Paul was taken to Yukhnevich Akrestin

Activist Paul Yukhnevich taken to the prison in Akrestsin to court, which could take place on Monday.

Recall the KGB at 8 am came to the apartment Yukhnevich Paul and his wife, photographer "Nasha Niva" Julia Darashkevich. They took two laptops, hard drives, flash drives, tape recorder, only 15 names. Paul Yukhnevich took with them, he was taken to the KGB for the city of Minsk (Kozlov, 6a).

As theand Julia Darashkevich with urban KGB Paul was taken to the Moscow police department. There was drawn up for taking part in the action on December 19.

They said that since the court for it today does not work, Paul's going to take to court in Akrestsin. According to Julia, for Paul did not allow his lawyer Marianne Semeshko, which stated that the police department is not.



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