People for sale

So, the circle, the old life is gone.

Yesterday we know firmly, my children belong to me, my life depends on me, my future is built by me.

A new era — the neo-slavery. The principle of "economic feasibility", and in other words, "everything for sale", becomes the new religion.

Children are counted and distributed. First put up for sale those who are weaker, whose parents are poor, ignorant of the law, timid and helpless. Markets for "goods" is also already built — the international "adoption", Transplantation, "leisure" sector. Modern Janissaries who are creating a case of Herod, kicking baby from his mother, reared from their own countrymen at devoid of values and moral grounds.

Parents are also included to the last: the information is collected about each and are already on sale, and, having lost the right to ownership of information about yourself, you can lose yourself, become "invisible man." Built mechanism of information bridle when disloyalty will be punishable by disconnecting the common matrix of existence.

State annihilated, destroyed, society is divided into clusters, groups — children, the disabled, women, "gender", etc. For every pound raised will host — "Authorized", which will have at its disposal the structure of control, unrestricted right and robust mechanisms irresistible influence. Nation disoriented and atomized, is applied to the animal-type biological existence, leveling, destroying the spiritual needs and moral standards.

Many of these prospects are already part of our lives, they sewed her first stitches have become a common cloth. The coming 2012 will be a time of testing our abilities, and most importantly, the desire to resist it. Jerk that is forces alien thread derail foreign tissues, destroy foreign pattern.

In the long term — a serious choice: one's right to a "default" in our lives, for us and our children, or our conscious defend themselves.

Choice of necessity, interpretation, and it is always so annoying. And maybe not so scary and all, maybe the owner of the good will fall? ..

Lyudmila Ryabichenko

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