested in physics and mathematics and decided to take the Metropolitan Nicodemus blessing for admission to the university. However, the metropolitan rather emphatically replied the young man, "good physics in the USSR, many, but not enough good priests." Call Metropolitan Nicodemus and predestined fate and blazing career of Vladimir Gundyaeva that already in the 29-year old became auxiliary bishop in his "Abba." True, recalling his childhood games, DECR chairman said that "serve" it started as early as three years, and the school age know the succession of individual worship heart.

However, in the high school years, the future chairman of the DECR was very confident and can stand up for themselves, even when the teachers and tried to persuade him to abandon his faith: "I always win, — he says — because in Soviet times our teachers such Debate [of religion] were not ready, and I tried to be prepared. " However, some of those who knew him from an early age, saying that the boy was quite normal — that is naughty, and even honored by the parent vzbuchek found for his cigarettes.

According to the version of the Metropolitan Kirill, 15-year-old teenager, he left home, went to night school and got a job. According to another version, it was because not joined the Komsomol and having sufficient difficult relationship with the teachers just do not Volodya took in 9th grade, and he had to seek employment. At the same time he was able to get rid of the oppressive control of parents and join all the charms of adult life. Gained experience in geological expeditions, in particular, the structure of the Northwest Geological Survey. Four years later, not hitting for unknown reasons in the Soviet army, under the patronage of Vladimir Metropolitan Nicodemus was admitted to the Leningrad Theological Seminary, after which he graduated and Academy.

According existed at that time the situation in the seminary to do boys, already past military service, which was then at least three years. Thus, the arrival of Vladimir Gundyaeva the seminary at 19 years of age, and even more, a delay or exemption from military service, except on the grounds of serious damage to health or the fact of conviction, could take place except by taking special care of Metropolitan Nicodemus. Already 3 April 1969, Vladimir was tonsured a monk with the name of his bride elect Kirill, four days later he was ordained a deacon, and a couple of months — to the priesthood. Then, after graduating in 1970 from the Leningrad Theological Academy, Fr Cyril became a professorial Fellow and professor of dogmatic theology and assistant inspector. At the same time he represented the ROC in the international Orthodox youth organization "Syndesmos", under which began to travel abroad. First foreign trip he made in 23 years, in the retinue of visiting Metropolitan Nicodemus Prague. By this time, and the recruitment of. Cyril the Soviet secret service, the documents which he is under the operational agents 'alias' Mikhailov. "

On August 30, 1970 Fr Cyril including personal secretary to Metropolitan of Leningrad and Novgorod Nicodemus. September 12, 1971, at 24 years (!), It becomes Archimandrite, and later — the representative of the MP at the World Council of Churches (WCC) in Geneva. December 26, 1974, at age 28, Archimandrite Kirill is appointed rector of the Leningrad Theological Academy and Seminary. In June the following year, led by the Diocesan Council of the Leningrad metropolis, and from December 1975 working member of the Central Committee and the Executive Committee of the WCC. Also in 1975 is included in the future metropolitan commission "Faith and Order" of the WCC, March 3, 1976 — the Synodal Commission ROC on Christian Unity and Interchurch Relations.

Already a member of the Synodal Commission, March 14, 1976, Archimandrite Kirill became Bishop of Vyborg, Leningrad vicar of the diocese, and in a year — Deputy Patriarchal Exarch of Western Europe, with the rank of archbishop. Since 1978, Archbishop Cyril Administrator of the Patriarchal Parishes in Finland and became deputy chairman of the Department of External Church Relations. Since 1983 he has taught in the graduate school of the MDA, to December 26, 1984 — Archbishop of Smolensk and Vyazma, from 1988 — Archbishop of Smolensk and Kaliningrad. Finally, in 1989, replacing the post of Metropolitan Filaret (Vakhromeeva), DECR chairman appointed a permanent member of the Holy Synod of the Moscow Patriarchate. In 1990, also the head of the Holy Synod on the revival of the religious and moral education and charity and becomes a member of the Synodal Bible Commission.

In the current rank of Metropolitan Kirill is on February 25, 1991 — this award he received from the Patriarch Alexy II, when it was first celebrated in the patriarchal dignity of his Saint's day. Already Metropolitan Kirill is Co-Chairman (since 1993) and Vice (from 1995), head of the World Russian People's Council — the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II.

Over the last 10-15 years, due to the increased political activity of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Kirill agency acquires special relevance, and chief OVSTS begin to be called "foreign minister", and sometimes even a "prime minister" of the Russian Church. That is the MP DECR in the most representative secular Russian and international organizations and forums. Since 1994, Metropolitan Kirill is the honorary president of the World Conference on "Religion and Peace," a member of the Synodal Theological Commission. In the period from 1995 to 2000, he chaired the working group in the Synod on the conceptualization of the ROC on church-state relations and the problems of modern society. This concept, called later "Bases of the Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church", adopted in 2000, the Jubilee Bishops' Council of the MP, and reflects the "neo-conservative" ideology of its main creator. For several years after the "Bases" Metropolitan Kirill lobbied in different cities of Russia and abroad, research and university classrooms, the propaganda the main ideas of this paper.

In addition, Metropolitan Kirill — the author of several books and more than five hundred publications in the Russian and foreign press. TV presenter and an honorary member of several foreign theological academies, member of the Academy of Russian Literature and the Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities. He was awarded the Order of St.. ravnoap. Prince. Vladimir II degree, teacher. Sergius I and II degree, St. blgv. Prince. Daniil of I degree, St.. Innocent, Met. Moscow and Kolomna, II degree, Order of the other local Orthodox Churches, state orders "Friendship", "Friendship", "For Service to the Fatherland» III degree, medals "50 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945", "300 Years of the Russian Navy "," In memory of the 850th anniversary of Moscow "and others.

Among hobby across metropolitan and atypical for the hierarchy and monk classes: skiing, jet skiing, speed driving and love of dogs.

This is the official part of the biography of this extraordinary in many ways, the hierarch of the MP, which is seen in the church community as one of the possible successors of the patriarchal throne in the MP.

However, journalistic narrative of Metropolitan Kirill is not always limited to the facts of his official biography and quotes from his grand speeches. In the mid 90's, most publications about Metropolitan Kirill were scandalous and "revelatory" character at the beginning of the third millennium, with the advent of "Putin era", the percentage of these publications has decreased in direct proportion to the total space of the restriction of freedom of speech in the Russian media as they returning to the "vertical of power" in its propaganda pool. However, from time to time and today you can find the new charges and the "revelations" Metropolitan Kirill, mainly related to its business activities, or interfaith contacts. We will not go to the assessment of reliability of the information, and details to reproduce each of the charges. We restrict ourselves to a cursory and superficial overview.

1. Privacy. This side of the unofficial biography of Metropolitan Kirill, the least studied — only fragmentary information about it appears mainly in the foreign press, and almost not published in Russian. Metropolitan himself, talking about his hobbies, prefers limited to the above list of hobbies, most of which is of a rather aristocratic character and requires a high level of income. Known, in particular, that to satisfy his passion for skiing, DECR chairman stops at his home in Switzerland. There are suggestions that he has property in other countries, but in most cases it is not registered directly at the Metropolitan. In Moscow, by his own admission, the hierarchy of living in a spacious apartment in one of the "Stalinist" skyscrapers, but often stops in the country DECR in Silverpine Forest — a picturesque holiday village within the city.

A couple of times in the press leaked the vague allusions to "family" life of the head of the DECR. First, a German magazine called him "an exemplary family man," then one Russian newspaper has tried to guess what is behind such rumors circulating in the church community, including — in the Division, which is headed by Metropolitan Kirill. According to the version of "Spark", it could be a long-time acquaintance of Metropolitan Kirill of Lidia Mikhailovna Leonova, daughter cook Leningrad Regional Party Committee. "For 30 years, they share most cordial relations," — said in a magazine article. Now Lydia M. lives in Smolensk and at her home address registered with a number of commercial enterprises.

Simultaneously among detractors Metropolitan Kirill ROC and beyond, mainly representing the radical conservative religious currents, is widely believed that the head of the DECR MP accidental patron church activists, "gay", including former employees of the DECR, now He has held various bishoprics. However, despite the abundance of rumors about the "blue lobby" in the episcopate ROC, almost no such accusation was not supported by documented and recorded in the court verdict. Many experts seem to be strong enough and indirect evidence of the existence of this phenomenon — for example, the history of the Paris Review Bishop Gury (Shalimov), who was accused of "sexual harassment" subdeacon own (one of them now in the rank of metropolitan heads unrecognized Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church) and parishioners. Listen to these allegations and punish the bishop DECR and the Holy Synod of the ROC MP gave grounds to speak about their fairness and reasonableness.

2. Commercial activity. The first attempts to Metropolitan Kirill to do business in the jurisdiction of the Smolensk diocese cooperatives took place in the late 1980s, but they did not bring any significant income. Getting serious business DECR, which is not always possible to separate from the private business of Metropolitan Kirill, reached by 1994. Taking advantage of the tax benefits provided to businesses, religious institutions, or to deduct part of their profits to the activities of religious organizations, the DECR was the founder of the commercial bank "Relight" charity "Nika", "International Economic Cooperation" (MES), SC "Free People's TV" (SNT) and a number of other structures. Fund "Nick" was a key part of the famous "tobacco scandal", which still recall his most metropolitan irreconcilable opponents, trying to secure for DECR chairman nickname "Tobacco". "Nick" carried out the bulk of the wholesale cigarettes are imported to Russia DECR under the guise of humanitarian aid, and therefore exempt from customs duties. Number of imported structures Metropolitan Kirill of tobacco products including billions of cigarettes, and net income — hundreds of millions of dollars. Capture a significant portion of the market structure of Metropolitan Kirill caused serious loss of business other importers of tobacco, which had to pay customs duty and therefore could not compete on equal terms with the church traders cigarettes. Most likely, what competitors ensured leak to the press information about tobacco business of Metropolitan Kirill, who was the subject of investigative journalism in dozens of Russian and foreign publications, badly undermining the reputation DECR chairman. However, despite the scandal, turns DECR tobacco business has continued to grow: just 8 months of 1996, DECR imported to Russia about 8 billion tax-free cigarettes (this information was made public by the Commission of the Government of the Russian Federation on international humanitarian and technical assistance), which accounted for 10% of the domestic market of tobacco products. Piquancy to this scandal gave the fact that traditionally in the church community, especially Russian, smoking is condemned as a sin, and of the diseases caused by this habit, in Russia die each year hundreds of thousands of people. However, one in ten Russians smoked in 1994-96. Cigarette has been imported into the country for "humanitarian" corridor DECR. Directly "clearance" and the implementation of "humanitarian aid" supervised DECR vice-chairpersons, Archbishop Kliment (Kapalin) (now the managing director of the ROC MP, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation) and Archpriest Vladimir Veriga — a kind of sales manager in the team of Metropolitan Kirill.

When the "tobacco scandal" erupted at full capacity, Metropolitan Kirill tried to shift responsibility to the Government of the Russian Federation. In an interview, he said: "The people who were doing it (that is, itself, Metropolitan Kirill, Archbishop Kliment and Archpriest Vladimir Veriga), did not know what to do: burn the cigarettes or send them back? We appealed to the government, and it made a decision: to recognize it is the humanitarian aid and to allow it to implement. " Sources in the Russian government categorically denied the report, which is why the Patriarch Alexy II there were some difficulties with the authorities. The result was the establishment of the Commission for Humanitarian Aid of the Holy Synod, led by Vicar Bishop Patriarch Alexy (Frolov) and has been given the exclusive right to contact with the Government for humanitarian aid.

Other, more profitable business, with which he was connected, Metropolitan Kirill, was export. Business Partner of Metropolitan Bishop Victor (Pyankov), now living as a private citizen in the United States, Member of the Board of Directors of the MEA, which in the mid-90s were exported from Russia by several million tons of oil a year. The annual turnover of some $ 2 billion a petition to the government MEA release from regular duties hundred thousand tonnes of oil exports, often was the signature of the Patriarch himself, who thus took its participation in this business. The scope and extent of participation of Metropolitan Kirill in the oil business are currently unknown, because such information is in "Putin's" Russia has ceased to be available to journalists. However trips partners Metropolitan Kirill in business (for example, Bishop Theophan (Ashurkova)) in Iraq on the eve of the U.S. operation and their allies against the Hussein regime provides some grounds for supposing that the business came to a wider than in the mid-90s, international level .

In 2000, the media published information about attempts to Metropolitan Kirill penetrate the market of marine biological resources (caviar, crab, seafood) — relevant government agencies have allocated established the firm's hierarchy (JSC "Region") quotas for catching crab and shrimp (total — more than 4 tons). Profit from this venture is estimated at 17 million dollars. Crab meat was spent mostly in the U.S., as half of the company's shares owned by the American partners. Several years ago, in his interview, Metropolitan Kirill said with an ironic smile, how his detractors so mad that even tried to accuse him of trying to destroy several valuable species of crab. It is difficult not to agree with the fact that in the context of revenue from other sources profit from trading crab looks ridiculously low.

The reporters also found that as the ruling bishop of the metropolitan diocese ROC in the Kaliningrad region participated in the automotive joint venture in Kaliningrad. The business team in addition to those already mentioned Metropolitan Archbishop Clement and Archpriest Vladimir includes other people, for example, a former KGB general, who personally led a number affelirovannyh commercial structures.

DECR is the founder of a number of media, but it is mainly small-circulation publications church. In the mid-90, Metropolitan Kirill set up "Free People's TV", which claimed the 11th UHF channel in Moscow, but has not appeared on the air. With the participation of heads of DECR created "Orthodox teleagentstvo information", later converted to a news agency of the ROC, which releases on Channel program "The word shepherd." Office of Metropolitan Kirill control the bulk of official information through the MP DECR Communication Service, which regularly issues press releases and newsletters, accredits journalists to Church activities, organizes press conferences and interviews Metropolitan Kirill, supports the most active of the official web site of the ROC MT. DECR chairman willingly participates in rated talk show on a popular television and interviewed a large Russian and foreign media.

3. Politics Metropolitan Kirill, can be divided into two parts: the church-political (relations with other Churches and personnel policy within the ROC) and the secular political (contacts with senior Russian officials, the impact on the country's political leaders.) In both directions can be identified both successes and failures.

The main achievements of Metropolitan Kirill in church politics can be considered "reunification" with the ROCOR (L) on the terms set forth DECR, rapid growth in the number of parishes in the ROC abroad, including exotic North Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Iran, Iraq, UAE , South Africa, Iceland, and so on, to prevent conversion of most parishes Sourozh (UK) to the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the containment Russian Exarchate of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, the relative stabilization of the relations with the Vatican, the MP after the death of Pope John Paul II. Some success for Metropolitan Kirill is the maintenance of membership and the MP in the World Council of Churches, the output of which three or four years ago, insisted that the ROCOR (L) and some of the most conservative bishops in the MP. Membership is important both in terms of keeping the general geopolitical positions ROC, and from a purely practical point of view — through the WCC is the main part of humanitarian programs to support the MP from abroad. Undoubtedly, the main direction of foreign policy at the MP, Metropolitan Kirill is the struggle with the "pro-American" Patriarchate of Constantinople for the leadership in the Orthodox world, where Moscow's position began to weaken after the collapse of the socialist bloc (within which operated eight Orthodox Churches), and after the massive schism in Ukraine. We can recognize that a tactical advantage in the competition so far is the MP, but the strategic position seems preferable at Constantinople. The latter won in a time management Metropolitan Kirill external relations of the Moscow Patriarchate number of small but symbolically important victories: the recognition of the two "parallel" jurisdictions in Estonia (a dispute over jurisdiction over the parishes in the country, Moscow and Constantinople even tore canonical communion in 1996) , passage of the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate "fugitive" ROC Bishop Basil (Osborne), along with a group of parishes in the UK, the recognition of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church by accepting the jurisdiction of Constantinople by the hierarchy of the Church in the Diaspora. Obviously, Ukraine will become a major field for the struggle between the two patriarchates in the coming years, as the jurisdiction over this country provides this or that patriarchy numerical leadership in the Orthodox world.

Inside the MP, Metropolitan Kirill significantly strengthened its position in the last four years. First, continues to increase the role played by the church in the lives of his department — the most organized and professional division of MP. Department oversees general all contacts with the outside ROC (to the Church) world: political, economic, cultural. Second, the top leadership of the ROC MP occurred in 2003, amid prolonged serious illness of the Patriarch, "cadre revolution" that has significantly strengthened the position of Metropolitan Kirill. Were removed from their posts influential Metropolitan Sergius and Methodius, considered sufficient equilibrium competitors Metropolitan Kirill in the fight for the patriarchal throne. Chancellor of the MP was the former Deputy Metropolitan Kirill, Metropolitan Kliment (Kapalin), which, however, took a new position with respect to an independent position. Along with improving the image of Metropolitan Kirill in the MP by the radicalization of his conservative rhetoric, these factors make it the most likely candidate for the Patriarchs in the event of the need to elect a new Primate of the Moscow Patriarchate.

Contact head DECR with higher authorities in Russia are twofold: on the one hand, they support the business "of the church tycoon", and the other — the ideologically support officials, provide them with the concepts that serve the policy of "conservative synthesis" and imperial revenge in modern Russia . A striking example of this last function is to promote contacts among senior officials, under the guidance of Metropolitan "Basic Social Concept of" ROC. As the transformation of the Russian Constitution in a decorative declaration becoming more and more popular is clearly unconstitutional statements DECR chairman, like this: "We have to forget this in everyday use the term" multi-religious nation. " Russia — is an Orthodox country with national and religious minorities. " Although, in the event of excessive inter-religious and inter-ethnic tensions in Russia, Metropolitan Kirill readily softens similar formulations. Supporting radical church-motion (such as "Union of Orthodox Citizens" or "Eurasian Movement"), head of the DECR often plays with a very radical calling: to make restitution of church property, to introduce the study of Orthodoxy in secular schools, the institution of military clergy, church tax, etc . etc. Often the idea of Metropolitan Kirill formulates and voiced his deputy in charge of public relations, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin.

DECR chairman has considerable political ambition — at his insistence, in "Basic Social Concept" was made provision for the possibility of civil unrest Orthodox authorities developed the Orthodox concept of human and economic activities, and recent Metropolitan admitted that thought about running for election President of Russia in 1996. However, in autumn 2005, observers noted a cooling in relations Metropolitan Kirill with the Kremlin, which is most clearly manifested in the refusal to include it in the Public Chamber. However, in recent months, these relations were normalized, and even intensified.

KredoRu portal, 03.12.2009

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