Perm ufologists gives evidence of the existence of UFOs


UFOs exist. Anyway, so say Perm ufologists, which fell into the hands of an interesting artifact. Maybe even a piece of an alien spaceship.

The analysis showed, the chip is composed almost entirely of pure tungsten. Only one percent occupy rare impurities. This composition of the earth's nature is almost never.
"Wolfram has interesting properties, at a certain temperature it becomes a superconductor, — says the head of Russian UFO Stations (RUFORS) Nikolay Subbotin. — That is quite likely that if there was some kind of an unidentified flying object, it could have been a part of the motor installation. Well, that assumption is. "
Scientists, however, are full of doubt. According to them, pure tungsten make rocket nozzles. However, while you can not explain one thing. Tungsten in the air very quickly oxidized rust. A fragment of this though that.

Vladimir CHernousov

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