Patriarch Kirill confessed: Church fails

Patriarch Kirill

Patriarch Kirill

"Against us work the whole industry," — said in the Moscow Noginsk the Patriarch.

"Against us work the whole industry — said the other day in Noginsk near Moscow, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill. — Take the Internet: 10-15-20000th blogs, working against the Church. We do not know what money is done, but the fact that there is blasphemed the name of God. And we pretend that we do not. So we all lose. After all, our young people do not come to church, and sits on the Internet — even do not watch TV. "

Television, however, has also overcome by the Church. As acknowledged by the same Patriarch Kirill (he made it six weeks ago in Kaliningrad), "On average, our people spend four to seven hours a day in front of a TV or computer." "How much time they spend in the church? At best — two hours a week. In terms of the impact on the power of the human mind can be compared with this, all that we do — our Sunday schools, sites, diocesan departments and parishes? This — incommensurable quantity "- then warned the saints.

It turns out that the Orthodox faith of our ancestors, so that they were able to create and Russia, Russian civilization, is leaving us? After all this openly sounding the alarm is not just anybody, but the primate of the Church. What is Russia without Orthodoxy, nobody in the world knows. And, most likely, will never know — as if there in its place something that will not rely on Orthodoxy, then it will not be Russia. If at all in this place will remain something …

It turns out that in the struggle for life and death, the outcome of which depends our future, we ourselves and lose and still fail, from which it will not be able to recover. Both Serbs — from the defeat at Kosovo Polje. They are, however, a century later rescued from Turkish rule Russia — but very, then Russia will have no one to save.

Formally, both times — and in Noginsk, and in Kaliningrad — Patriarch appealed above all to their "subjects" — the clergy. "You and I do not have time to swing, we must actively work — said His Holiness during the community meal after the liturgy at Epiphany Cathedral Noginsk. — We have to forget the usual stereotypes: celebrated requiem or prayer, money received, said to all, "God bless" and went to sleep. Out of that time, if you really care about the Church "- warned the patriarch.

According to him, the audience of traditional preaching in the temple is quite limited, to the same sermon, usually conducted in a specific language, not convincing to the modern man, while on anti-church propaganda thrown very considerable force. "We have to appeal to people outside of services, giving them an understanding of life — the patriarch called his" subjects. " — We should have a new view of man, a new look at the problem, a new view of society and, therefore, must be the work. "

Earlier, in Kaliningrad, the Patriarch expressed even more strongly. The Patriarch then recalled that in Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow on the day is over 1,000, and when he asked the priests of the capital, how many of these people became parishioners, "no one could answer this question, because none of these people is not working" .

"Max who work — is a candle box: just sell and get money. But it's the people who came to the temple, it is interesting! Sir we have employed, although some parish priest himself podezhurit could "- says Patriarch Kirill. "Does the abbot, how many of its members live below the poverty line as in his parish of the poor, the very lonely people who have nowhere to go who die of loneliness? Of course, does not know. The first thing we need to learn how to do works of charity in their community, "- he said. "Parishes must become communities of believers with a large presence of children and youth. Lost time — lose our parishes "- warned the patriarch of the priests.

But only if the clergy sent those calls the Patriarch? If they are not addressed to us, a simple children of the Church? Is it not a warning across Russia? Some, of course, say: "To hell with them as apostates from the faith. Let die — we, as true Orthodox Christians, we shall be saved. And let these go their way to hell. " And truth to this approach, we have to admit, there is: it is Christianity (or rather its original form — Orthodoxy) — faith above all personal. Commonality in Orthodoxy is only achieved through a voluntary association. And yet, a prominent Russian philosopher, theologian and philosopher of the XIX century Alexei Khomyakov (enlightenment which the official church, by the way, for a long time that does not deny it, but as it were "embarrassed"), wrote in a seminal article, "One Church": "Also, do not say: 'What is my prayer to another, when he prays and intercedes for him Christ himself?" … If you — a member of the Church, that your prayer is necessary for all of its members. If we say the hand that she did not need the rest of the body and blood of his blood, it does not give him the hand wither. And the Church needs you, as long as you're in it, and if you refuse to communicate, you yourself will not perish, and already a member of the Church. "

It is these "hands" of our environment, which is "do not need the rest of the body and blood of his blood, it will not let him," and it becomes more and more in today's Russia. Orthodox (once) to the majority who created Russia threatens minority.

Patriarch calls (yet) to turn the tide of the direct "subordinate" — the clergy. But the Church because — like Russia — we have one. And without all the congregation both of them can not be saved.




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