Perverted tolerance

A man must have freedom. This is what is most important for a normal life. Freedom of movement, freedom of thought, freedom of choice … In recent years most of the world the concept of freedom and tolerance has become distorted.

Take the recent example of the absurd. In France and in many Islamic countries began mass protests against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Seriously considering just how much it might offend believers. However, if you ban those cartoons to print, it is also infringe upon the rights of other free citizens who are either members of other religions, or even atheists. How could that be? It is necessary to distinguish between what is an offense, but that statement is an opinion.

A similar example in Russia. A group of Orthodox activists appealed to the court to recognize the tale of Pinocchio extremist. Say it provokes incitement to religious hatred. And explain what they think of Pinocchio has an analogy with Christ, and the whole story — a mockery of him. In particular, such things as performance "girl with blue hair, or thirty-three Bonk" — a mockery of the age of Christ, and when the long-nosed hero sat on the field around with buried gold coins — an example of apparent abuse of miracles that Christ worked. Brad, you say? Yes, I agree with that. But this nonsense seriously studying court Taganrog.

The Company is now ready to sacrifice freedom for the sake of tolerance. These human values are twisted and distorted. And if this goes on, I'm afraid soon the time will come when no one will be able to speak their minds freely without fear of "offending" someone's feelings. Tolerance, of course, necessary. That is correct. But within reason. Need to respect other people's views, religion, but still have the right to express their own. Otherwise, society will reach the borderline that person for saying that he does not believe in God can be brought to justice particularly ardent churchmen. After all, they might "offend" the fact that a man dares to doubt the existence of God.

Such examples are many. And the saddest thing is that the tolerance-free Europe Europe, one of the first to begin to lose the freedom because of such a perverse tolerance. Recall a time when Britain's little girl said to her black classmate, "You have all face in chocolate." The baby was removed from training. Cause parents would forbid her to continue in school. Is this normal? I think any reasonable person knows that a child of that age had no malicious intent and was not going to cause a racial scandal.

In Ukraine the situation is no better. Commission on morality, decides that they can watch and read the Ukrainians, and what not. Zaporozhye Archbishop Luke recently filed with the Commission a statement of what needs to be a ban on the book "Erotic works of art," which was written by well-known around the world art historian Edward Lucie-Smith. The clergyman said that the book "is a manifestation of the destructive forces that offends the religious feelings of Christian believers, promotes religious hatred, blasphemy and disrespect for religious images and symbols." Moreover, it could fall into the hands of children, which, according to the archbishop "will contribute to degradation of the sex drive, changing perceptions about the world, indelible changes in the psyche." It does not matter that the book in general is directed to a narrow circle of people or get involved in the arts. It does not matter that it was not intended for children because parents have the task to see to it that they are reading. After all, if so think about it, you can prevent many other books. Let's go back to the Middle Ages, where the burning of seditious books were a regular practice.

As long as the country and the world will try to prohibit something to please the other one, the man is not free. Moreover, restrictions cause the opposite effect. If, in the example of France had no noise from the cartoons, they all would have gone unnoticed. If Archbishop Luke did not pay attention to this poor book, and most Ukrainians would not know of its existence. So the most important thing for the public to understand that to express their opinion has the right each. And Muslims, dissatisfied cartoons. The priest from Taganrog, which found Pinocchio parody of the life of Jesus Christ. And Archbishop Luke, who was considered a dangerous book, "Erotic works of art." But none of them has any right to impose their views to others. And moreover, forbid them. When all are aware of this, the public will be able to properly and harmoniously developed on the principles of liberty, equality and democracy.

Maxim Pushkarev

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