Phantom of the cabinet of curiosities materialized in front of chelninki


In the picture: According to the old-timer cabinet of curiosities, a ghost could belong Leningrad blockade


By coincidence, on the eve of Night at the Museum (15 May), the annual event dedicated to the International Day of Museums, our former colleague, photographer "Vecherki" Gulnaz Ahmetshina has witnessed paranormal phenomena. She now works at the famous St. Petersburg Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography named after Peter I, popularly known as the cabinet of curiosities. Here she was able to observe and photograph the ghost.

"In all these stories about poltergeists in the cabinet of curiosities I did not believe until she saw that the fixed cameras Museum — says Gulnaz. — One Saturday we pulled up to the guard and said that the night before a security camera recorded the ghost. We did not believe him. Then the officer called us yesterday to look at the record. But while he would take her to demonstrate, on the unit, which rented rooms online, a ghost appeared again. In general, it is not seen in the recording and live. It was a white plume waved like a pendulum from the ceiling. "

According to Gulnaz, a ghost appeared the next day. He was also spotted on the surveillance camera. "I decided to go down the front stairs of the museum, where it hung, and look at it closely, — she said. — Unfortunately, in the hall, I never saw it. It was just scary to stand there. And I even sang a song poltergeist — to calm him down. These are my colleagues, who were watching me on the surveillance camera, and saw me, and a ghost. And, when the stairs began to climb hike ghost disappeared. "

Gulnaz sure she was watching a real ghost. After all, on motion sensors cameras recorded the slightest hesitation red rectangle. A sensor triggered by a ghost as something moving.

Old security guard who works in the cabinet of curiosities than a dozen years, said it was not the first appearance here of supernatural forces. In the hall of anatomy — in the thing which displays preserved in alcohol freaks, he had seen a ghost Cossack, whose skull was used to demonstrate the skeleton of a huge man (his height exceeds two meters). According to legend, after the death of Hayduk Peter I, who had an incredible growth, its skeleton put on display in a cabinet of curiosities. But after ten years in this museum was a fire took out the exhibits were evacuated and the skeleton, but the skull was lost in the fire. To exhibit was not lost, in the Russian army has been found suitable for the growth of the Cossack, who was killed for the sake of the skull. And that his skull is now on display at the cabinet of curiosities. Version of the old guard at the apparition, which saw Gulnaz is this: during the Great Patriotic War Museum in the basement of the dead piled on the streets of cold and hunger in Leningrad for later disposal. Maybe it's someone from the phantom of the people who died.

Natalia Garipova

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